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2023 Hot Selling Price Of Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts

Truck Electrical Parts
1WG9160710524Abs 传感器护套0.10 美元
2WG9718580008波纹管(Ppgm,Nw6)2.30 美元
3WG9718580010管道护套0.52 美元
4812W25503-5001摇杆开关安装外框(六)0.35 美元
5WG9X25581020盲孔板0.30 美元
6WG9X25581024左玻璃升降开关7.99 美元
7WG9X25581025右玻璃升降开关7.99 美元
8WG9X25581026电动天窗开关1.00 美元
9752-25452-6034Shanteca 轨枕区电线(带轨枕控制开关)0.10 美元
11712-#0501-0022C7h 顶置侧灯电气装置(半高顶/双灯)49.00 美元
12712W25441-0051警示灯左支架总成(Lte135/半高顶)1.00 美元
13712W25441-0052警示灯右支架总成(Lte135/半高顶)1.00 美元
14812W25503-6047侧灯开关0.68 美元
15712-25452-6104侧灯开关线束2.55 美元
16YC960071000001015 极拖车插座(ISO 12098/带电缆/右侧带燃油粗滤器)1.50 美元
17 号712W51715-0123拖车插座安装支架组件0.11 美元
18711W51715-0535拖车连接器固定支架1.60 美元
20WG9725729001一流的车身反光标记6.75 美元
21WG9716580043行车记录仪总成(Dtco1381)3.20 美元
22 号712-#0371-1572 单轴轮差速线(Rm/240)1.00 美元
23712-25457-6572单轴轮差速线(Rm/240)0.10 美元
24712-#0501-0002 缓速器电气装置6.10 美元
25712-#04Y2-0005 电压控制单元控制器$20.00
26712-#02H0-0356环境温度传感器0.40 美元
27811W25203-6002杂货箱灯1.00 美元
28812W25503-6103电动天窗开关1.00 美元
29712-25452-6005顶篷线束(高顶/宽体)2.55 美元
30712-25456-0061电动天窗遮阳开关线束100.00 美元
31712-25456-0065电动天窗遮阳篷线束0.10 美元
32712-#0371-1462 C7h尾灯线(Rm/70/250/倒车蜂鸣器/带分离牌照灯)0.10 美元
33712-25457-6443C7h尾灯线(Rm/70/250/倒车蜂鸣器/带分离牌照灯)0.10 美元
35712-#09R3-0003 Zf Amt 诊断附加线(二合一)0.10 美元
36712-25452-6025Zf Amt 诊断接口附加线束(2 合 1)0.10 美元
37712-#0505-0049 取力器线(Zf Amt 盒)0.10 美元
38712-25455-6749取力器线束 (Zf Amt)$170.00
39712-#0501-0902 前环绕过线盒及其他电器设备(宽体)$93.00
40811W25424-5002左侧线束引导槽下方(宽体)0.10 美元
42811W25424-5005右侧安全带引导槽位于下方0.10 美元
45811W25441-0999左侧线盒盖1.26 美元
47MQ4-10194-9321口香糖(935女士)1.15 美元
48YG9600580009保险丝夹0.05 美元
50AC96187110501 反转蜂鸣器0.02 美元
51712-25456-0066It3 缓速器驾驶室附加线束(G7/消防车)10.00 美元
52712W25455-6111Zf 盒式缓速器线束 (6400)0.56 美元
53712-#09R3-0102 C7h 行驶记录仪线束 (Dtco)0.56 美元
54712-25452-6102C7h 行驶记录仪线束 (Dtco)0.56 美元
55752-#0506-1002 T5g中央电气控制系统(Nanobcu)12.10 美元
56752W25441-5001电气固定支架0.01 美元
57WG9716582301+001/15a 贴片保险丝)0.01 美元
58WG9716582301+002/17.5a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
59WG9716582301+003/110a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
60WG9716582301+004/115a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
61WG9716582301+005/120a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
62WG9716582301+006/125a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
63WG9716582301+007/140a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
64WG9716582301+008/120a常开继电器0.20 美元
65WG9716582301+009/140a常开继电器0.20 美元
66WG9716582301+010/140a双工继电器0.20 美元
67WG9716582301+012/1分散0.20 美元
68WG9716582301+001/25a贴片保险丝)0.01 美元
69WG9716582301+002/27.5a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
70WG9716582301+003/210a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
71WG9716582301+004/215a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
72WG9716582301+005/220a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
73WG9716582301+006/225a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
74WG9716582301+007/240a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
75WG9716582301+012/2分散0.20 美元
76WG9716582301+001/35a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
77WG9716582301+002/37.5a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
78WG9716582301+003/310a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
79WG9716582301+004/315a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
80WG9716582301+005/320a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
81WG9716582301+006/325a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
82WG9716582301+007/340a贴片保险丝0.01 美元
83WG9716582301+008/320a常开继电器0.10 美元
84WG9716582301+009/340a常开继电器0.10 美元
85WG9716582301+011/370a常开继电器0.10 美元
86WG9716582301+012/3分散0.20 美元
87712-#0518-0018 后模拟灯(L37/L47带顶+侧导流板)2.21 美元
Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts: The Key to a Smooth and Efficient Trucking Experience

As the trucking industry continues to evolve, Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts have become an essential component in ensuring a smooth and efficient trucking experience. These parts are specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of modern-day truck drivers who require high-quality and reliable electrical components for their vehicles.

What are Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts?

Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts are electrical components specifically designed for commercial trucks. These parts cover a range of products, from alternators, starters, and batteries to sensors, switches, and relays. They are manufactured by Sitrak, a company well-known for its expertise in the electrical and electronics industry. With years of experience in the industry, Sitrak has become a trusted supplier of quality electrical and electronic products to the trucking industry.

Importance of Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts

As mentioned earlier, Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and efficient trucking experience. These parts are designed to work in harsh conditions, ensuring that trucks can operate reliably in all weather conditions. Additionally, Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts are manufactured to high standards, which guarantees consistent performance and longevity.

Benefits of Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts

When it comes to commercial trucks, uptime is critical, and any downtime can lead to significant losses in revenue. That’s why it’s essential to opt for reliable and high-quality electrical components. Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts provide a host of benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced reliability – Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts are built to deliver exceptional performance in all conditions, making them a trustworthy and dependable choice for truckers.
  2. Improved fuel efficiency – Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts are designed to operate efficiently, which contributes to reduced fuel consumption and lower operational costs.
  3. Extended product lifespan – With robust construction and quality materials, Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts ensure longer runs and reduced maintenance costs.
  4. Decreased downtime – The durability and reliability of Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts ensure fewer breakdowns, which means less downtime and increased productivity.
Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts and Your Trucking Experience
  • Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts are a wise investment for truckers who value reliability, efficiency, and maximum uptime. Choosing the right Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts for your vehicle guarantees a smooth and efficient trucking experience, which translates into increased profits and happy customers. 
  • Partnering with a trusted supplier of quality electrical components like Sitrak will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe and reliable, regardless of the conditions it encounters on the road. With Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts, you’re assured of the best quality and performance, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.
How To Choose The Appropriate Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts?
Step 1: Identify the Specific Electrical Component

The first step is to identify the specific electrical component that needs replacement or repair. Common examples of Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts include alternators, starters, batteries, sensors, switches, and relays. Having a clear understanding of the electrical part you need replacement or repair will narrow down your search options.

Step 2: Understand the Electrical Requirements of Your Truck

Every commercial truck has unique electrical needs, depending on its size, model, and make. Understanding these requirements is essential in determining the appropriate Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts for your vehicle. Always consult your owner’s manual to identify the electrical specifications of your truck, including voltage ratings, current ratings, and wattage requirements.

Step 3: Consider the Operating Environment

The operating environment plays a vital role in choosing the appropriate Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts. For example, if you drive in areas with extreme changes in temperature, it’s crucial to choose electrical components that can withstand harsh conditions. Consider choosing high-quality Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts that are designed to work in extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold temperatures.

Step 4: Check for Compatibility

Compatibility is an essential factor to consider when choosing Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts. Check whether the new component is compatible with your truck’s make and model. Additionally, ensure that it is compatible with other electrical components in your vehicle. Installing incompatible components can lead to electrical malfunctions, which may pose a significant safety risk.

Step 5: Choose High-Quality Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts

Choosing high-quality Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts guarantees consistency, reliability, and durability. While you may want to save on costs, always go for quality products that can withstand the demands of commercial trucking. High-quality components ensure fewer breakdowns and minimal downtime, which is critical to maintaining a profitable trucking business.

Good Feedback of Sitrak Truck Electrical Parts
Product Assembly of Sitrak Parts

The Sinotruk Sitrak model is elegant, comfortable and safe. Its design also reflects humanization. It is the most popular model in the heavy truck market, and its market share has reached the level of world-class heavy trucks.

Sinotruk Sitrak cab can reduce the overall equipment quality of the truck, thus greatly improving the mobility of the truck. Wide vision, becoming the mainstream of the cab

Axle with high bearing capacity

The design of fewer leaf springs at the front and rear of our axle has realized innovation in technology and engineering. Durability, fuel efficiency and noise performance are the spokesmen of Sinotruk Sitrak axle.


High reliability, Surging Power, Low Consumption
Lightweight, long service life, advanced German technology, suitable for various complex road conditions, low maintenance and use costs.


Classic, Mature and Reliable
Sinotruk Sitrak series transmissions are adopted, offering high capacity and reliable quality.
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