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How To Go In The Future Of Sinotruk? Smart and Green Is The Direction.

In the field of trucks, there has always been such a sentence. “The easiest and quickest way to develop a truck in the future is to see if there is any new action in the Sinotruk.” In the field of trucks, the technical reserve of Sinotruk has always been the leader of the industry, and has always dared to adopt early adopters.

In recent years, Sinotruk has been taking a smart and green development path. Take the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show as an example. There are 3 smart products in the 5 exhibition cars exhibited by Sinotruk. At the same time, there are natural gas and pure electric products.

About intelligence: Unmanned tractors have been commercialized

In terms of intelligence, Sinotruk can be said to be the first commercialized enterprises in China. The smart trucks T7H and Judeka have been delivered in batches as early as 2017. The feedback from users is also very good and can fully satisfy their smart cards. The positioning of the car. In addition, the L4 unmanned pure electric port tractor has also been put into operation in Tianjin Port, and all aspects of performance meet the daily operational needs of Tianjin Port.

Taking the L4-class unmanned pure electric tractor used in Tianjin Port as an example, according to Liu Peimin, the price of unmanned pure electric tractors purchased by Tianjin Port is 2 million units, and the first batch of 4 vehicles in Tianjin Port is already Tianjin Port has achieved commercial operation.

The price of 2 million directly saves millions of dollars compared to the AGV of the magnetic nail scheme used in the port. This is also the direction of the future heavy duty auto-driving truck.

In addition, in the automatic driving of road vehicles, Sinotruk cooperated with autopilot companies such as Wintech and Mainline Technology. At present, Judeka, which is equipped with the Auto-driving component of Wintech, has completed the road test on the relevant experimental section and realized automatic steering.

Acceleration, deceleration, U-turn, lane change, etc., already have automatic driving conditions under simple road conditions.

Talking about the intelligent process of China National Heavy Duty Truck, Liu Peimin said frankly that in terms of technical reserves, China National Heavy Duty Truck is in the forefront of the industry and dares to be the first in the world.

From AMT gearboxes to smart driving and automatic driving, heavy trucks have always led the trend and trend of the industry. Intelligentization has become an advantage for heavy trucks to establish technical barriers in the future.

About green: pure electric and natural gas development

In terms of greening, heavy trucks are also following the trend, and pure electric and natural gas vehicles have already been introduced to the market, and sales have already formed in the market. 

All fuel and gas engines have reached the national standard of b, and the pure electric tractors with automatic driving are more. Needless to say, it is a 100% green model.

In terms of fuel engines, the Sinotruk MC series models have already achieved a full range of national six-emission standards. At present, the heavy-duty trucks of Judeka, HOWO heavy-duty trucks and light trucks have already been equipped with the national six models.

At the same time, the heavy-duty MT13 series gas engine is the industry leader, and its gas consumption is one of the best in the industry. Under the same conditions, the heavy-duty truck MT13 series engine is about 5KG than the competing product, which can save users a year. Tens of thousands of dollars in fees.

In the future, green power will also be a weapon for the heavy-duty market, which will rely on pure green, hydrogen fuel and natural gas to achieve green development. Especially after the sixth phase of the country, the heavy truck will open a green road and fully realize the national six standards.

About Weichai and Internal Relations

Complementary Advantages Internal Customer Thinking Guides Development

Since Tan Xuguang entered the Sinotruk, the outside world has had a lot of speculation and analysis on the relationship between Weichai and Sinotruk. Especially after the Sinotruk such as Suideka and HOWO were equipped with the Weichai engine, the outside world once had firewood.

The engine invaded Sinotruk. For such remarks, Liu Peimin gave a negative answer. The Weichai engine entered the heavy truck is reasonable, and it is also a strategic move for the development of the Sinotruk group.

The first is that the heavy-duty engine will not decline in sales due to the entry of the Weichai engine or the installed capacity will be reduced. The Weichai engine is loaded to supplement the heavy-duty engine in the market below 10L, especially in the light truck engine.

The heavy-duty engine has been No involvement, Weichai entered, just added the product line, which is also a strategic move for Sinotruk to become a full range of commercial vehicle groups.

Secondly, in order to meet the needs of specific users, Sinotruk plus the influence of the two brands of Weichai, after all, will bring double benefits, and further meet the needs of different users for vehicles. As Tan Xuguang had previously revealed, heavy-duty trucks and Weichai engines can share the same platform below 10L, and the two large-displacement engines each exert their own advantages.

In addition, inside the Sinotruk, internal customer thinking and awareness are also implemented. The first-line personnel in the market are R&D and manufacturing customers.

Through internal customer thinking, the company promotes R&D and production, provides better products and services for end users, and enhances the use of end users. Experience and improve service quality.

As the largest commercial vehicle enterprise with the largest technical reserve in China, Sinotruk has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of intelligence and green, and dare to explore and try new technologies.

Through the continuous practice of itself to promote the development of China’s commercial vehicle industry, for the future, I believe that Sinotruk are ready to meet the future, and with the development of intelligence, Sinotruk will become the leader of domestic commercial vehicles.

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