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The crankshaft is the most important moving part in the engine. Its function is to form a crank connecting rod mechanism with the connecting rod. The pressure generated by the combustion chamber drives the piston to move up and down, and the crankshaft is rotated by the connecting rod to provide a source of power for the engine’s work. The rotation of the crankshaft is also the source of power for the entire mechanical system.

Generally speaking,the common problems of crankshafts are: Main bearing wear, bending and torsional deformation and cracks, so the crankshaft should be tested regularly. Once the wear value of the main bearing clearance exceeds the normal range, the crankshaft itself is deformed or cracked, etc. Change the main beaing sor repair of the crankshaft has ensured the service life of the crankshaft.


2.Radiator/Water tank

The radiator belongs to the cooling system of the vehicle. The radiator in the engine water cooling system is composed of three parts: the water inlet/outlet chamber, the main piece and the radiator core.To avoid overheating of the engine, the components around the combustion chamber (cylinder liners, cylinder heads, valves, etc.) must be properly cooled.And the radiator ca do this.It is responsible for the cooling of the circulating water.

At present, the water pipes and fins of the radiators of Sinotruk are mostly made of aluminum,Water-cooled aluminum radiator,and the heat dissipation effect is better.But in terms of the materials, the metals are not resistant to corrosion, so they should avoid contact with corrosive solutions such as acids and alkalis to avoid damage and blockage.

The aging, rupture and leakage of hoses are common failures, so once such a similar failure occurs, you must choose a safe place to stop, and then take emergency measures to solve it, such as adding soft water. If the hose is slightly leaking, can use adhesive tape to adhere. At the position of the joint, maybe can cut off the leaking part and re-tighten it with iron wire. If the fault is serious, you must call the rescue phone for emergency rescue to ensure driving safety.

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