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Safe and fuel-efficient emergency braking, how to do it?

Good braking technology will not only make the safety factor rise, but also make people have a very good riding experience.

Different road conditions have different braking methods. If the brakes are in a mess, they may make a mess.

So how can we not make the brakes awkward and elegant?

  1. Long distance braking

It’s a long-distance brake in the popular sense. For example, there is a red light at the intersection ahead, but there is still a distance from the red light.

At this time, we need to take braking measures. Most people will step on the brake when they drive near the red light. Such operation is not a good method for the vehicle and fuel economy!

  1. How to step when parking

Once you need to stop, if you always step on the brake, you will have a sudden impact, and the people on the vehicle will feel very bad.

The right way is: before the vehicle comes to a complete stop, release the brake a little, and then step on it slowly. This will be more natural to stop the vehicle!

  1. Slam the brakes

Now the vehicles are basically equipped with ABS system. When braking, ABS system will start.

It’s a process that directly helps the vehicle and the brake system. Therefore, if it’s an emergency brake, you don’t have to hesitate to step on it to the end to avoid the accident!

  1. Braking on uphill and downhill

When the car goes uphill, everyone should slow down. If there is a car in front of you suddenly stops and slips away, you will be in bad luck!

In addition, the force exerted on the vehicle by the ramp can be used to brake. Don’t increase the speed just because you go uphill, and then step on the brake.

  1. Curve brake

Before entering the corner, step on the brake and enter the corner at low speed. Otherwise, it is easy for the vehicle to lose its center of gravity and slip when turning the corner. However, don’t step on it hard. You can lower the gear and use the gear to brake.

  1. Snow brake

In the face of gravel roads such as snow, we need to remind you that the road conditions are relatively complex.

It is suggested to slow down the speed, be gentle when braking, and try not to brake in an emergency. If you step on the brake too hard, it may cause sideslip, which is quite dangerous!

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