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The Bearings Are Slagging, Which Is Caused By The Wheel Hub Bearing Being Too Tight

The wheels of the car run off during driving. Although this is a small probability event, it happens from time to time. It’s ok if you don’t hurt people. Once you hurt people, there will be a series of headache problems. The wheel running off is generally due to the problem of the wheel hub bearing. Xiaobian happens to have some photos of the bearing falling apart due to the bearing being too tight. Let’s analyze them together.

There was a problem with the assembly when the bearing was ground into powder

The trailer came into the factory for maintenance due to abnormal wheel noise. Through disassembly and inspection, it was found that the bearing in one of the wheel hubs had been seriously worn, resulting in falling apart. The wheel hub was also worn out, and the lubricating grease was basically evaporated at high temperature. It can be said that the wheel almost ran away.

The main cause of this consequence is generally caused by excessive bearing preload during hub maintenance. Once the bearing is preloaded excessively, it will cause excessive bearing movement resistance and high temperature. Over time, the lubricating grease will evaporate, resulting in dry grinding of the bearing and damage to the bearing, and finally lead to scattered bearings and wheels leaving the vehicle body.

The Wheel Hub Needs Careful Maintenance. Too Loose And Too Tight Will Harm People

This is a typical fault caused by carelessness. The repair shop adjusted the bearing preload too tightly when maintaining the wheel hub. In fact, during the operation of the vehicle, the bearing produced high temperature and evaporated the grease, resulting in the failure of bearing fragmentation. However, the driver did not pay attention to check the temperature of each wheel hub during driving, which is also one of the reasons for this fault. Here, Xiaobian reminds card friends that after the vehicle is guaranteed, the temperature of each wheel hub should be checked during the initial driving period. If there is a hot hand, the bearing should be tightened. We should find a place to adjust immediately so as not to cause greater losses.


Vehicle maintenance not only depends on the repair shop, but also needs to be checked by card friends themselves at ordinary times. Faults are inevitable. If you can find them in time, it is also a way to save money.

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