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How Does The Steering Wheel Shake? We Have To Find The Cause From The Steering System

“Shandong Xinxian jingq” recently shared the whole process of solving the steering wheel jitter. Steering wheel jitter is a common problem on trucks, and the reasons are complex. We focus on the example of friends and give some directional opinions and suggestions, hoping to help friends with similar problems.

High Attendance, Less Than 190000 Km In A Year

The Cameo’s car is a 3.8-meter, 8-row and half box car of Omar, which was purchased in September 2014. By August 3 this year, it had run more than 190000 kilometers in a little more than ten months. This attendance rate has reached nearly 200000 kilometers in less than a year, which immediately attracted the onlookers of friends.

According to his sharing, the car has fast speed and strong power. It mainly runs lvtong express. Due to business needs, the owner also hired a driver. People stop and run day and night. Only this can have such a high mileage.

It Is Difficult To Find The Cause Of Steering Wheel Shaking At 160000 Km

But the problem is not without it. When the car travels to about 160000 km, the steering wheel begins to shake under high-speed conditions. The service station began to suspect that the steel ring was not round, but the problem of replacing a new steel ring still exists. After checking the transmission shaft, there was no effect. The front wheel toe in of the vehicle was also checked. The problem still hasn’t been solved.

Tire Eating Is The Main Cause, And The Problem Has Been Solved

Friends also put forward various suggestions to car owners on the forum, which are as follows:

1. Check whether the steel plate screws are loose;

2. Check the intermediate bearing of transmission shaft, etc;

3. It is recommended to replace the brake drum, because it is suspected that the jitter is caused by the brake drum out of round, and a card friend solved the problem in this way;

4. Dynamic balance is recommended.

The owner finally found that the reason was the tire out of round caused by eating the tire. Now the problem of jitter has been solved. However, the reason for eating the tire is not clear for the time being.

Summary Of Service Station And Card Friends' Suggestions, And Finding The Right Direction Is The Key

It can be seen that the inspection and direction given by the service station is basically correct, and there is no digression, but the timeliness of solving the problem is somewhat poor and the efficiency is low.

Let’s look at the suggestions given by enthusiastic card friends. The first two, checking the steel plate and transmission shaft bearing, etc., obviously leave the steering mechanism, and the last two are close to the subject, which are more reliable suggestions.
Summary Of Possible Causes Of Steering Wheel Jitter From Steering Mechanism

The cause of steering wheel jitter generally comes from the steering mechanism, which is a line, starting from the steering wheel and ending at the tire. The driver controls the driving direction of the vehicle by turning the steering wheel. Similarly, the force received by the wheels and tires from the ground will also be transmitted to the steering wheel and perceived by the driver. Look against this line. The possible causes of steering wheel jitter may be:

1. Tire eccentric wear, resulting in tire out of roundness; (as in the example above)
2. Wheel out of roundness may be caused by external impact during driving;
3. Brake actuation is unbalanced;
4. The rotation of wheel and tire assembly is unbalanced;

Here I would like to remind you card friends to remember to do dynamic balance after changing a new tire, because the dynamic balance of the whole rotating assembly may change after changing the tire, so it is necessary to do balance detection.

Some  friends don’t care if one of the bolts on the wheel is dropped. However, this will also cause dynamic imbalance and jitter under high-speed conditions.

5. Improper Toe In Angle Of Front Wheel;
6. The Inclination Angle Of Kingpin Is Improper.

Of course, the causes of steering wheel jitter must not be limited to the aspects listed above, but as long as you look along the transmission line, you should be able to quickly find the crux of the problem. When encountering problems, card friends must firmly grasp the source of the problem and identify the key to the problem. Just like the shaking of the steering wheel, the main thing is to check the whole transmission system. Of course, the possibility of problems in other systems cannot be ruled out.


As a familiar saying goes, people who eat cereals do not get sick. The same is true of the car. Some problems are inevitable. Card users should think carefully, which is very helpful to find out the crux of the problem.

In addition, card users should pay more attention to all kinds of small problems of the vehicle in the process of using the vehicle on weekdays. While preventing small problems, they can also quickly find solutions after problems occur, so as to avoid the economic losses caused by parking and emergency medical treatment.

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