Faults And Troubleshooting Of Heavy Truck Steering System
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Full Of Dry Goods! Common Faults And Troubleshooting Of Heavy Truck Steering System

In the process of driving a truck, when you encounter these problems, this is how to deal with them of steering system.

Full of dry goods! Common faults and troubleshooting of heavy truck steering system

Truck Steering Basin

Fault Phenomenon of steering system

When the car is turning, turning the steering wheel feels more laborious than usual of steering system.

Cause Of Failure

  • ① The meshing space m of the steering gear is too small, the axial clearance of each bearing of the steering gear is too small, and the steering gear is short of oil of steering system.
  • ② The steering shaft is bent and the column pipe is sunken, resulting in collision with the steering shaft.
  • ③ The tie rod ball joint pin of the steering transmission mechanism is too tight, and the tie rod, straight rod or steering knuckle are deformed.
  • ④ The steering knuckle thrust bearing is short of oil, damaged or the axial clearance m (m) of the bearing is too small.
  • ⑤ The front tire pressure is too low.
  • ⑥ Front wheel alignment misalignment.
  • ⑦ The front wheel bearing is too tight.
  • ⑧ Deformation of front beam or frame.

Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

  • ① Jack up the front axle, suspend the front wheels and turn the steering wheel. If you feel obviously light and labor-saving The fault lies in the front wheel, front axle or frame. If the steering is still laborious, remove the pitman arm and continue to turn the steering wheel If it is obviously light and labor-saving, the fault lies in the steering transmission mechanism; If it is still laborious, the fault is in the steering gear.
  • ② If the fault lies in the steering gear, first check the external steering shaft for deformation and depression, and then check whether the closing clearance and bearing clearance are too small Whether there is lack of oil, etc of steering system.
  • ③ If the fault is in the steering transmission Check whether the joints of all parts of the steering transmission mechanism are too tight, or check the tension of steering system
  • Check whether the rod and steering knuckle are deformed, and whether the axial clearance of steering knuckle kingpin is too small of steering system.
  • ④ Check the tire pressure, wheel bearing tightness, front wheel alignment, etc. If necessary, check whether the front beam and frame are deformed.

The Truck Has Insensitive Steering And Unstable Operation

Fault Phenomenon

When operating the steering wheel, it feels the most spacious, and it needs to rotate the steering wheel greatly to control the driving direction of the vehicle; The car feels unstable when driving in a straight line of steering system.

Cause Of Failure

① The engagement clearance of the steering gear is too large, and the mounting bolts of the steering gear are loose.

② The fit between steering shaft and steering wheel is loose.

③ Loose fit of ball joint pins of steering transmission mechanism.

④ Excessive clearance of front wheel bearing.


⑤ The front toe in of the car is too large.

Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

  1. ① Check the free travel of the steering wheel If the free travel is too large It indicates that there is a fault of excessive air drying in the steering system; If it is normal, it indicates that the cause of the fault is excessive narrowing between the front wheel stage bearings, excessive clearance between the main tip and the steering knuckle bushing hole, excessive axial clearance between the main tip and the steering knuckle, excessive toe in, etc.
  2. ② One person turns the steering wheel in place and the other observes the swing of the pitman arm. When the pitman arm starts to swing, the free stroke of the steering wheel is small, indicating that the steering transmission mechanism is loose; Otherwise, the steering gear is loose.
  3. ③ Check the front wheel bearing, main tip, etc Find the loose part.
  4. ④ Check the toe in at night. When the toe in value is too large, it is often accompanied by abnormal tire wear.

Running Deviation Of Flat Transport Vehicle

Fault Phenomenon

When the truck is driving in a straight line The driver needs to gently pull the steering wheel to one side to keep driving in a straight line Otherwise, the car will automatically run to one side of steering system.

Cause Of Failure

  • ① The air pressure of the left and right wheels is different, and the tire drunk condition and specifications are different.
  • ② The alignment angles of the two front wheels are unequal.
  • ③ The preloads of the two front wheel bearings are different.
  • ④ Brake drag on one wheel.
  • ⑤ The frame is deformed, one side of the steel plate is broken or too soft A skew axle, etc.
  • ⑥ The toe in is inaccurate, too large or too small.

Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

  • ① Check whether the swing wheel and brake on the side of deviation are too high If the depression is too high, the wheel bearing is too tight and the brake is dragged.
  • ② Check the tire pressure and wheel bearing preload.
  • ③ The new tire deviates. Most of the fault reasons are different tire specifications.
  • ④ Check whether the leaf spring is loose or broken Whether the axle is skewed and displaced, whether the frame is deformed, etc.
  • ⑤ Check the front wheel alignment.
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