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How To Installation and Maintenance of Truck Engine Parts
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Door/master lock operation (When you are outside the vehicle) How to open door

  • Option 1: Insert key ① into keyhole, turn it counter-clockwise (clockwise at  co-driver’s side) to unlock,  pull handle②  to open the
  • Option 2: Press unlock button of remote key to unlock all  doors, pull handle  ②  and  open the

How to lock door

  • Option 1: Close  the door  with suitable force, insert  key

turn  it clockwise  (counter-clockwise  on co-driver’s side) to lock.

  • Option 2: Close the door with suitable force, press lock button of remote control key to lock all

Door/Master lock operation (When you are in vehicle)

How to open door

  • Option 1: When the door is closed and locked, press  lower  right button “A” on rockerswitch

the door is unlocked,  simply pull handle ② to  open

  • Option 2: When the door is closed and locked, press unlock button on remote key to unlock  all  doors,pull handle ② to  op

How to lock door

  • Option 1: Close the door with  suitable  force, press lower  left button “B” onrocker switch ① to  lock all 
  • Option 2: Close the door with proper force, press lock button  on remote key to lock all

Keep key barcode

  • Remote keys and/or conventional keys are available depending on models. The barcode on key plastic pendant is used for distributor or dealer to make  additional  key.

    You  are  advised to well  keep the barcode.


How to open window in part or in all

  • Turn  key to turn  ignition switch to
  • Pressupper end “C” of button ①-dr(ivderirv’sers’sidsei)d.e) or
  • Press and hold the upper end less than two seconds, wind down glass; move your  finger away,  stop

Press and hold the upper end more than two seconds, wind  glass  to  bottom. Re-press or lift the  upper end to stop   winding

How to close window in part or in all

  • Liftupper end “C” of button -①dri(vderirv’sers’sidsei)d. e) o
  • Lift upper end less than two seconds, wind up glass; move your finger away,  stop
  • Lift the upper end more than two seconds, wind glass to Re-lift or press the  upper end to stop winding.


  • Check mirror angle  and adjust  it when
  • Clean the  mirror if
  • Userocker switch ②-antgoles)elemcirtr(orer atorvbieewa/wdjiudset
  • Use rocker switch ④ to  select left/right 
  • Use button ③mirtroorf.front/rear/left/right  turn

Mirror Turning Switch

  • Press one  of  four  arrows  of  switch ③mirrtoor tutor one  of  four directions:

Turn the mirror left/right Turn  mirror up/down

  • Move  your finger away,  the switch  returns  to the original
  • The mirror stops moving  in event of any  of following:

Both mirror selection switch and left/right switch at the neutral position; or the Ignition switch is not at  ON.


  • The Mirror heating device works only when ignition  switch  is  turned  to
  • Turn  on the heating  device when the mirror is iced or

The heating device fails when the voltage is lower than 23V; it is not automatically turned on when the voltage becomes normal. Turn the ignition switch to ON again,  the voltage becomes normal,  the heating device begins to work.

How to turn on mirror heating device

  • Turn  ignition  switch to
  • Presslower end “C”  of switch ①to turn on heating   The heating indicator  is ON at the time.

How to turn off heating device

  • Re-press lower end “C”  switch ① wh
  • The heating device is automatically turned off 15 minutes after the defroster is turned
  • The ignition switch  is no longer at

Manually Adjust Mirror

  • Manually  adjust the  mirror only when  the vehicle  is
  • Adjust the  mirror when  the lock is
  • Wind down window  glass, press side of mirror to suitable  

You  may try several times till the mirror  is turned  to suitable   angle.


  • Ventilator  ① is defrosted air

See “A/C Air Outflow Mode” for control of windshield heat-up. Press the “Mode” key, select defrost mode, press defrosts key, and turn on windshield heat-up mode. Re-press the key, and exit the mode.


  • Store in-cabin stuff in a parcel tray,  but do not put a heavy objects into it.

  • The opening of the glove compartment is shown in the right photo.

  • A toolbox is available on each side of the cabin.Use  your  finger  to  push the snap switch

  • When turned up over 20°, the cover may stay at any position with the support of an air spring.


  • Driver’s side: for vehicle control and information display.

  • Middle and co-drivers side: parcel tray and glove compartment.

Adjust Cab Roof Deflector

  • The cab roof deflector (optional) consists of a roof shroud, two side fenders and  two  side baffles.

    Correctly installed  roof shroud and  baffles help to reduce fuel   consumption.

    ① height-adjustable shroud ② left fender ③ right fender ④ left baffle ⑤ right baffle


  • Be aware of risk of
  • Stand on suitable platform with sufficient adhesion to adjust the
  • Adjust  shroud height not over the allowed vehicle
  • Keep goods being transported on low-bed trailer or train lowbed not higher than the
  • Re-adjust cab roof deflector when necessary on international road and observe the local law and
  • Maintain left side and right side of cab roof deflector at same
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