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What Happened When The Truck Headlights Suddenly Went Out? Maybe The Wire Is Rusty

  • A few days ago, one of my cars running Chengdu Hangzhou special line returned to Chengdu. The driver said to me, “Xiaozhi, is there still fog in this season?” I replied: “generally, fog mostly occurs in autumn and winter festivals. What’s the matter?” The driver said that on the way back to Chengdu from Hangzhou, there was a sudden heavy fog and xenon high beam rusty. It was really tired all the way. I said you can turn on the low beam and fog lamp of rusty, because the exposure distance of halogen bulb in fog is better than that of xenon headlamp! The driver complained to me, “only the low beam lights are on, and none of the fog lights are on”.

Find out the problem  It turns out that the lamp holder is “rusty”, which leads to poor grounding

  • At first, I thought the fuse was broken, but after checking it, it was no problem. I tested that the plug of the lamp holder was also energized with a test pencil rusty. That’s interesting. Did the four bulbs in the left and right fog lamps burn out? This is tantamount to winning 5 million in the lottery. It was so “lucky”, so it was disassembled one by one for inspection rusty. There was no problem. Where was the problem? It was at an impasse for a while. 
  • After resetting the bulb rusty, test it again, and the result is that it turns on normally. In the process of disassembly and assembly, the fog lamp turns on. According to the summary and analysis, the connector responsible for grounding the fog lamp is rusted rusty, resulting in poor grounding, which leads to the failure of the lamp.
  • You can take a look at this spring like thing rusty, which is responsible for fixing the bulb to the fog lamp base. At the same time, in the previous picture, one end of the spring is fixed under a screw, and the other end is stuck in the groove of an iron sheet. One end of the iron sheet is connected with the grounding wire. The spring and the iron sheet rust at the same time, resulting rusty in poor grounding. This is the problem.

rust removal and sealing work in two ways. No money is money saving of rusty

  • Now that I understand the principle, what is waiting for me is the fault analysis. Through the investigation rusty, the base of the fog lamp is loose. Over time, the water vapor will enter the fog lamp through the rubber ring of the base, and then react with the iron parts to rusty, resulting in poor grounding, and the fog lamp does not light up at the beginning.
  • My way is to remove the base and apply sealant again to avoid the same thing from happening again. As long as card friends pay more attention to their daily life, they can easily solve small problems by themselves. They not only exercise their practical ability, but also save money. Why not?

summary and analysis of rusty, no trivial matters related to safety

  • Some card friends may think I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill, but what I want to say is that vehicle safety or rusty is more than everything. If there is no safety, what we do will be in vain. Of course, in case of fog, the correct way is to stop and avoid risks, but what we need to do is to take preventive measures. While providing safety,rusty and convenience to ourselves, we are also responsible for the safety of other traffic participants.
  •  This is what I have always stressed. We are professional drivers and we should have our own professional ethics standards. Others can look down on us, but we can’t look down on ourselves. We can establish a good image of truck drivers through daily dribs and drabs.
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