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Radiator Maintenance And Daily Maintenance


Most of the automobiles engine use water cooling devices to dissipate heat. The water cooling system of the engine is mainly composed of radiator maintenance a water pump, a radiator, a cooling fan, a thermostat, an engine body and a water jacket in the cylinder head.

Truck water tank is also called radiator. As an important component of radiator maintenance water-cooled engine, it can absorb the heat of the cylinder block to maintain the proper working temperature of the engine.


Daily maintenance of Radiator Maintenance :

  1. A common phenomenon is that the radiating fins on the engine radiator are curled, or there are impurities in the middle that cause poor heat dissipation and cause high engine temperatures. If it is a small curl, can use a screwdriver to straighten the heat sink. When the radiator is cleared with a water gun, it is adjusted to spray water in a mist, and a neutral cleaning agent is used to clean the radiator water tank.
  2. The water tank bracket is loose,Usually pay more attention to whether the fixing bolts between the various parts of the radiator are loose. Once they are found to be loose, they should be reinforced immediately. If they are not checked at ordinary times, it is easy to appear loose, and the looseness of the bracket is likely to cause its wear and tear.
  3. The inside of the radiator is dirty and the coolant flow is not smooth,If the radiator maintenance cooling radiator is used for too long time, the inside of the radiator will become very dirty. Always use radiator cleaners from regular manufacturers when cleaning.
  4. Check the antifreeze regularly and fill it up in time when the liquid level drops. Do not use tap water to replace the antifreeze, because the boiling point of water is 100°C, and the boiling point of antifreeze is generally above 130°C.
  5. Check whether the thermostat works normally. If the thermostat cannot be opened in time according to the design requirements, it must be replaced with new parts immediately. If it is too late to replace the new parts, the thermostat can be temporarily removed, and the faulty thermostat must not be installed on the vehicle for use.
  6. Pay attention to the change of the water temperature meter at any time while driving. The normal water temperature is generally around 90 °C. If the electronic fan does not start on time when the water temperature reaches the red line of the meter, it must be stopped immediately to cool down. Check whether the electronic fan is stuck or burned out, and then radiator maintenance drive on the road after troubleshooting, so as to prevent the water pipe or water tank from bursting.

Summary of radiator maintenance :

If the engine water tank is used for too long, there will be leakage or blockage due to corrosion and other reasons. Therefore, if the water tank is of no repair value, replace it with a new water tank as soon as possible to avoid engine failure caused by high temperature. So,radiator maintenance and daily maintenance is very important.

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