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Sinotruk Gearbox & Howo Transmission Parts

The HW series sinotruk gearbox is a new type of transmission developed by China Sinotruk. for 6 years, specifically for Chinese users.

What are the types of Sinotruk Gearboxes?


Features & Advantages of Sinotruk Transmission

The main box double countershaft structure: the symmetrically arranged double countershafts balance the radial forces on the input shaft and the gears on the main shaft. The input shaft and the main shaft only bear the torque without bending deformation; the intermediate bearing is subject to bending moment reduction Small 1/2, small bending deformation, good gear meshing condition.

Sub-box planetary mechanism: This mechanism has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, large transmission ratio and high efficiency. Since one sun gear meshes with 5 planetary gears at the same time, the bearing capacity is greater.

The sun gear and ring gear of the auxiliary box are floating to ensure even loading of the planetary mechanism. The application of the planetary mechanism of the auxiliary box and the rigid support of the output shaft’s large-span moment bearing ensure the support rigidity of the output shaft, which greatly increases the life of the auxiliary box gear and effectively solves the shortcomings of the low life of the auxiliary box of other products.

The mesh sleeve and the corresponding gear spline hole are designed with large chamfers. At the same time, due to the floating of the main shaft and main shaft gear, it can play a certain role in positioning and synchronization. The use of the mesh sleeve reduces the failure rate of the main box.

When the shift fork shaft of the auxiliary box range is not in place, the interlocking plate gets into trouble under the action of the shift fork shaft, so that the main box shift fork shaft is locked in the neutral position. Then push the lock plate, so that the main box can be shifted to the fork shaft, and then connected to each other to be blocked as needed.

Self-locking structure

The self-locking device of the operating mechanism traditionally uses a steel ball self-locking structure, which is easy to wear. The transmission adopts a sector-shaped self-locking block and a self-locking pin shaft for self-locking, and uses a sector-shaped self-locking block and a housing to limit the position.

Interlocking structure

Interlocking is achieved by using an interlocking fork. When in a certain gear neutral position, only the shift block of the gear is aligned with the groove of the interlock fork, and the shift block on the other shift fork shaft is just blocked by the inner wall of the interlock fork. , Is locked in the neutral position, so as to achieve interlocking, the interlocking effect is good.

Reverse lock

Structurally, to ensure that the reverse gear is engaged, it is necessary to overcome the greater spring force and the spring force of the high and low gear positioning ring to prevent accidental engagement of the reverse gear.

Double H valve

When the interlocking fork moves with the shift shaft to select the gear, it drives the spherical sliding column of the double H valve to realize the conversion of high and low gears.The adopted double H valve of the new structure effectively solves the defect of high leakage failure rate of the double H valve of other products.

The Price List of Howo Transmission Parts

Howo Transmission Parts

Application of Howo Gearbox

Suitable for all kinds of road transport vehicles, modified vehicles, truck cranes, railway rail cars, especially suitable for complex road conditions, long-term low-speed heavy-duty (in mountainous areas, mines) and other working conditions.
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