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Competitive Prices For Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts

No.Part No.NamePrice
1712W25441-0018Abs Sensor Ferrules$3.50
2WG9003171390Plastic Fastening Belt B5*180$0.01
3WG9718580009Pvc Black Insulating Tape$0.20
4812W25503-6110Usb Port (C7h)$6.95
5WG9X25580013Usb Charging Port (Small)$6.95
6WG9719790021Warning Light (Lte135)$0.50
7WG9200720002Rubber Sheath$0.50
8WG972477000115-Pole Trailer Plug$1.00
9811W25509-0152Retarder Switch$0.10
10811W25201-6003Sleeper Light$1.00
11811W25203-6001Door Lights$0.33
12811W25320-6011Side Turn Signals$8.90
13811W25260-6002High Roof Front Outline Lamp (Fully Sealed)$0.33
14812W25260-6004Front Outline Trim Light (Right)$0.33
15812W25260-6003Front Outline Trim Light (Left)$0.33
16811W25201-6002Interior Lighting (Right)$0.33
17811W25201-6001Interior Lighting (Left)$0.33
18812W25260-6011Rubber Bushings$0.10
19811W25441-0656Ecu Mounting Bracket$0.82
20712W25441-5342Left Wire Slot Mounting Bracket$1.50
21811W25441-6205Ecu Mounting Box (C7)$2.60
22811W25441-0875Right Over-Wire Box Cover$1.50
23811W25441-0787Right Frame$1.39
24811W25441-0657Right Plug-In Connector Mounting Bracket$0.17
26Q41208External Serrated Lock Washers$0.01
27WG9716582301/1Electrical Junction Box$1.00
28WG9716582301/2Electrical Junction Box$1.00
29WG9716582301/3Electrical Junction Box$10.00
30WG9716582301+011/170a Normally Open Relay$0.22
31WG9716582301+013/140a Changeover Relay$0.22
32WG9716582301+008/220a Normally Open Relay$0.22
33WG9716582301+009/240a Normally Open Relay$0.22
34WG9716582301+010/240a Duplex Relay$0.22
35WG9716582301+011/270a Normally Open Relay$0.22
36WG9716582301+013/240a Conversion Relay$0.22
37WG9716582301+010/340a Duplex Relay$0.22
38WG9716582301+013/340a Conversion Relay$0.22
39WG9925585111Ecas Remote Control Bracket$6.50
40812W25503-6055Triple Height Selector Switch$5.99
41Q40406Lightweight Spring Washer$0.10
46WG972558003610a Waterproof Fuse$1.00
47811W97401-0589Plastic Fastening Strap 4.8×360$0.60
48712-25427-5204Negative Starter Wire Harness (C29/70b/Bk/280/Wh022)$0.10
49WG9720760007Maintenance-Free Battery (Agm/240a-H)$50.00
50712W25456-6701Cab Wire Harness(Nanobcu/Vcu)$0.10
51YG9600710011Assembled Deck Tie (Longitudinal/200)$10.00
52YG9600710012Assembled Cassette Tie (Same Direction/200)$1.00
53YC9618770901024 Ebs Chassis Wiring Harness (4×2/S39/One Cross Member 2200/Hanging Valve Tube Beam/Bk)$0.10
54YZ961877090124Ebs Chassis Wiring Harness (4×2/S39/One Crossmember 2200/Hanging Valve Tube Beam/Bk))$0.10
55YC9622710000002 Ecas Chassis Electrical(4×2)(Shanteca)$1.90
56YG9600710017Ecas Height Valve Bracket$0.50
57812W25320-6001/2Front Combination Light Assembly (Left)$0.33
58812W25320-6002/2Front Combination Light Assembly (Right)$0.33
59812W25101-6021/1Led Headlight Assembly (Left/Non-Metal Bumper)$0.33
60812W25101-6022/1Led Headlight Assembly (Right/Non-Metallic Bumper)$0.33
61811W25441-0826Wire Fixing Bracket$0.10
621406  070015Sealing Ring$0.20
63WG9000360292Sealing Ring$0.20
64WG9725580086Lead Seal$0.01
65712-25457-6352Trailer Socket Wiring Harness (Adr)$0.10
66711W97401-3001Bht 375m Cable Tie$0.70
67WG9925773050Wire Harness Fixing Clamps$0.50
68812W25503-6086Main And Secondary Fuel Tank Transfer Switch$5.99
69812W25503-6027Power Switch$9.00
70WG9725766101Battery Box Body Assembly$15.00
71WG1682110021Rubber Buffer Block$0.01
72WG9525760313Rubber Pad$0.03
73WG9525760314Battery Box Cover$15.00
74712W25441-6008Fuel Heating System Controller$35.00
75WG9925770004Fuel Pump Chassis Wire Harness$1.00
76WG9918580087Independent Heater Sensor (Highland Version)$10.80
77712W25455-6013Fuel Heater Cab Bottom Wire Harness (New Controller)$0.10
78812W25503-6040Fuel Heater Switch$10.80
79712W25509-6001Cigarette Lighter$0.33
80812W25503-6001Emergency Alarm Switch$3.10
81812W25503-6002Horn Transfer Switch$1.00
82812W25503-6014Engine Diagnostic Switch$3.90
83812W25503-6009Headlight Beam Adjustment Switch$1.00
84812W25503-6020Inter-Wheel Differential Lock Switch$1.00
85812W25503-6022Power Take-Off Switch$3.14
86812W25503-6035Intelligent Brake Request Switch$3.14
87812W25503-6036Exhaust Brake Switch$3.14
88812W25503-6039Speed Limit And Fuel Saving Switch$3.14
89812W25503-6065Auxiliary High Beam Switch (Nano System)$3.40
90812W25503-6066Work Light Switch (Nano System)$2.44
91812W25503-6101Blind Hole Plate$2.80
92WG9100760116New Solenoid Type Power Master Switch (Low Holding Current)$1.00
93AZ962258000174Quadrature Rear View Camera (Plug-In)$40.00
94712-25453-6614Wiper Motor Wire Harness (Founder)$1.00
Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts: Ensuring Optimal Truck Performance

Electrical systems play a crucial role in the operational efficiency and safety of commercial trucks. Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts are designed specifically to meet the demands of a modern trucking industry. These parts cover the entire spectrum of electrical systems, from wiring harnesses, switch modules to body controllers.

The Importance of Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts

The electrical system in a commercial truck is extensive and complex, comprising numerous components, circuits, and sensors. A malfunction in a single part can impair the entire system and impact the truck’s performance. Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts are designed to perform flawlessly in harsh conditions and provide reliable operation, critical in the trucking industry. Sitrak Electrical Systems Parts are tested to extreme conditions, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of long-haul trucking and deliver dependable operation.

How Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts Work

Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts are designed to provide seamless integration with most vehicle systems, including engine management, transmission control, and safety systems. Sitrak’s products are engineered to work in harmony, with on-board diagnostics, intelligent sensors, and efficient monitoring systems that ensure optimal performance.

Benefits of Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts
  1. Enhanced Reliability: Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts are built to meet the highest quality standards, thus ensuring that they are reliable even in harsh operating conditions.
  2. Increased Uptime: Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts come with a degree of durability that ensures fewer downtimes, therefore leading to fewer breakdowns and increased uptime.
  3. Reduced Operating Costs: By using Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts, truckers can contribute to reduced operational costs due to the efficiency of the components.
  4. Guarantee of Quality: By providing original equipment replacement parts, Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts come with a guarantee of quality that ensures optimal performance.
How Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts Can Help Improve Your Truck Performance
  1. Improved Safety: Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts play a crucial role in the safety of the truck operator and its cargo. By ensuring the reliability of the vehicle’s electrical system, truckers can operate their vehicles safely.
  2. Reduced Downtime: Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts provide improved reliability, reducing instances of downtime that lead to missed delivery dates or increased maintenance costs.
  3. Reduced Fuel Consumption: Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts, especially those related to engine management, can reduce fuel consumption through efficient control and monitoring of the engine.
  4. Improved Vehicle Efficiency: Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts come designed with the latest technologies that allow for improved vehicle efficiency and performance.
  • Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts are essential components in maintaining the performance, safety, and reliability of commercial trucks. They provide a range of benefits, including improved reliability, increased uptime, reduced operating costs, and a guarantee of quality. Choosing genuine Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts will guarantee the best performance for your truck while minimizing the risks that come with using unreliable components. 
  • As demand for efficiency, safety, and reliability in the trucking industry continues to grow, Sitrak has continually delivered on that need by producing high-quality electrical systems parts.
Good Feedback of Sitrak Truck Electrical Systems Parts
Product Assembly of Sitrak Parts

The Sinotruk Sitrak model is elegant, comfortable and safe. Its design also reflects humanization. It is the most popular model in the heavy truck market, and its market share has reached the level of world-class heavy trucks.

Sinotruk Sitrak cab can reduce the overall equipment quality of the truck, thus greatly improving the mobility of the truck. Wide vision, becoming the mainstream of the cab

Axle with high bearing capacity

The design of fewer leaf springs at the front and rear of our axle has realized innovation in technology and engineering. Durability, fuel efficiency and noise performance are the spokesmen of Sinotruk Sitrak axle.


High reliability, Surging Power, Low Consumption
Lightweight, long service life, advanced German technology, suitable for various complex road conditions, low maintenance and use costs.


Classic, Mature and Reliable
Sinotruk Sitrak series transmissions are adopted, offering high capacity and reliable quality.
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