What'S The Harm Of Scrapping "Small Oil" After 2 Years
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What'S The Harm Of Scrapping Small Oil After 2 Years

“Small oil” is a familiar consumer product. At the moment of low freight, it is a shortcut to “reduce cost and increase efficiency”. Recently, I interviewed an auto repair friend. He told me that after the implementation of the national six year plan, filling “small oil” will damage the fuel injector in a very short time, resulting in the decline of vehicle power and even failure of normal operation .

"Small Oil" = Private Refining + Stealing And Robbing Oil

What'S The Harm Of Scrapping Small Oil After 2 Years

Truck drivers know that “small oil” generally refers to the fuel produced by private refineries. At present, the country is only open to Shandong. In addition, there are a certain number of “fuel consumers” all over the country. The diesel stolen by these oil thieves will eventually flow into the market again and be sold together with private oil refining

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Generally speaking, the prices of these two types of diesel are generally about 1 yuan / L lower than those of PetroChina and Sinopec, so they are also favored by truck drivers and logistics companies. Similarly, due to the general lack of supervision and quality assurance of such diesel, it often brings all kinds of troubles to users.

The Fuel Injector Was Scrapped In 2 Years, And Poor Oil Was The Main Reason

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So what harm does “small oil” do to trucks? Let’s take a look at a case that has just happened: the Jiefang j6p in the figure is only 2 years old and the total mileage is only 400000 km, but it has a lack of power and increased fuel consumption recently.

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According to Liu Ge, the owner of the maintenance station, all six fuel injectors of the car have been scrapped and must be replaced uniformly. The cost is close to 8000 yuan, and it is the cheap “small oil” that leads to this phenomenon.

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In order to more intuitively see the problems of the vehicle, brother Liu removed the diesel filter of the faulty vehicle. The coarse filter on the left has all turned black, and the surface is covered with a large amount of particulate matter. The same phenomenon also occurs in the fine filter .

It is reported that due to the long-term filling of low-quality “small oil” by the users of this j6p, a large number of impurities in the oil have wrapped the diesel filter, resulting in reaching the service life in advance and losing the filtering function. The fuel with impurities will enter the engine to participate in combustion and eventually damage the fuel injector.

"Small Oil" Impurity Diversification, High-End Diesel Filter Is Also In Vain

At this point, you may ask: can a good diesel filter solve the problem of poor oil products? The answer is No .

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The reason is that the types of impurities in “small oil” are very complex. Even high-end diesel filters such as Parker and Donaldson still cannot completely filter all micro particles. It is unrealistic to hand over all oil problems to diesel filter.

In addition to the particles visible to the naked eye, “small oil” also contains many soluble impurities, such as colloid. These impurities dissolved in diesel can not be removed by diesel filter, and will cause damage to engine components after combustion.

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Brother Liu received a large fleet customer at the beginning of the year. They added “small oil” to all the cars of the fleet in order to get cheaper. Although Parker’s filter is used, it still can’t stop the harm of “small oil”: the new genuine fuel injector was scrapped in only 2 months, and 8 of 20 cars were broken of small oil.

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It should be noted that even the fuel of PetroChina and Sinopec will have impurities, but the regular gas station not only has standardized operation and small amount of impurities, but also temporarily closes the refueling business during oil unloading and precipitates the impurities by standing in the oil pool to avoid filling into the vehicle of small oil.

The Fuel Injector And Dpf Of "Guoliu" Vehicle Are More Precise And Easy To Be Damaged

Although it is still some time before the implementation of the “national six” standard for diesel trucks, people’s discussion has been heard at this time. According to Liu Ge, if the “national six” vehicles continue to use “small oil”, the loss of vehicles will be more serious.

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It is understood that in order to further improve fuel efficiency, the injection pressure of the “national six” fuel injector will easily reach more than 1800bar, so the impurities in the “small oil” will do more harm to the fuel injector. Due to the increase of cost, the cost of replacing the fuel injector will also increase to a certain extent. In short, it is more expensive to repair the car.

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In the “national six” stage, “small oil” will also have a direct impact on the power of vehicles. At present, only one oxygen sensor is installed at the exhaust pipe of the “national five” vehicle, while the “national six” vehicle monitors the exhaust more strictly, and an oxygen sensor is added at the front end of post-treatment of small oil.

If there are too many impurities in the “small oil”, the content of harmful gases in the tail gas will increase accordingly, resulting in oxygen sensor alarm and reducing the output power of the vehicle.

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In addition, the sulfur content of “small oil” can not be guaranteed. The fuel with high sulfur content will generate a large number of particles during combustion, which will poison and block the DPF, resulting in the failure of its regeneration function, and the replacement cost reaches tens of thousands of yuan.

Where Will The "Small Oil" Go?
  • In the group of truck drivers, adding “small oil” is often regarded as a “small trick” to reduce costs, and the damage of “small oil” to vehicles has always existed, but most of the vehicles used to be controlled by machinery, and the problem is not obvious.
  • With the increase of the degree of electronic control, the parts of the truck are developing towards miniaturization and precision. The disadvantages of adding “small oil” are becoming more and more prominent, and even the phenomenon that the fuel injector cannot be used for two months.
  • It is expected that after the implementation of “national six year plan” in the future, more and more people will realize the harm of “small oil” to vehicles, and its market will become narrower and gradually marginalized.
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