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Hot Selling Types Of Weichai Engines

  • We specialize in providing Weichai engines for Sinotruk vehicle models, including the WD615 series and WP10 series, both of which are widely used in Sinotruk heavy-duty trucks. The WD615 is a six-cylinder diesel engine with power outputs of up to 371 horsepower, while the WP10 is a turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine with power outputs of up to 480 horsepower.
  • Both engines are known for their high power, low fuel consumption, and reliable performance, making them ideal for use in Sinotruk’s range of commercial vehicles.These are just some of our engines, if you want to know more about our products first, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Weichai WD615 Engine

Weichai WD615 Engine

The Weichai WD615 engine comes in various models, including the WD615.30, WD615.31, WD615.33, WD615.38, WD615.44, WD615.46, and WD615.50. With a maximum power of up to 380 horsepower and six cylinders, it delivers reliable performance for heavy-duty applications.

Weichai Wd618 Engine

Weichai WD618 Engine is a 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a total displacement of 9.726 liters and a maximum output power of 220 horsepower. It can be widely used in heavy-duty trucks, buses, engineering machinery and other vehicles or mechanical equipment. It has strong power, fuel economy, high reliability and other characteristics.

Weichai WP6 Engine

Weichai WP6 series engines have a power range of 92-176kW. They are mainly used in heavy-duty equipment such as 160-200mm drill rigs and 500-600CFM screw air compressors. With high reliability, these engines have been widely recognized for their superior performance and fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice for heavy-duty equipment in the construction and industrial sectors
WP10 Engine

Weichai WP10 Engine

The Weichai WP10 Engine series features a range of models, including the WP10.310N, WP10.336N32, WP10.270NE31, WP10.270E41, WP10.340NE32, WP10.310NE32, WP10.310, WP10.300, WP10.375E41, and WP10.300NE31. These engines have six cylinders with a displacement of up to 9.726 liters and a maximum power of 374 horsepower, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.
Weichai WP12 Engine

Weichai WP12 Engine

The Weichai WP12 is a member of the Weichai Blue Power series. It has a power range of 316-360kW and a maximum torque of 2300N.m, which meets the National VI emission standard. Equipped with advanced combustion technology and control system, the engine features lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and higher reliability, providing a robust support for the power of heavy-duty vehicles.
Weichai Marine Engine 495

Weichai Marine Engine 495

Weichai Marine Engine 495 is a type of marine diesel engine manufactured by Weichai Group, with a displacement of 4.95 liters and a power range of 55-80kW. This engine is designed with advanced technology and features high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low noise, and low emissions.

All Types Of Weichai Engines

WP8 series engines for tractor trucks
WP8 series engines
WP9H series engines for tractor trucks
WP9H series engines
WP10H series engines for towing
WP10H series engines
WP10.5H series engines for towing
WP10.5H series engines
WP12 series engines for towing vehicles
WP12 series engines
WP11H series engines for towing
WP11H series engines
WP12NG series engines for towing
WP12NG series engines
WP13NG series engines for towing
WP13NG series engines
WP13 series engines for towing vehicles
WP13 series engines
WP4.1N series engines
WP4.1N series engines
WP7H series engines
WP7H series engines
WP7 series engines
WP7 series engines
WP6H series engines
WP6H series engines
WP4.6N series engines
WP4.6N series engines
WP3N series engines
WP3N series engines
WP2.5N series engines
WP2.3Q series engines
WP2.3Q series engines
WP2.3N series engines
WP2.3N series engines

Three Reasons To Choose Weichai Engine Parts

There are several reasons why one might choose Weichai engine parts. Here are three key reasons:

  1. Superior Quality and Reliability: Weichai is a well-known and trusted brand in the engine industry. They have a long history of producing high-quality engine parts that are known for their durability and reliability. Weichai engines are designed and manufactured using advanced technologies and undergo strict quality control processes to ensure the highest standards are met. Choosing Weichai engine parts provides confidence in the performance and longevity of your engine.
  2. Wide Range of Products: Weichai offers a comprehensive range of engine parts that cater to various industries and applications. Whether you need parts for commercial vehicles, construction machinery, marine vessels, or generators, Weichai has a wide selection to meet your specific needs. The extensive product range ensures that you can find the right parts for your engine, maximizing its efficiency and performance.
  3. Global Support and Service Network: Weichai has established a strong global support and service network to provide assistance and solutions to customers worldwide. This network includes authorized distributors, service centers, and technicians who possess in-depth knowledge of Weichai products. Choosing Weichai engine parts means you can access reliable support and timely assistance wherever you are located, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient maintenance of your engine.
  4. Overall, the combination of superior quality, extensive product range, and global support makes Weichai engine parts a favorable choice for those seeking reliable and efficient engine solutions.

Sinotruk & Weichai Engine Parts

  • In addition to providing Weichai engines for use in Sinotruk trucks, we are also a supplier and manufacturer of Weichai engine parts for Sinotruk. Our range of Weichai engine parts includes pistons, cylinder liners, gasket sets, bearings, and oil pumps, among other components. With our high-quality parts and expertise in engine technology, we help ensure that Sinotruk vehicles perform at their best and remain reliable over their lifespan.
  • Our inventory includes essential items like air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, piston rings, valves and valve seats, belts, spark plugs, injectors, water pumps,engine oil and so on.
  • By choosing Sinotruk Howo Engine Parts, you are choosing nothing but the best for your engine. Trust in our commitment to quality, reliability, and performance. Shop with us today and experience the difference!
Injection Nozzle
Cylinder Head Cover
Exhaust Gasket
Injection Copper Washer
Oil Pan Gasket
Connecting rod
Cylinder Liner
Water pump
Piston ring
Oil pump
Secondary fuel filter
Primary fuel filter
Oil filter element
Flywheel housing
Crankshaft pulley

Instruction guide for some Weichai engine parts

  • To filter out harmful particles and water in the engine fuel gas system to protect oil pump nozzles, cylinder liners, piston rings, etc., reduce wear and avoid blockage.
  • When the diesel engine is working, the diesel oil is filtered by the diesel precipitator after coarse filtration, and then filtered by the special paper filter element in the diesel filter in two stages for oil supply. The filter element material is made of imported filter paper, so it has high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and can filter out some corrosive impurities to reduce the damage of fuel system parts and improve the quality of diesel fuel itself, so as to guarantee the best performance and service life of the engine.
  • Its role is to pump the coolant, so that the coolant in the engine’s cooling water channel fast flows to take away the heat generated by the engine work, to maintain the normal working temperature of the engine.
  • The pump bearing and impeller are driven by the pulley to rotate, and the coolant in the pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together and is thrown to the edge of the pump shell under the action of centrifugal force while generating a certain pressure, and then flows out from the outlet waterway or water pipe. The pressure at the center of the impeller is reduced because the coolant is thrown out, and the coolant in the water tank is sucked into the impeller through the water pipe under the action of the pressure difference between the pump inlet and the center of the impeller to realize the reciprocal circulation of coolant.

Weichai Engine Parts Catalog

Applicable Models of Weichai Engine Parts

Weichai engines are widely used in various industries, including automotive, construction, agriculture, marine, and power generation. Therefore, there are several applicable models of Weichai engine parts.

Here are some commonly used models:
  1. Weichai WD615: This is a series of medium-duty engines used in trucks, buses, and construction equipment. It includes models such as WD615.46, WD615.47, and WD615.67.
  2. Weichai WP10: This is a series of heavy-duty engines used in heavy trucks, mining equipment, and power generators. It includes models such as WP10.336, WP10.375, and WP10.380.
  3. Weichai WP12: This is another series of heavy-duty engines used in heavy trucks, construction machinery, and power generation. It includes models such as WP12.375, WP12.430, and WP12.460.
  4. Weichai WD10: This is a series of engines used in agricultural machinery, such as tractors and combine harvesters. It includes models such as WD10.275, WD10.290, and WD10.308.
  5. Weichai WP4: This is a series of engines used in light trucks, pickups, and small construction machinery. It includes models such as WP4.1Q100E40, WP4.1Q100E50, and WP4.1Q100E60.
  • These are just a few examples of applicable models of Weichai engine parts. We are a reliable supplier specializing in heavy truck parts, and when looking for Weichai engine parts, we can provide you with the most accurate information about the availability and compatibility of spare parts for specific Weichai engine parts models, so please feel free to ask.

Packing of Weichai Engine Parts

When packing Weichai Engine Parts, it is essential to ensure that they are properly protected to prevent any damage during transportation.

Here are some steps to pack Weichai Engine Parts effectively:
  1. Clean the parts: Before packing, make sure to clean the Weichai Engine Partsthoroughly, removing any dirt, grease, or debris. This will help maintain the quality of the parts during transit.
  2. Use appropriate packaging materials: Select suitable packaging materials to protect the Weichai Engine PartsConsider using sturdy cardboard boxes, foam inserts, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to cushion and secure the parts.
  3. Wrap individual parts: Wrap each Weichai Engine Partsseparately with bubble wrap or foam padding to provide extra protection against impacts and vibrations. This will prevent any scratching or potential damage caused by friction.
  4. Consider organizing parts: If there are multiple Weichai Engine Parts, we will systematically organize them. We will use small plastic bags or compartments inside the packaging to keep the parts separate and avoid entanglement or potential damage due to contact.
  5. Use proper sealing: Once the parts are securely placed inside the packaging, ensure the boxes are properly sealed to prevent any accidental opening or shifting of the contents during transit. Use strong packing tape to seal all the edges and corners of the box.
  6. Label the packages: Clearly label the packaging with appropriate shipping labels, including the recipient’s address, contact information, and any other relevant details.
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