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How Many Engine Cylinder Pulling Symptoms.Are There In Your Car

Mentioning the word “cylinder pulling”, I don’t know how many card friends will tremble for it, because it means that the day of “massive bleeding” is coming again. Literally, cylinder pulling refers to the abnormal sticking and melting marks of cylinder wall, piston and piston ring. It is the general name of cylinder failure. So, what are the pulling symptoms of engine cylinder ? How should we maintain it?

pulling symptoms

Four manifestations of engine cylinder pulling symptoms

  •  During a routine maintenance, only the piston rings of the first cylinder and the third cylinder were replaced. Within a few days, the engine power was not as good as that before maintenance, and there was oil consumption at the same time.
  • The driver self reports that there is no lack of oil and water in use and is not responsible for the cylinder pulling of the engine; However, it was found that the car oil warning light was on and oil was added.
pulling symptoms
  •  The repair department believes that there is no cylinder boring, piston replacement and piston pin in the repair, but only the replacement of piston ring. It will not affect the fit clearance between the cylinder and the piston. As for the cylinder pulling symptoms , the most likely reason is the material problem of the piston ring; The material and accessories Department supplying the piston ring believes that. Piston rings are purchased from authentic manufacturers, and there is no quality problem;
  •  Except for the cylinder, the connecting rod and crankshaft bearing are not damaged.
    Preliminary inspection of four sets of pistons and cylinder liners: the top of the cylinder piston is severely ablated, the first and second piston rings are stuck in the piston ring groove, the metal residue after piston ablation is bonded at the top dead end of the cylinder, there are serious blue cylinder pulling marks on the cylinder wall, and there are no abnormalities in the pistons and cylinder liners of other cylinders.
  • From the above signs, it can be determined that the engine is cylinder pulling symptoms.

What factors can easily lead to engine cylinder pulling symptoms?

There are many factors leading to engine cylinder pulling symptoms, but the cooling efficiency of engine cooling system, the quantity and quality of engine oil, and the working performance of supply system often cause fatal damage to the engine. Therefore, here we mainly analyze and discuss the phenomenon of engine cylinder pulling from three aspects: high engine water temperature, poor operation of lubrication system and poor operation of fuel supply system.

pulling symptoms
  • The engine water temperature is too high, resulting in cylinder pulling
    When the diesel engine is working, the normal temperature of cooling water should be kept at 80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃. At this time, the diesel engine can produce the maximum power, the fuel consumption is the most economical, and the wear of parts is not large. If the temperature of cooling water is too high, the strength, elasticity and wear resistance of metal parts of diesel engine will decrease under the action of high temperature for a long time; At the same time, the high temperature makes the parts expand and deform, which seriously affects the normal clearance of the mating parts and even gets stuck.
    The excessive expansion of the piston, coupled with the deterioration of lubrication conditions, is the root cause of piston cylinder pulling symptoms. The main causes of poor cooling water quality of the engine (1) insufficient air volume (4) insufficient cooling water quality of the engine (2) insufficient cooling system.
  •  Cylinder pulling caused by poor operation of engine lubrication system
    When the diesel engine is working, the lubrication system is to form oil film on the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner, piston pin and pin seat, shafts and bearings, timing gear and other parts, so as to realize liquid friction and achieve the purposes of reducing friction resistance, cleaning contact surface, heat dissipation and cooling, sealing and anti-corrosion. Generally, the engine has two lubrication modes: pressure lubrication and splash lubrication pulling symptoms. Some parts requiring high lubrication reliability adopt pressure lubrication, such as crankshaft bearing and connecting rod bearing. Other parts requiring low lubrication reliability, such as piston and cylinder, are splash lubricated.
pulling symptoms
  • If the lubrication system of the engine works poorly, the surface of the accelerating parts can not be lubricated, so that the parts are burned in a high temperature state, the bearing bush is burned, the shaft is held and the cylinder is pulled. Therefore, the lubricating oil is very important to the operation of the engine, and a slight carelessness will reduce the service life of the engine. The main causes of cylinder pulling caused by poor operation of the lubrication system are: (1) insufficient oil volume of the engine oil (2) deterioration of the engine oil (3) too low viscosity of the engine oil (4) too high temperature of the engine oil.
  •  Cylinder pulling caused by poor operation of engine fuel supply system
    The function of the fuel supply system of diesel engine is to inject diesel into the combustion chamber regularly, quantitatively and at constant pressure according to a certain injection law, with good atomization quality, and make it quickly and well mixed with the high-temperature and high-pressure air in the combustion chamber, burn and expand while mixing, and discharge the waste gas after combustion in time.
  • The poor operation of the fuel supply system generally has no direct impact on the crankshaft bearing and connecting rod bearing, because they are far away from the heat source and are cooled by the oil. Practice has proved that as long as the oil is sufficient, the poor operation of the fuel supply system will not cause the burning of tiles and shafts, but will cause rough operation, black smoke and overheating of parts. When it is serious, it often burns the top of the piston.
pulling symptoms
  • Tips for daily vehicle maintenance for pulling symptoms
  1.  During vehicle maintenance, it should be noted that the oil with appropriate viscosity should be selected according to the temperature of the current season. For example, users in Northeast China can use 15w-40 oil in summer and 10W-30 oil in winter. The oil with this viscosity has good low-temperature fluidity and can provide a good lubrication condition for the engine.
  2.  In daily driving, high-quality diesel oil from regular gas stations shall be installed to avoid filling inferior diesel oil. At the same time, the diesel filter element should be replaced regularly. When purchasing the filter element, the genuine filter element must be purchased, and the water should be drained regularly to make the engine “drink” clean diesel. If the injector is unfortunately caught, you need to go to a regular repair unit for professional maintenance.
  3.  Check whether the intake system of the engine is normal, especially for vehicles with intercooler. Check whether there are sundries blocking the intercooler radiator, which reduces the heat dissipation capacity of the intercooler. If the blockage is serious, it needs to be disassembled and cleaned to restore the heat dissipation capacity and reduce the intake temperature of the engine.
  • Engine cylinder pulling symptoms, how many are in your car? I hope that after reading this article, you can make a clear judgment on the condition of your vehicle, so as to maintain and replace it in time, so as to avoid more serious situations.
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