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A five-year-old Aowei of Beijing Qindu logistics had an engine backwater fault. The owner said that this situation had occurred five or six times and had not been completely repaired. It was very troublesome. He changed the cylinder head and cylinder gasket. The senior editor of truck home, Lao Niu, the king of overload and Xiao Bian came to the maintenance site to see what the situation was.

Do you think this will be a troubleshooting article? After careful inspection and analysis, find the root of the problem and solve it easily? Then you’re wrong. How could an ordinary car repair experience turn into a tragic theft? Listen to me slowly.

Troubleshooting of Repair

The sun was very hot. When we arrived at the repair shop, the engine was being repaired and the engine cylinder head had been opened.

Looking at the cylinder pad from the outside, the slightly experienced card friends must be able to see that the cylinder pad is exposed, and the fault position is cylinder 1. Since the cylinder head has been replaced, it can be basically concluded that the cylinder barrel is sinking or there are some problems in the quality of cylinder gasket.

At this time, the repairman has to install a new cylinder gasket, but is your method of installing cylinder gasket reliable? It can be seen that the surface of the large cylinder block is covered with glue, which is not desirable in theory.

If the cylinder gasket is damaged, replace it with a new one, but first find out the fault. After inspection, there is no sign of sinking of the cylinder barrel. It is basically determined that it is the quality problem of the cylinder pad. At present, this five-year-old car has retired to the second line. It is a pension to change the cylinder pad and let him continue to move.

Inferior Accessories Are Fake And Cool

Of course, the bad cylinder gasket should also be checked for poor quality. In the early days, the working intensity of the engine was not high, so the old cylinder pads were asbestos, but now the cylinder pads are superimposed by many thin steel sheets. If the processing accuracy is not enough, the thickness of the cylinder pads will be uneven as a whole. Therefore, when selecting this kind of precision accessories, we must choose genuine products instead of being cheap.

After the inspection, the heart cooled a lot. If the angry card friends had already cursed after watching it, the thickness of both sides can be identified by the naked eye. The thickness of the six cylinder side is almost twice that of the one cylinder side.

Ridicule From The Repairman

The old cow asked, “how much is this cylinder pad?” “More than 100” “must be fake. How can the genuine cylinder pad get more than 200, and the better one gets 300!”

At this time, the silent repairman said, “300? The cylinder gasket you use is powerful. It must be foreign? A joint venture between several countries? Four countries! It must not be made in China.”

The old cow, who always spoke frankly, was angry for a moment: “come and have a look at the cylinder pad. Look at the thickness. Do you often install this cylinder pad for others?” “I don’t sell cylinder gasket” “then you’re a repairman. Can you make sure you don’t turn back after installing a new cylinder gasket?” “I can’t guarantee it.” “then what’s the matter with us using the cylinder pad well? We don’t give you less money? You mean we’re wronged? People are stupid and have more money?” The repairman didn’t retort.

The repairman did it on purpose? In fact, he has no bad heart. He has worked for so many years and has rich experience, but his concept of genuine goods is too poor.

The Door Was Smashed And All The Certificates Were Lost

In order to buy genuine accessories, Niu called Xichai service station, which gave several local service stations in Beijing. The service station said that the service station in Beijing did not have this type of cylinder pad, so we planned to look elsewhere.

As the saying goes, misfortunes never come singly. When we went to drive, we saw this scene. The glass of the car on the left was smashed and the bag in the car was gone. Kayou’s faulty car was parked on one side of the road. After we got off, we parked the car on the other side. The road was less than 10 meters wide. Because it was an old car and there was no alarm, the glass was smashed in public.

Xiaobian’s camera has never been lost, but the old cow and the overload King’s bag are in the car. The ID card, bank card, driver’s license and some money inside are all gone. It’s a small thing that the money is gone, but it takes a lot of time to deal with those certificates again. At this time, I saw that brother Niu’s face was full of a word. What word do you think!

After A Long Time Of Filing A Case, The Car Was Exposed To The Sun For 3 Hours

Although I knew that the alarm could not solve the problem, I thought it over and handed it over to the police. After collecting some relevant data, I went to the police station. First of all, the car didn’t get out of the way, so I had to park outside. The car had no glass, and I guarded it outside. Niu and they took notes. Then the notes were made for three hours, and Xiao Bian waited outside for three hours, When I finished, it was more than 4 p.m., and then I fell asleep in the car. Finally, I asked, “which is the best glass technology?”


Do you want something cheap or expensive? Greed for cheap will lead to such a situation. Although expensive goods are not necessarily genuine, cheap goods must be fake. If the engine is turned back four or five times, it will not only pay high repair costs, but also delay the time and fail to pull the goods, and the loss will be immeasurable.

In fact, this incident can reflect the current situation of truck drivers. They are plagued by fake parts, the repairman has no sense of authenticity, the service station is unreliable, the car is stolen, and the efficiency of relevant departments is poor. They are full of tears. Although Xiaobian has never been a truck driver, he has experienced the bitterness of card friends. He can’t say a thousand words. Let old Niu them cry first.

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