Sinotruk Howo Parts

The main categories of Howo truck spare parts include: engine components (crankshafts, pistons, rings, cylinder liners, valves, etc.), transmission components (driveshafts, clutches), suspension elements (springs, shock absorbers, struts), brake system components (discs and pads, brake cylinders), and electrical equipment components (generators, starters, batteries).

Howo Engine and Spare Parts

Engine and Spare Parts

Sinotruk Howo Engine Parts

Howo engine assembly displacement from 2.3L to 13L, power from 70KW to 426KW, meet different emission requirements of National V and National VI, can be equipped with Howo tractor, Howo tipper, Howo concrete mixer truck and so on.
We can provide you with engine assemblies and all related parts, such as pistons, piston pins, piston rings, cylinder blocks, cylinder blocks and other different engine supporting products.

E2-3A VG1560037011
Cylinder pad 61560040049
Cylinder Pad 61560040049
Flywheel assembly AZ1500020220
Flywheel AZ1500020220
Fan leaves 612600060446
Fan Leaves 612600060446
Front oil seal VG1047010038
VG1246090002 howo truck trailer engine spare parts start motor
Howo Starter VG1246090002
Howo Injector VG1560080276
Howo Starter VG1560090001
Compressor belt (V-belt) WG1500130017
Rear oil seal VG1047010050
Spin-on howo oil filter assembly VG61000070005
Howo Air filter WG9725190102
V-belt (water pump) VG2600020253
V- belt 6PK794 VG2600020258
Spin-on primary howo fuel filter VG1560080012
Howo Fuel filter VG1540080311
Howo Cabin Parts - Sinotruk Howo

Sinotruk Howo Cabin Parts

Sinotruk Howo Parts can provide you with Howo cab assemblies and accessories for the full range of Howo Dump Truck, Tractor Truck, Concrete Mixer Truck and other truck cab accessories, such as lights, windscreen wipers, steering systems and other parts.

Left wind scooper WG1642111013
Right Wind Scooper WG1642111014
Right wind scooper WG1642111014
Radiator cover WG1642111011
Bumper Assembly WG1641241003
A Pillar Decorative Panel -Left WG1642111019
A Pillar Decorative Panel -Right WG1642111020
Left Front Fender front Segment Assy WG1642230105
Right Front Fender front Segment Assy WG1642230106
Gearbox and Spare Parts

Sinotruk Howo Transmission Parts

As a Sinotruk Howo Parts supplier with many years of export and manufacturing experience, we can supply any howo transmission assembly and parts, please send us your howo truck chassis number or the OEM number of the required Sinotruk Howo Parts, and a professional sales person will contact you for a quotation within 24 hours!

Howo Transmission Parts-Double H valve assembly WG2203250003
Double H valve assembly WG2203250003
High-grade cone hub assembly WG2203100006
Shaft thrid gear WG2210040425
Transmission Parts-WG2203250010
Air Lock Valve Assembly WG2203250010
Main shaf with ball head assembly WG2203040030
Planetary gears assembly AZ2203100002
Sinotruk Truck Sensor
Odometer Sensor WG2209280010
Direct power takeoff HW50-05 WG9700290150
Chassis and Spare Parts

Sinotruk Howo Alex Parts

Sinotruk Howo Parts can provide you with Howo chassis parts, our hot parts include: front axle, centre axle, rear axle assemblies; suspension; leaf springs; landing gears and other major Howo transmission parts for Howo tippers, tractors and other full range of trucks.

Howo Truck Parts- Front Brake Adjusting Arm AZ9100440005
Sinotruk Howo Chassis Parts- Front Wheel Oil Seal WG9003074387
Howo Truck Parts- Front Wheel Oil Seal WG9003074387
Howo Truck Parts- Front Brake
Lining WG9100440029
Howo Truck Parts- Front shaft pressure bearing WG4007410049
Howo Truck Parts- Drive Gear WG9014320136
Wheel assembly AZ7129340070-1
Howo Truck Parts- Wheel assembly AZ7129340070
Manipulator WG9725240208
Howo Truck Parts- Manipulator WG9725240208
Howo Truck Parts- Brake pad WG9231342068
Wg9725190103/1 K2841 Air Filter for HOWO Truck Parts
Howo Air Filter
Vg61000070005 HOWO Oil Filter for Sinotruk HOWO Truck Parts
Howo Oil Filter
Howo Fuel Filter
612600081335 Fuel Filter with Water Separator for Sinotruk HOWO
Howo Water Filter
Brake Drum WG4075450001
Brake Drum
81503010223 Brake Camshaft
Brake Camshaft
AZ9111340040Brake Gap Adjuster Arm-2
Slack Adjuster
Disc Brake (Qp222424aj00, With Electronic Wear Alarm, Cold Zone) 812-50003-7019
Brake Disk
WG9000360602Dual Diaphragm Brake Chamber
Brake Chamber
Air Compressor 081V54100-7070
Handbrake valve 811W52315-6156
Brake Valve
AZ9231342072Brake Shoe Assembly
Brake Shoe