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How many series of Sitrak?

SITRAK series heavy-duty trucks are localized products of joint-venture brand launched by SINOTRUK on the basis of the original MAN TG technology. 

With the B10 life of “1,500,000 km for engine and 1,000,000 km for transmission and axle”, SITRAK establishes a new standard for domestic premium heavy-duty trucks, and with the super-long warranty period of 2-year without mileage limitation.

it sets up a new service benchmark for premium heavy-duty trucks.


Sitrak C7H Series

  • The Sitrak C7H is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle that is designed to provide exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency. It is equipped with a powerful and highly efficient Sitrak engine that generates high levels of power and torque, making it ideal for hauling heavy loads over long distances
  • The C7H features a spacious and comfortable cabin that is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic workspace for drivers, enhancing their safety and well-being on the road. Additionally, the C7H is equipped with advanced safety features, including electronic stability control, airbags, and anti-lock braking systems, which help reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety.
Sitrak (2)
Sitrak C7H 4X2
Sitrak (1)
Sitrak C7H 6X4
Sitrak C7H 8X4

Vehicle Parameter Table Of Sitrak C7H

Drive mode 4×2 6×4
Overall dimension L×W×H (mm) 6220×2496×3410,3620,3960,3980 6895×2496×3410,3620,3960,3980
Wheelbase (mm) 3600 3225+1350,3200+1400
Front / rear wheel base (mm) 2022,2041/1816 2022,2041/1830
Max. total mass (kg) 18000 25000
Curb weight (kg) 6800 8800
Cab Space size C7H-P (wide body and medium / high roof), C7H-G (wide body and high roof), C7H-F (medium-wide body and middle / high roof), C7H-U (medium-wide body and high roof)
External 4-point full-floating cab suspension, double toolkits, one-touch lifting window, MAN proprietary technology door hinge
Internal Air seat with waist cushion, pneumatic adjustable steering wheel, VDO instrument, height-adjustable safety belt, electrical adjustable rearview mirror, rearview mirror electrical heater, skeleton-type berth Dimension of lower berth (mm): Wide-body cab: 2,184×675, medium-wide body cab: 1,986×625 Dimension of upper berth (mm): Wide-body cab: 2,137×701, medium-wide body cab: 1,936×701
Engine Emission standard China III China IV
Engine model MC11.35-30 MC11.39-30 MC11.43-30 MC11.36-40 MC11.40-40 MC11.44-40
Max. net power / speed 257/1900 287/1900 316/1900 265/1900 294/1900 324/1900
Max. torque / speed 1800/1000-1400 1900/1000-1400 2100/1000-1400 1800/1000-1400 1900/1000-1400 2100/1000-1400
Transmission Model ZF16S1870 ZF16S1950 ZF16S221 OD ZF16S1870 ZF16S1950 ZF16S221 OD
First gear / top gear ratio 15.39/0.85 11.64/0.83 13.80/0.84 15.39/0.85 11.64/0.83 13.80/0.84
Clutch 430A 430A Built-in clutch assembly 430A 430A Built-in clutch assembly
Drive axle Model MCY13 MCY13Q
Ratio 3.08, 3.36, 3.7, 4.11
Suspension system Front / rear less-leaf spring suspension Front / rear less-leaf spring suspension, HUV suspension (optional)
Saddle Jost 50 international standard saddle Jost 90 international standard saddle
Front axle HF7disc brake (standard configuration: SKF bearing)
Steering system ZF8098 steering gear and ZF steering oil pimp
Braking system ABS (WABCO braking system), VOSS fittings, TMD disc brake friction block, ASR+EBL+TPM (optional)
Air intake system MANN+HUMMEL air filter
Fuel tank 400 L, optional 560 L (only for 4×2 and 6×4 China III)
Tyre PIRELLI 315/80R22.5, MICHELIN tyres (optional)
Others Automatic slack adjuster (standard configuration), tachographs, integrated fender, split side protection, and fleet management system (optional)

Common Models Of SITRAK C7H

SITRAK Mixers Truck

Sitrak C7H 6x4 Mixer
Sitrak C7H 8x4 Mixer

SITRAK Mixers Truck In The Construction Of Buildings And Houses

  • One of the primary applications of SITRAK mixers is in the construction of buildings and houses. SITRAK mixers transport concrete mixes that form the foundation of the building to the construction site. Concrete is an essential component in the construction of buildings and houses, and it must be poured correctly. SITRAK mixers ensure that the concrete is delivered to the site within the right consistency, ensuring a high-quality end product.
  • SITRAK mixers are also used for transporting concrete for various other purposes, like flooring and plastering. The mixers’ versatility makes them essential in the construction of buildings and houses. Concrete must be poured correctly to ensure the building’s stability, and SITRAK mixers are the perfect tool for the job.
  • Moreover, SITRAK mixers are ideal for constructing houses in urban areas. In urban areas, space is limited, and access to the construction site can be difficult. SITRAK mixers are perfect for such environments because they can navigate narrow streets and deliver the concrete mixes directly to the building site. This saves time, reduces the number of trips required, and makes the construction process more efficient.
  • SITRAK mixers are also employed in the construction of multiple housing projects. Building multiple houses requires large volumes of concrete, which makes SITRAK mixers the preferred choice for such projects. The mixers’ high volume capacity significantly reduces the number of trips needed to deliver the concrete, making the construction process more efficient and cost-effective.
  • SITRAK mixers have revolutionized the construction of buildings and houses. With their efficiency, versatility, and reliability, SITRAK mixers have become an essential tool in the construction industry. Whether constructing a small house or a large infrastructure project, SITRAK mixers ensure that the concrete is delivered safely and efficiently to the construction site. With continuous improvements in technology, we can expect SITRAK mixers to become even more efficient and versatile, meeting the ever-changing needs of the construction industry.

SITRAK Tipper Trucks

Sitrak C7H 6x4 Tipper
Sitrak C7H 8x4 Tipper

Sitrak Tipper Trucks In The Transport Industry

  • Over the years, SITRAK has grown to be a well-known name in the world of transportation and logistics. SITRAK trucks are known for their high performance, reliability, and efficiency. Among the many types of vehicles produced by SITRAK, the tipper is a popular choice for its versatility and adaptability in various industries.
  • Mining companies often require robust and reliable trucks to transport heavy equipment, minerals, or overburden. SITRAK tippers are the perfect choice for this type of industry because they are designed to operate in harsh and demanding conditions. The tippers are equipped with a hydraulic system that enables them to lift and dump heavy loads with ease. With a high load-carrying capacity, SITRAK tippers are ideal for transporting materials like coal, iron ore, and other bulk minerals.
  • Another significant application of SITRAK tippers is in the construction industry. Construction sites require vehicles that are capable of transporting heavy materials like gravel, sand, and other construction materials. SITRAK tippers are a reliable option for these jobs because they can transport heavy loads to the construction site efficiently and quickly. The tippers’ hydraulic system ensures that the materials are dumped precisely in the right location, making the construction process more efficient and cost-effective.
  • SITRAK tippers are also suitable for use in the transportation of agricultural products. They can transport large volumes of crops like sugar cane, corn, wheat, and other farm produce. With their excellent load-carrying capacity, SITRAK tippers increase efficiency and reduce transportation costs, making them ideal for use in the agricultural industry.
  • The SITRAK tipper is also used in municipal-level works like garbage disposal. The tipper can transport large volumes of waste and dump it at designated locations. The tippers are also ideal for road maintenance when collecting debris like leaves, soil, and sand.
  • SITRAK tippers are also suitable for commercial use like the transportation of liquid and bulk goods. The tippers can transport these materials efficiently and safely, ensuring timely delivery of the goods to the desired location.
  • In conclusion, the SITRAK tipper is a versatile and efficient vehicle that has become an essential player in various industries. With potential applications ranging from mining to construction to agriculture, the SITRAK tipper is the perfect choice for companies that require reliable, high-performance trucks for transportation.

SITRAK Tractor Trucks


SITRAK Tractor Trucks In The Freight Transport, Shipping, Construction, Agriculture And Oil And Gas Industries

  • SITRAK tractor trucks are a line of vehicles renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and high performance. SITRAK tractor trucks are designed to handle heavy loads over long distances comfortably, making them an essential tool for various industries.
  • One of the primary applications of SITRAK tractor trucks is in the transport of goods. SITRAK tractor trucks have an impressive load-carrying capacity and can carry heavy loads over long distances with ease. This makes them ideal for the transport of bulk goods like cement, coal, and other commodities. The trucks’ power and reliability ensure that the cargo is transported efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of damage or delays.
  • Another critical application of SITRAK tractor trucks is in the shipping industry. SITRAK tractor trucks are ideal for hauling shipping containers from the port to various locations. The trucks’ power and ability to carry heavy loads make them efficient and reliable for such tasks. Furthermore, SITRAK tractor trucks are equipped with electronic systems that track the container’s location, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.
  • The SITRAK tractor truck is also used in the construction industry. The trucks can transport construction equipment like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes to the construction site, making them a valuable asset for construction projects. Their reliability and efficiency enable them to operate in challenging terrain and harsh conditions, making them ideal for use in the construction industry.
  • SITRAK tractor trucks are also utilized in the agriculture industry. Farmers use SITRAK tractor trucks to transport crops and agricultural inputs like seeds and fertilizers. The trucks’ load-carrying capacity ensures that the materials are transported efficiently and economically, reducing transportation costs and increasing productivity.
  • The SITRAK tractor truck is also used in the oil and gas industry. The trucks transport equipment and materials used in drilling and exploration activities to remote areas, making them an essential tool for the industry.

SITRAK Cargo Trucks

Sitrak C7H 8x4 Cargo Truck
Sitrak C7H 8x4 Cargo
Sitrak C7H 8x4 Cargo Truck

SITRAK Cargo Truck Applications In Freight Transportation, Agriculture, And Retail And Healthcare Industries

  • SITRAK cargo trucks are designed to transport various types of goods efficiently, quickly and safely. With a high load-carrying capacity, advanced safety features, and excellent fuel efficiency, SITRAK cargo trucks are used in many industries worldwide.
  • One of the primary applications of SITRAK cargo trucks is in logistics and transportation. The trucks’ load-carrying capacity makes them ideal for carrying a variety of goods, from heavy machinery to fragile materials like electronics. Additionally, SITRAK cargo trucks are equipped with advanced features like GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and an air braking system, making them ideal for long-distance transport that requires high security.
  • SITRAK cargo trucks are also used in the food industry for transporting food products. Given the sensitive nature of transporting food products, SITRAK cargo trucks come equipped with refrigeration systems that keep the temperature within the vehicle’s cargo space at the right level to preserve the food’s freshness. SITRAK cargo trucks have become a valuable asset for the food industry, with their ability to transport perishable products safely and efficiently.
  • Another significant application of SITRAK cargo trucks is in the retail industry. Retailers use SITRAK trucks to transport goods from the warehouse to the store. The trucks are equipped with an advanced shock-absorbing system that reduces the risk of damage to fragile items during transit. Moreover, SITRAK cargo trucks can transport various types of goods, from groceries to furniture, making them an excellent choice for retailers.
  • SITRAK cargo trucks are also used in the construction industry. Construction companies use the trucks to transport heavy construction equipment and construction materials like cement, bricks, and steel rods. SITRAK cargo trucks’ efficiency and reliability make them ideal for use in construction projects that require the transport of high volumes of materials.
  • The SITRAK cargo truck is also utilized in the healthcare industry. The trucks transport medical supplies like drugs, vaccines, and equipment to medical facilities and hospitals. For medical supplies that require temperature control, SITRAK cargo trucks come equipped with refrigeration units to maintain the required temperature.
  • In conclusion, SITRAK cargo trucks play a crucial role in various industries worldwide, thanks to their reliability, efficiency, and versatility. Their advanced features like advanced monitoring systems and GPS tracking make them ideal for industries that require high-security transportation.

Four advantages of Sitrak

  • Economy: Super wide low fuel consumption and high torque range of MC11 (localized MAN D20) engine, high performance and high input torque of ZF transmission, high transmission efficiency and low gear ratio of MCY13 (MAN 13 t single reduction drive axle) drive axle, and low wind resistance of the cab allow the truck to maintain the tolerance of driving with low fuel consumption and achieve the incomparable driving comfort.
  • Reliability: The original MAN TG technology, the same product design and production & assembly process, and the persistent enforcement of German standards from production conformity management, test validation to product release, as well as the application of important supporting parts from the original MAN supplier for the engine and the world top-class components for the chassis pull together to guarantee the high reliability of the complete vehicle.
  •  Safety: The truck offers the active and passive safety of world top-class heavy-duty trucks. The cab meets the ECE R29 European truck cab strength standard; the steering column allows for deformation and energy absorption in a crash; front disk brake and rear drum brake as well as EVB are supplied as standard configuration, and ABS+ASR+EBL+TPM are optionally available; the powerful electronic management system (BCU+VCU) is equipped. These configurations assure the safety of occupants.
  • Comfort: High-performance gearshift operation and pneumatical steering wheel adjustment, large-span less-leaf spring, optimized full floating cab suspension, air seat with lumbar cushion, as well as wide framed berth allow Chinese users to enjoy the riding pleasure of the internationally most advanced heavy-duty truck.

Major Assemblies of Sitrak

Sitrak Cabin

With Sitrak TGA cab body, the cab is spacious, robust and streamlined, and up to ECE R29 European truck cab strength standard. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, this cab can compare with the car cab regarding ride comfort, and provide you the intelligent and safe drive & ride experience with the help of the intelligent information navigation system. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with advanced features, including climate control, sound insulation, and a multimedia system, which helps drivers stay connected and comfortable even on the longest journeys. The cabin design is also focused on safety, with features like airbags, anti-lock braking systems, and collision warning systems to help reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

Sitrak Transmission

ZF16S 16-speed transmission is adopted. Equipped with overgear, it features high first-gear speed ratio, light weight, good maneuverability, high efficiency, energy conservation and fuel saving and high economy, as well as a B10 life of 1,000,000 km. The Sitrak transmission is known for its reliability, high-performance, and fuel efficiency, which has made it a top choice among truck drivers and fleet managers. The Sitrak transmission system consists of an advanced torque converter, planetary gears, and hydraulic control units. It is designed to handle heavy loads and provide a smooth transition between gears. Furthermore, the transmission system is equipped with advanced features like electronic control units, which enable drivers to operate the transmission effortlessly.

Sitrak Engine

SINOTRUK exclusively introduces the world's most advanced MC11 (localized MAN D20) electronic control high-pressure common-rail engine. The vermicular graphite iron body has an ultra strong deformation resistance; the fuel injection system, a new generation Bosch product, has low specific fuel consumption of 186 kg/kw.h; the parts are highly integrated, and save the quantity of parts by 25 percent over similar engines in the world, reducing fault points greatly; the long B10 life of 1,500,000 km is up to the world most advanced standard for engines of heavy-duty trucks; the oil change interval of 60,000 km reduces vehicle cost substantially. It generates high levels of torque, enabling it to haul heavy loads while maintaining excellent speed and acceleration. The Sitrak engine is designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding heavy use and adverse driving conditions.

Sitrak Axle

Sitrak MCY13 drive axle, a new-generation single reduction drive axle, is supplied with the SKF maintenance-free bearing unit as standard configuration. The brake shoe clearance is adjusted automatically and free of maintenance, and the lubrication system is equipped with an oil filter. With a B10 life of 1,000,000 km, the axle features high transmission efficiency, low noise and prominent oil conservation. The Sitrak axle features a high-strength design that can withstand heavy loads and high stress. It is equipped with advanced technologies, including electronic stability control, which helps prevent rollovers and improves handling on the road. The Sitrak axle also features an airbag suspension system, which provides a smoother ride and reduces wear and tear
on the vehicle, enhancing the safety and performance of the
vehicles on the road.

Sinotruk SITRAK Service Manuals

Repair and maintenance manuals PDF – More truck manuals available for free download!

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