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Sinotruk Engine And Spare Parts For Sitrak

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Sinotruk Engine And Spare Parts For Sitrak

Sitrak Engine

SINOTRUK exclusively introduces the world's most advanced MC11 (localized MAN D20) electronic control high-pressure common-rail engine. The vermicular graphite iron body has an ultra strong deformation resistance; the fuel injection system, a new generation Bosch product, has low specific fuel consumption of 186 kg/kw.h; the parts are highly integrated, and save the quantity of parts by 25 percent over similar engines in the world, reducing fault points greatly; the long B10 life of 1,500,000 km is up to the world most advanced standard for engines of heavy-duty trucks; the oil change interval of 60,000 km reduces vehicle cost substantially.

Efficient and Economical of Sinotruk Engine

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Specifications Of Sinotruk Engine And Spare Parts For Sitrak

MakeSINO MAN Engine
Cylinders6 nos.
Fuel TypeDiesel
Cylinder LineupVertical in line
Ecological Class4
Max Output in kw248
Max Output in ps340
Max Torque1250N·m
Max Torque at rpm1200-1800
Output at rpm2300
Engine TypeInline, water-cooled, four – stroke, turbocharged
Cab ModelC5H
Cab TypeTop roof, Bunk Sleeper Cab
Passengers Allowed3Nos
Seats and Sleeper Line

Seats Line: Front driver seat & Co-driver seat.

Sleeper Line: Rear bunk sleeper bed

Price List of Sinotruk Sitrak Parts

Sinotruk Engine Of SITRAK C5H 8x4 Fire Vehicle


  • Truck Bed Length in 9.5m
  • Overall Size 12×2.55×3.98m
  • Heavy duty Loading 20T
  • SINOTRUK MAN 310ps Diesel
  • Ecological Class 4 Emission
Sinotruk Engine And Spare Parts For Sitrak

The Sinotruk Engine Suitable For Mounting Following Trucks As:

  • Oil Trucks hauling ability from 25000 to 30,000 liters of diesel fuel or gasoline.
  • 22000 Liters to 25000 liters Water Trucks – Non Potable Water.
  • Chassis Mounted Propane Bulk Trucks standard size as 35m3
  • Hazmat Trucks for bulk liquid chemical transportation volume 28CBM
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Tank Truck for the transport 25000liters food products.
  • 15000L Water tank +5000Liters Dual agent fire engine.
  • Rescue Truck which designed to carry over hundreds of rescue tools.
  • Lighting Tower Vehicle carries eight 2000W metal halide lamps.
  • Body size 24m3 commercial/residential Rubbish Compressor Truck
  • 20 ton capacity Tipper typeHook Lift LoaderRefuse Collection Trucks
  • Container size 18cbm large sizeTransit Skip Loader
  • Sludge tanker capacity 22000liters Combination Sewer Cleaners
  • Residential, airports, race tracks, ports, municipal, construction, industrial Sweeper
  • Auto towing, garage towing , winch outs and rollback service trucks.
  • Towing capacity with 70Ton heavy haul Rotator Towing Truck
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity 30000kg Truck Mounted Crane
  • Dry van box Length in9.5m Cold Storage Trucks or cargo van box trucks

Applicable Models of Sitrak Engine And Spare Parts

Sitrak C7H Series
Sitrak T7H Series
Sitrak C5H Series

The applicable models of Sitrak Engine spare parts may vary depending on the specific component or part you are looking for.

Here are a few commonly used Sitrak models:
  1. Sitrak C7H: This model is known for its high performance and reliability, and it is commonly used for long-haul transportation and logistics.
  2. Sitrak C5H: This model is often used for regional and city distribution, as it offers efficiency and maneuverability in urban environments.
  3. Sitrak T7H: This model is designed for heavy-duty transportation operations, such as construction and mining, where robustness and power are essential.

We are a reliable supplier specializing in heavy truck parts, and when looking for spare parts for Sitrak Engine, we can provide you with the most accurate information about the availability and compatibility of spare parts for specific Sitrak models, please feel free to ask.

Packing of Sinotruk Sitrak Engine And Spare Parts

When packing Sitrak Engine And Spare Parts, it is essential to ensure that they are properly protected to prevent any damage during transportation.

Here are some steps to pack Sitrak Engine And Spare Parts effectively:
  1. Clean the parts: Before packing, make sure to clean the Sitrak Engine And Spare Partsthoroughly, removing any dirt, grease, or debris. This will help maintain the quality of the parts during transit.
  2. Use appropriate packaging materials: Select suitable packaging materials to protect the Sitrak Engine And Spare PartsConsider using sturdy cardboard boxes, foam inserts, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to cushion and secure the parts.
  3. Wrap individual parts: Wrap each Sitrak Engine And Spare Partsseparately with bubble wrap or foam padding to provide extra protection against impacts and vibrations. This will prevent any scratching or potential damage caused by friction.
  4. Consider organizing parts: If there are multiple Sitrak Engine And Spare Parts, we will systematically organize them. We will use small plastic bags or compartments inside the packaging to keep the parts separate and avoid entanglement or potential damage due to contact.
  5. Use proper sealing: Once the parts are securely placed inside the packaging, ensure the boxes are properly sealed to prevent any accidental opening or shifting of the contents during transit. Use strong packing tape to seal all the edges and corners of the box.
  6. Label the packages: Clearly label the packaging with appropriate shipping labels, including the recipient’s address, contact information, and any other relevant details.

FAQ of Sinotruk Engine And Spare Parts For Sitrak

Sinotruk engine parts, which are used in Sitrak C7H trucks, offer several advantages. Here are some key advantages of using Sinotruk engine parts:

  1. Quality and Reliability: Sinotruk is a renowned and established brand in the industry, known for its high-quality and reliable engine parts. Using genuine Sinotruk parts ensures that you have components that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the engine’s requirements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  2. Compatibility: Sinotruk engine parts are designed to be compatible with Sitrak C7H trucks, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth integration. This compatibility reduces the risk of compatibility issues or improper installations that could lead to performance problems or damage to the engine.
  3. Performance: Sinotruk engine parts are engineered to deliver superior performance. These parts are designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications, providing excellent power, torque, and fuel efficiency.
  4. Extended Lifespan: Sinotruk engine parts are built to be durable, ensuring a longer lifespan for the components. The use of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques helps to resist wear, reduce the risk of failures, and increase the overall durability of the parts.
  5. Warranty: Sinotruk typically offers warranties on their engine parts, providing additional peace of mind for the customers. These warranties protect against manufacturing defects and ensure that you can get support or replacements if any issues arise within the warranty period.

The working principle of a Sinotruk engine, like most internal combustion engines, follows a four-stroke cycle known as the Otto cycle. Here is a brief explanation of each stroke in the engine’s operation:

  1. Intake Stroke: The intake stroke begins with the downward movement of the piston, creating a vacuum in the cylinder. The intake valve opens, allowing a mixture of air and fuel to enter the combustion chamber. The piston moves back up, compressing the mixture.
  2. Compression Stroke: In the compression stroke, both the intake and exhaust valves are closed. The piston moves upward, compressing the air-fuel mixture to a high pressure and temperature. This squeezing action helps maximize the efficiency of the combustion process.
  3. Power Stroke: At the top of the compression stroke, just before reaching the highest point (top dead center), the spark plug ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture. This ignition creates a rapid expansion of gases, forcing the piston downward. The downward movement of the piston converts the expanding gases’ energy into mechanical work. This power stroke is responsible for generating the engine’s power and torque.
  4. Exhaust Stroke: After the power stroke, the exhaust valve opens, and the piston starts moving back up. This upward movement pushes the burned gases out of the cylinder, expelling them through the exhaust valve into the exhaust system. The exhaust stroke completes a full cycle, preparing the engine for the next intake stroke.
  • The continuous repetition of these four strokes (intake, compression, power, exhaust) in a synchronized manner within each cylinder produces the rotary motion required to power the vehicle.
  • It is important to note that Sinotruk engines may have specific design features and components that enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability. These can include elements such as fuel injection systems, turbochargers, intercoolers, and advanced engine management systems, which further optimize the combustion process and overall engine operation.

Routine maintenance of Sinotruk engine parts is crucial to ensure proper functioning, extend the engine’s lifespan, and prevent costly repairs. Here are some key maintenance practices for different engine parts:

  1. Engine Oil:
    – Regularly check the engine oil level and quality.
    – Change the engine oil and oil filter as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    – Use the recommended type and grade of engine oil.
  2. Air Filter:
    – Clean or replace the air filter regularly.
    – Ensure the air filter housing is properly sealed to prevent dust and debris from entering the engine.
  3. Fuel System:
    – Inspect the fuel lines, fittings, and filters for any leaks or blockages.
    – Replace the fuel filter as recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Cooling System:
    – Check the coolant level, top up if necessary.
    – Inspect and clean the radiator, cooling fan, and hoses.
    – Flush and replace the coolant as advised in the maintenance schedule.
  5. Belts and Pulleys:
    – Inspect the drive belts regularly for wear, cracks, or fraying.
    – Adjust the belt tension as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
    – Check the condition of pulleys and replace them if damaged.
  6. Battery:
    – Clean the battery terminals and ensure a good connection.
    – Check the battery electrolyte levels (if applicable) and top up if needed.
    – Test the battery’s voltage and charging system periodically.
  7. Spark Plugs (for gasoline engines):
    – Inspect spark plugs for wear, fouling, or electrode damage.
    – Replace spark plugs at regular intervals as recommended.
    – Ensure proper spark plug gap and torque during installation.
  8. Exhaust System:
    – Inspect the exhaust system for leaks, cracks, or loose connections.
    – Check the condition of the catalytic converter (if equipped).
  9. Regular Inspection:
    – Perform routine visual inspection of the engine, looking for signs of oil or coolant leaks, damaged hoses or wires, loose connections, or abnormal wear.
  • It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and guidelines specific to your Sinotruk engine model for detailed instructions on maintenance intervals and procedures. Additionally, it is advisable to consult a qualified mechanic or authorized service center for any specific maintenance requirements or technical assistance.

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