About Shacman

Shacman was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province and has developed into a mega auto enterprise group covering an area of 4.5 million square meters, with total assets of 59 billion yuan and 28,000 employees.

The company’s product range covers heavy-duty off-road vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, medium and large buses (chassis), medium and light trucks, heavy-duty axles, Shacman Cummins engines, and other Shacman trucks and truck parts, and is the only designated truck production base and the first batch of truck export base enterprises retained after the national selection and comparison test.

Since its successful launch in 2020, the new generation product platform “Delong X6000” developed independently by Shacman has been highly recognized by customers for its international first-class and industry-leading core technical indexes,, and has formed a good reputation among customers for its fuel efficiency, safety, reliability, and comfort, becoming a model of high quality in China’s commercial vehicle industry and leading Chinese commercial vehicle brands to break through upward.


We grasp the opportunity of the national implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, fully integrate the quality resources of the international market, cooperate with international outstanding enterprises, and vigorously promote the global layout of the enterprise and the internationalization of the industrial system. The company has realized local production in Kenya, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and other countries, and its products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in Europe, Africa and Asia, with the export volume ranking among the top in the industry for many years.

Shacman will closely focus on the development goal of “100 billion Shacman”, take the “123456” dual concept as a guide, adhere to the business philosophy of “winning the world with virtue, leading service, and achieving the future with quality”, move towards high-end products, marketing and management, grasp the strategic opportunity of transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, build a new symbiotic and win-win commercial vehicle industry ecosystem with industry chain members, create value for customers and society, and become an international first-class service-oriented automobile enterprise group.

History of Shacman



The first batch of “Yanan” SX250 heavy military off-road vehicles was born, which is also the first self-developed heavy off-road military vehicles in China. After that, many military vehicles were derived on the basis of SX250.



Shacman introduced the “91 series” heavy-duty manufacturing technology of Austrian Steyr Company, and formed a variety of models through different combinations of wheelbases, opening up a new era of heavy trucks in China.



The third-generation products of Shaanxi Auto came onto the stage of history and formed a series of products such as the L3000, M3000, F3000 and X3000 through continuous improvement and perfection of technology patents.



Xi’an Cummins Power Company was established and introduced the Cummins ISM 11 heavy-duty diesel engine that entered China in the 1990s.



Shacman , together with MAN, BOSCH from Germany, AVL from Austria and Cummins Power from the United States, has developed the Shaanxi Auto Delong F3000 heavy truck with high reliability.



In November 2011, Shacman Heavy Duty Truck launched a brand new model – Delonghi New M3000, which adopts a new platform and the new technology of German MAN TGS.



Shacman introduced the “91 series” heavy-duty manufacturing technology of Austrian Steyr Company, and formed a variety of models through different combinations of wheelbases, opening up a new era of heavy trucks in China.


The “Delong X6000” is listed on the market. Whether it is the appearance, interior, or chassis configuration, Delong X6000 has reached a product that can compete with the world brands. So far, Delong X6000 has officially come to the public’s view.



The strategic signing ceremony between Shacman Heavy Truck and Zhengwei (Tianjin) Group and the first batch of 1,000 dangerous chemical tractors was held in Shaanxi Auto Industrial Park in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

Shacman Truck Parts cabin spare parts

The cabin where the driver commands and manipulates the ship. The cab is one of the most important parts of the truck, and its design will directly affect the performance and safety of the truck.

Popular Accessories: Exterior Rearview Mirror, Headlight Assembly, Wind Guide Cover Outer Panel Assembly, Fender Ass, Ventilation Hood, Cab Front Suspension Cover, Anti-skid Plate, Limit Block Ass, Window Glass Lifter , Window Glass Chute , Wiper Arm, Damper, Elastic Retaining Ring, Wiper Blade, Intercooler Assembly, Oil Cylinder, Radiator Assembly, Intercooler Assembly, ABS Sensor , Expansion Tank Assembly, Side Marker Light ,Functional Combination Taillight Assembly, Oil Injection Nozzle Assembly, Fuel Combination Unit, Bumper

Shacman Truck Partsengine spare parts

Engine: Also known as the heart, is the power source of the truck, and an important part of the truck.

Popular Accessories: Crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston,flywheel, cylinder liner,piston ,piston rings, piston pin,connecting rod,bearing, crankshaft bearing ,intake&exhaust valve, valvesprings,camshaft, tappets, camshafts bearing, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter,air filter, oil filter, battery,alternator, starter, starter motor, ignition coil,water pump, radiator, fan couplings, fan, thermostat, oil pump,pressure limiting valve ..

Shacman Truck Parts axle parts

Axle: Is a bridge-type structure connected to the body suspension and capable of mounting wheels at both ends. It plays the role of weight bearing, guiding, ensuring the driving force and stability of the vehicle in the truck.

Popular Accessories: Brake Chamber, Brake Shoe, Adjusters, Brake Drum, Front Wheel Hub, Final Drive Assy., Differential, Adjusting Shim, Axle Shaft Gear, Planet Gear, Drive Shaft etc.

Shacman Truck Parts gearbox spare parts

Gearbox : It is a gearbox that changes the ratio and direction of motion. It is located between the clutch and the central drive.

Popular Accessories : Transmission Case, Main Shaft, Countershaft, Gear Sleeve, Gear Seat, SYNCFRO Ring, Gasket, Rocker, Connecting Rod, Connecting Rod Joint, Select Cable, Release Bearing etc,reverse gear ,synchronize assembly, synchronizer slider,gearbox ,gearbox shell, gearbox cover, gearbox middle cover, shift fork assembly,  PTO…

Core Patents of Shacman

Shacman has 1,397 granted patents, ranking first among state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi Province. The ability to create, application, protection, and management of intellectual property rights has been rapidly improved, and the core competitiveness of the enterprise has grown significantly.

Shacman (1)

CNG cylinder bracket and frame fixing device and this CNG truck

Shacman (2)

Truck drive axle wheel side assembly with ABS protection

Shacman (3)

A compressed air supply system for hybrid electric vehicle travel brake system

Shacman (3)

An emergency refueling device for LNG vehicles

Company News

Shacman is one of the first export base enterprises for complete vehicles and parts in China.