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Recently, SINOTRUK beat competitors and won the bid for 34 street washing vehicles with Euro 6 emission standard from HKSAR government.

This was the first time for HKSAR government to purchase heavy-duty trucks with Euro 6 emission standard, and also the first time for mainland China brand to sell its heavy-duty trucks with Euro6 emission standard in HK market.

On March 5, the sample vehicle passed the first acceptance test of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR. Batch product and delivery have been kicked off.

It is well known.

That HK has always applied the strictest standards of vehicle fuel and exhaust emission. Vehicle use in HK is basically at the same level as in Europe.

High-end truck market in HK is occupied by Europe brands, and the middle and low-end market is taken by the Japan brands.

In this market of fierce competition, there was no space for trucks from mainland China. In 2013, the first 300 SINOTRUK heavy-duty trucks with Euro 5 emission standard came into HK market for the first time.

It was the first time for a mainland vehicle brand to sell heavy-duty trucks with Euro 5 emission standard to HK market, and SINOTRUK is the first Chinese brand of commercial vehicles licensed in HK.

Over the past five years, SINOTRUK has sold more than 1,000 heavy-duty trucks in HK, taking the lead among brands from mainland China.

After years of hard work, SINOTRUK products now take certain position in HK market, whose quality is recognized by all users, thus helping upgrade the image of mainland China brands.

In the past, HKSAR government mainly used European brands such as MAN, Volvo and Scania. There were restrictions against mainland China brands in the bidding process.

As a result.

No trucks from mainland China were seen in the bid from HKSAR government. Again, SINOTRUCK is the first mainland China brand winning the bid.

In March 2016, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of HKSAR government released the bidding documents to purchase 34 street washing vehicles and replace the old ones.

Taking the development concept of HK making common development and prosperity with mainland China, the bid lifted restrictions on mainland China brands.

Immediately, SINOTRUK realized it was the opportunity to upgrade the international image of high-end brand.

After communicating with HK distributors, it made full considerations and decided to participate in the bid.

After carefully reading and fully understanding the contents of bid documents, SINOTRUK decided to designate its branch,

Qingdao Heavy Industry Company, to supply upper body, which not only improved the cost effectiveness, but also enhanced the compatibility of chassis and upper body.

It was also the highlight in the bid. As required by the bidding documents, SINOTRUK prepared more than 20 ECE certificates for the bid, including the Euro 6 test report. SINOTRUK MC07 also became China’s first engine that received ECE certificate of EU.

SINOTRUK gave great emphasis to this project after the bid was won. Immediately after that, it organized the meeting attended by the Technical Center, Truck Company,

SINOTRUK Qingdao Heavy Industry Company and other related departments, established the project leading group.

And made detailed arrangements from the vehicle design, certification, preparation for development of parts and components to the production of sample trucks.

It raised high requirements for quality, quantity and delivery time to make sure the success.

SINOTRUK even organized the production and design departments to visit HK for field studies, mainly studying the working conditions of municipal street washing vehicles, and situation of existing vehicles as well as vehicles with Euro 6 emission standard in HK.

They also discussed with users. By considering the average body height and working habit of HK residents, SINOTRUK followed the people-oriented design philosophy to make a lot of design improvement.

After experiencing rounds of strict sample review and reforms, on March 5, the sample vehicle passed the first acceptance test of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR.

Which give great praise to the vehicle quality and state, in particular to the 100m automatic water-pipe reel remote control design, saying the design can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. The acceptance conditions were basically reached.

The project success has great meaning. It was the first time for China’s heavy-duty truck with Euro 6 emission standard to reach market beyond mainland China, which again represents the domestically leading position of SINOTRUK.

At the same time, it has also laid foundation for heavy trucks of China to reach developed countries and regions, thus expanding the influence of China’s brands in the world. The project was mainly led by SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Capital Co., Ltd.

Again, it has set up another milestone for SINOTRUK’s efforts to explore the high-end market and functioned as the benchmark for building the “International SINOTRUK”.

For 13 years in a row, SINOTRUK has taken the leading position in the export of heavy-duty trucks in China. In January-February 2018, SINOTRUK exported 6,484 heavy-duty trucks, rising by 76.05% YOY; the export volume amounted to RMB 1.674 billion, rising by 67.9% YOY; making USD 168 million, rising by 96.79%.

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