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The working condition of the fuel injector directly affects the power, economy and reliability of the diesel engine. Many piston burnout failures are caused by poor fuel injector conditions.

When the fuel injector is working, it needs to have a certain injection pressure, injection stroke, and suitable injection cone angle.

When stopping the fuel injection, the fuel supply needs to be cut off quickly to prevent dripping.

It can be said to be a solenoid valve that responds quickly.

Because of its work requirements, the injectors are all very precise parts, and there are many types of failures.

1,The nozzle is blocked

Processing method:

  1. Use National VI fuel oil, no small oil;
  2. The primary fuel filter and the fine filter element should be replaced regularly, and can not be used for a long time;
  3. Improve combustion, ensure unobstructed air intake, and replace the air filter in time;
  4. When handling the blockage, remove the fuel injector and clean it with a special detergent. After cleaning, it can be installed or replaced directly after it is well tested on the inspection platform.

2,Corrosion of the fuel injector and carbon deposits at the end

Avoid and deal with it:

  1. Avoid running the engine at idle for a long time
  2. Use mechanical or weak corrosion methods to remove the carbon deposits on the nozzle, but be sure to protect the sealing seat surface from damage. Or directly replace the fuel injector.

Three, the needle valve is stuck

Avoidance and treatment methods:

  1. Regularly drain the water in the oil-water separation, and replace the fuel filter regularly.
  2. Remove the fuel injector, take out the fuel injector assembly, pull out the needle valve, put it in the cleaning fluid for cleaning, and then reinstall it.

Fourth, poor atomization

Avoidance and maintenance methods:

  1. Remove the fuel injector for cleaning or replace the corresponding parts, and then install the machine after testing the atomization effect on the test bench.
  2. Regularly replace the fuel filter and air filter to ensure the purity of the combustion environment.
  3. Use the corresponding fuel injector that conforms to the engine model.

Fifth, the needle valve and needle valve hole wear

Repair method:

Replace the fuel injector assembly or replace worn parts.

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