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As we all know, due to the efficiency of the internal combustion engine, there is a lot of waste heat generated when the truck is working. In order to ensure that the engine is at the ideal working temperature, engineers have equipped the engine with a series of cooling systems. We have divided these cooling units into truck cooling systems and interior comfort cooling systems according to their services, which we will discuss in detail below.

What is a radiator?

An automobile water tank, also known as the radiator, it is the main component of an automobile cooling system; its function is to dissipate heat and realize the effect of heat dissipation and temperature adjustment. It is an important part of the engine, which can absorb the heat of the cylinder block and prevent the engine from overheating.



  1. As we all know, it uses cold air to lower the temperature of the coolant coming from the engine inside it. It has two main components, a radiator panel consisting of a small flat tube, and an overflow tank (at the top, bottom or sides of the radiator panel). It both for water storage and cooling role, in the truck radiator cover with air vapor valve, and a common air hole with the atmosphere. 
  2. When the water temperature rises, the truck radiator cooling water expansion and produce water vapor pressure rises, the steam valve is beaten withering gas; when the water temperature falls, the pressure falls, the air valve open, the outside air will enter the radiator from this public air hole, so as to ensure that the pressure inside the radiator remains unchanged.


  • There are two main types of it: aluminum and copper. The former is used in general passenger trucks and the latter is used in large commercial vehicles. At present, most trucks use aluminum materials.
  • Because the specific heat capacity of water is large, the temperature rises not much after absorbing the heat of the cylinder block, so the heat of the engine passes through the liquid circuit of cooling water. Use water as a heat carrier to conduct heat, and then dissipate heat by convection through a large-area radiating fin to maintain the proper operating temperature of the engine.


In the truck cooling system, the main components of it , which include the radiator core, water inlet chamber, water outlet chamber, and the main piece. The structure of it core is mainly in the form of pipe belt type and tube sheet type two categories. 

  • Tube with the it is made of corrugated radiator tape and cooling tubes arranged between the welded, like louvers, heat sink belt also has a small hole to disturb the airflow, used to destroy the flow of air in the radiator tape on the surface of the adhesion layer, increase the heat dissipation area, improve the ability to dissipate heat. 
  • The tube radiator core is composed of many thin cooling tubes and heat sinks, cooling tubes are mostly used in flat circular cross-sections, in order to reduce air resistance, and increase the heat transfer area.

In short, the requirements of the radiator core are still very strict, to have a large enough area, both to facilitate the passage of coolant, but also to facilitate the circulation of as much air as possible, and also must maximize the benefits of heat dissipation.


The hose of the engine radiator will be aging after long-term use, and it is easy to break, and water can easily enter the it. The hose ruptures during driving. The high-temperature water sprayed out will form a large cloud of water vapor from under the hood. When this happens, stop at a safe place immediately and take emergency measures to solve it.To ensure driving safety.

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