SINOTRUK HOWO Limited was listed on the main board of HKSE in 2007. Its parent company China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp., Ltd. (SINOTRUK) is China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer, initially founded in 1956 and the cradle of China’s heavy duty truck industry. 

It once manufactured China’s first heavy duty truck – HUANGHE branded JN150 8-ton truck in 1960; and successfully introduced the STEYR heavy duty truck project from Austria and became China’s first company to comprehensively introduce foreign heavy duty truck manufacturing technology of complete vehicle in 1983. In 2009, SINOTRUK formed its strategic partnership with German MAN Group, by which MAN held a 25%+1 stake in SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited. 

SINOTRUK introduced 3 models (D20, D26 and D08) of engines, axles of medium duty and heavy duty trucks, and relevant technologies of complete vehicles from MAN, laying a solid foundation for corporate long-term growth. Today, SINOTRUK has developed into China’s largest heavy duty truck manufacturing base and made significant contributions to the development of China’s heavy duty truck industry and national economic growth.

SINOTRUK has been adhering to implementing independent innovations, carrying out its leading strategy in technologies and building its core competitiveness with intellectual property rights. 

It has the most patents in China’s automotive industry. SINOTRUK R&D Center is one of China’s first national-level corporate technology centers, has a testing lab certified by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratory (CNACL) and is capable of developing and testing complete vehicles, engines, parts, material technologies and other all-round R&D and testing capabilities. 

It’s equipped with various state-of-the-art and precision equipment in processing, experiment and testing, of which the equipment related to engine, complete vehicle, vibration of parts and strength testing, etc. have reached world class level.

SINOTRUK HOWO mainly designs, develops, produces and sells

Approved by the state, National Engineering and Research Center of Heavy Duty Truck was unveiled at SINOTRUK HOWO in 2009 and has ever since played a vital role in development, demonstration, popularization and technical support of China’s heavy duty truck industry.On August 16, 2015, the SINOTRUK Science & Technology Mansion was put into operation officially. The Mansion is the core building of SINOTRUK Science & Technology Central Park. I

t is the highest building in eastern region of Jinan City, with the overall model showing the tendency of spring water upwelling, which stands for vigorous development of cause of SINOTRUK and marks that SINOTRUK marches into a new step. SINOTRUK mainly designs, develops, produces and sells a wide range of heavy duty trucks, buses, special trucks, engines and their sets, parts and special chassis.

With overwhelming superiority in technology and market of the heavy-duty truck industry, SINOTRUK has achieved substantial sales at home and abroad, and exported products to over 90 countries, and has been ranked in the first place in the industry for continuous 12 years, thus being accredited as a national vehicle export base by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce. 
Also, SINOTRUK has claimed titles such as “National Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization”, “National Civilized Entity”, “Chinese Famous Product”, “Chinese Outstanding Innovative Enterprise”, “China’s Most Credible Enterprise” and “China’s First Group of 2A Enterprises in Quality and Credit Management”.

SINOTRUK HOWO Limited will always stick to the corporate values of “Forge high-quality products with dedication and contribute to the society with high quality products”, to provide all users with first class products, deliver satisfactory return to all investors, offer a broad development room for all partners and set up a stage for all employees to realize their own value, it’s committed to maximizing both economic benefits and social benefits.

History of SINOTRUK

China’s trucks started more than 100 years later than Europe, and it was not until 1960 when the first yellow river truck appeared that the record of zero production of trucks in China was broken and the development of Chinese trucks was kicked off.
Due to the backwardness of the automobile manufacturing industry at that time, combined with the national conditions and financial resources at that time after the choice of the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, this introduction to improving the speed of China’s heavy trucks in manufacturing, the establishment of the production chain, in 2001 announced the establishment of China National Heavy Duty Truck, Heavy Duty Truck to implement the strategic structure of Sino-foreign joint venture, in the capital, technology, products, markets and other aspects of Sino-foreign cooperation, continuous research and development of production technology. To enhance its competitiveness and stand firm in the market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        At present, SINOTRUK HOWO has also begun to integrate artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other Internet innovations, seeking the path of independent innovation.

sinotruk-howo 1960


China’s first heavy truck Yellow River JN150 eight-ton truck was manufactured, which ended the history that China was not able to manufacture heavy trucks.

sinotruk-howo 1963


Yellow River 350 dumper heavy truck was developed

sinotruk-howo 1978


Roman truck was assembled in SKD form. In the more than decade till 1991, over 8000Roman trucks were produced

sinotruk-howo 1983


Steyr heavy-truck manufacturing technology was introduced from Austria.

sinotruk-howo 1985


The first localized Steyr truck drove off the assembly line.

sinotruk-howo 2002


China’s largest base for heavy-truck transaxle cases was built in August.

Steyr King heavy truck was launched in the market on the basis of Steyr heavy to make break-throughs in Steyr products.

sinotruk-howo 2003


In June, SINOTRUK signed an agreement on establishing JV with VOLVO, in July, the JV was incorporated.

sinotruk-howo 2004


In October, HOWO heavy truck drove off the assembly line, helping the Chinese heavy-truck technology reach a new level. Up to date, HOWO is the best-selling heavy truck model single brand in China.

sinotruk-howo 2006


The production line of heavy-truck engines with world-leading level was put into operation.

sinotruk-howo 2007


SINOTRUCK finalized IPOin the mainboard of the HK Stock Exchange in the red-chip form, whose name is SINOTRUK(HongKong) Limited. It was the starting point for SINOTRUKto get into the “international capital market”

sinotruk-howo 2008


HOWO A7 was developed, and who low-speed large-torque engine+AMT=small speed ratio+low wind-resistance cab+lightweight design represented the highest performance in China.

sinotruk-howo 2009


SINOTRUK signed agreement of strategic agreement with MAN, to introduce the advanced technology of MAN in cab, engine, axle, and chassis.

sinotruk-howo 2012


MC engine series were developed ranging from 140 to 560 HP, which are localized version of MAN engines

sinotruk-howo 2013


SITRAK series were launched into the market in collaboration with MAN

sinotruk-howo 2016


SINOTRUK 1G smart truck was developed. The new model was equipped with advanced driving aid systems such as EBS, ESC, AEBS, ACC, LDWS andHAS, etc.

sinotruk-howo 2018


The world’s first driverless e-truck made by SINOTRUK was put into trial operation in Tianjin port. The model called HOWO-T5G was equipped with Beidou positioning system, laser radar, millimeter wave radar, camera, etc. The full load mileage of the vehicle can reach 120 km, with a charging time of less than one hour.

sinotruk-howo 2020


SINOTRUK launched a new-generation heavy truck brand called Yellow River. Equipped with a low-wind resistance trailer. Yellow River has its wind resistance coefficient(CD) reaching 0.37, 30% lower than the mainstream products in the global industry and far ahead of trucks sold at home and abroad. At the same time, the Yellow River logistic tractor reaches L2 and leaves the interface for L3 driverless system, which can meet the needs of expanding to L3 driverless system.