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Sitrak C7H 440 Horsepower 6X4 Tractor Specifications & Prices
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Summary for All Howo Truck Propeller Shafts

SerialPart NumberLength and Type of Flange
1WG9014310125Short shaft between 1st rear axle and 2nd, L=665mm
2AZ9557310625Short shaft between 1st rear axle and 2nd, L=625mm
3AZ9716310590Short shaft between 1st rear axle and 2nd,  L=590mm, TF165
41943140005L= 1202mm, PF165
5199114310082L=970mm, PF165
7199114310093L=1490mm, PF165
8199114310197L=1200mm, PF165
10199118310042L=1300mm, PF165
11AZ9113310102L=1330mm, TF165
12AZ9113310103L=1490mm, TF165
13AZ9113311113L=1113mm, TF165
14AZ9113311200L=1200mm, TF165
15AZ9113311355L=1355mm, TF165
16AZ9113311400L=1400mm, TF165
17AZ9113311441L=1441mm, TF165
18AZ9113311591L=1591mm, TF165
19AZ9113311610L=1610mm, TF165
20AZ9113311676L=1676mm, TF165
21AZ9114310011L=1330mm, PF165
23AZ9114310018L=1340mm, PF165
25AZ9114310114L=990mm, PF180
26AZ9114310990L=990mm, PF165
28AZ9114311117L=1117mm, PF180
29AZ9114311200L=1200mm, PF180
30AZ9114311275L=1275mm, PF165
31AZ9114311380L=1380mm, PF165
32AZ9114311388L=1388mm, PF165
33AZ9114311395L=1395mm, PF165
34AZ9114311419L=1419mm, PF165
35AZ9114311425L=1425mm, PF165
37AZ9114311442L=1558mm, PF165
38AZ9114311512L=1512mm, PF165
39AZ9114311518L=1518mm, PF165
40AZ9114311529L=1529mm, PF165
41AZ9114311580L=1580mm, PF165
42AZ9114311599L=1599mm, PF180
43AZ9114311605L=1605mm, PF165
44AZ9114311609L=1609mm, PF165
45AZ9114311629L=1629mm, PF165
46AZ9114311634L=1634mm, PF165
47AZ9114311667L=1667mm, PF165
48AZ9114311672L=1672mm, PF180
49AZ9114311699L=1699mm, PF165
50AZ9114311728L=1728mm, PF165
51AZ9114311740L=1740mm, PF165
52AZ9114311775L=1775mm, PF180
53AZ9114311785L=1785mm, PF165
54AZ9114311828L=1828mm, PF165
55AZ9114311858L=1858mm, PF165
57AZ9114311951L=1951mm, PF165
58AZ9114312006L=2006mm, PF165
59AZ9115310001L=1527mm, PF165
60AZ9115311170L=1170mm, TF180
61AZ9115311205L=1205mm, TF180
62AZ9115311300L=1310mm, TF180
63AZ9115311540L=1540mm, TF180
64AZ9115314230L=1221mm, TF180
65AZ9118310050L=1221mm, PF165
66AZ9123311101L=1101mm, PF165
67AZ9219311676L=1676mm, PF165
68AZ9232311285L=1285mm, TF180
69AZ9232311651L=1651mm, PF165
70AZ9238311930L=1930mm, PF165
72AZ9638310001L=1400mm, PF165
73AZ9638311299L=1299mm, PF180
74AZ9638311338L=1338mm, PF165
75AZ9731311001L=1115mm, TF180
76JS 1943110106L=1300mm, PF165


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