Howo truck-The cradle and leading production base of heavy duty
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Howo Truck

The cradle and leading production base of heavy-duty

What are the types of Howo trucks?

Sinotruk mainly produces and sells howo truck, including dump trucks, all kinds of heavy trucks, trucks, light trucks, mining beds, special vehicles (HOWO trailers, HOWO boom trucks), original equipment, axles and support parts, and special vehicles.

Involving SITRAK, HOWO, STEYR, Yellow River, Golden Prince , HOHAN, Ace, FULO and other brands. More than 50% of domestic heavy truck exports are exported.

We have established 22 overseas KD production plants in 14 countries and regions, developed nearly 300 family dealers in more than 90 countries and regions, and have nearly many services and accessories. In addition, in and accessory outlets. In addition, it has obtained the qualification of national foreign project funding and foreign aid material supply among overseas enterprises.

Under the protection of intellectual property rights of CNHTC, 600 patented technologies have obtained national patents.

It is also called Howo tipper truck, It has many types, such as howo 371 dump truck,  howo a7 dump truck,  howo 380 dump truck, howo n7 dump truck, howo t7 dump truck,howo 420 dump truck, howo 380 dump truck, howo 6×4 dump truck and howo 8×4 dump truck. Its cargo box of the dump truck is controlled by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can be dismantled or tilted to a certain angle for self-unloading or horizontal pushing and unloading. 

It is mainly used to transport loose goods in bulk (such as sand, soil, minerals, etc.), or comprehensive goods, mainly used in mines, construction sites, etc. 

It can be divided into special dump trucks, howo trailer dump truck, howo mini dump truck, ordinary dump trucks and howo mining dump trucks.

Howo Tractor Truck

The semi-trailer tractor truck is a commercial vehicle equipped with a special device to tow the semi-trailer. 

The semi-trailer front rests on the tractor truck towing the fifth wheel and the tractor truck rear drive axle withstands a part of the semi-trailer weight.


SITRAK series heavy-duty trucks are localized products of joint-venture brand launched by SINOTRUK on the basis of the original MAN TG technology.

With the B10 life of “1,500,000 km for engine and 1,000,000 km for transmission and axle”, SITRAK establishes a new standard for domestic premium heavy-duty trucks, and with the super-long warranty period of 2-year without mileage limitation.

It sets up a new service benchmark for premium heavy-duty trucks.

Howo Truck Mounted Crane

one of our main mature products which is also named hydraulic truck crane,  mobile crane, truck mounted crane,  lorry-mounted crane, lorry crane, truck with loading crane, truck cargo crane and so on.  It is widely used in various loading and unloading, installation and lifting, especially in the field of outdoor lifting, salvage operation and other narrow places such as station, port, warehouse and construction site, mine, etc.

  • Optional: from 2 ton to 20 ton lifting capacity crane truck
  • Optional: straight arm and folding arm truck crane with or without remote control
  • Optional: howo chasis, high power and speed, great grade ability, high lifting distance, wide working range. 

Howo Cargo Truck

The cargo truck is a self-developed product with its own brand and intellectual property rights. It is a new generation of heavy-duty trucks, using the most advanced manufacturing technology and top-of-the-line design.

It can be divided into flatbed truck, stake truck, dropside truck, box truck and other types. There are also many types of drive systems, including 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4. Its power ranges from 266 horsepower to 420 horsepower.

Howo Prime Mover Truck

Howo Prime Mover Truck is a general large truck or semi-trailer towed by tools between the front and the trunk, that is, the front can be separated from the original trunk and tow other trunk, and the trunk can also be separated from the original head and towed by other heads. 

The front with driving capacity is called a HowoTractor Truck, and the rear without driving capacity is called a trailer. The trailer is dragged by the Howo Prime Mover Truck. 

It is often used for the transportation of a large number of goods in or between workshops, such as the transportation from warehouse to assembly line in automobile manufacturing industry and baggage transportation in airport.

Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

A special truck is used to transport concrete for construction; because of its shape, howo mixer truck often called a snail truck. This type of truck is equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete. During transportation, the mixing drum will always be kept rotating to ensure that the carried concrete will not solidify.

After the concrete is transported, the interior of the mixing drum is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying space and make the volume of the mixing drumless and less.

Howo Sewage Suction Truck

Sinotruk Howo Suction Sewage Truck; Howo Sewage Suction Tanker Truck; Howo Sewage Truck Manufacturers.

Sinotruk howo 14CBM vacuum sewage suction tanker truck is available in our factory and is mainly used for municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial waste, and are used for non-toxic, non corrosive and non industrial radioactive waste collection and transportation. The hydraulic drive and electronic program controller control is more accurate and with reliable performance.

Howo Fuel Tanker Truck

Approved by the state, National Engineering and Research Center of Heavy Duty Truck was unveiled at SINOTRUK in 2009 and has ever since played a vital role in development, demonstration, popularization…

The Oil Tank Truck is also called mobile fuel trucks, computer refueling vehicle, oil tanker, tanker loading oil, pulling oil, oil truck, or edible oil transport vehicle, mainly for oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil) transportation and storage.

Howo Garbage Compactor Truck

Sinotruk HOWO provides a series of garbage compression trucks for safe and efficient garbage collection. The excellent performance in loading, compaction, and transportation will surely meet your needs.

Make the collection process simple and efficient, and make after-loading garbage trucks very popular among customers all over the world.

Howo Rescue Fire Truck

The rescue fire truck, also known as the fire engine, is specially used for fire or other emergency using vehicles.

Fire engines can be classified according to the functions of water tank fire truck, foam fire truck, agricultural fire truck, fire fighting and sprinkling truck and other special using vehicles. Fire engines usually stationed at the fire station, met the alarm by firemen to drive the scene. SINOTRUK HOWO series rescue fire truck chassis modified liquid carrying capacity of 8 tons, 12 tons, 16, 25, and 31 tons of water tankers, foam fire truck and other products.

Which can choose all kinds of Brand, Such as HOWO, Golden Prince, HOWO A7, Hohan, Engine power have 266HP, 290HP, 336HP, 371HP and so on.

Howo Light Truck

HOWO 8Ton Light dump truck 4×2, Euro Ⅲ, 2080 extend cabin; HOWO 12Ton Light dump truck 4×2, Euro Ⅲ, 2080 extend cabin; HOWO Light Van truck 4×2, Euro II,2080 single row cabin; HOWO 8T Light Van truck 4×2 with Hydraulic tailgate; HOWO 5T Light cargo truck 4×2,Euro II,2080 single row cabin; HOWO 2Ton Light cargo truck 4×2, Euro II, 1880 extend cabin; HOWO Light Warehouse truck 4×2,Euro II,2080 single row cabin; HOWO 10Ton Light cargo truck 4×2, Euro II,2080 extend cabin.

Semi Trailer

The semi-trailer is characterized by optimized design through the use of advanced computer-aided design software, achieving intelligence and versatility. As a heavy-duty vehicle, it is equipped with a heavy-bearing frame that can meet user requirements for various special transportation.

Need an efficient transport plane to transport machinery and equipment, large cargo, road construction equipment, storage tanks, factory equipment or other equipment, this product may be your ideal choice!

Concrete Pump Truck

SINOTRUK T5G Concrete Mixer Pump Truck is suitable for agitating and transiting concrete, for construction site, road repairing and some other infrastructure construction business. Concrete Howo mixer truck is optimization of body structure, special mold production, beautiful appearance, concrete mixing, discharge uniformity, low rate of residual. Cost-effective concrete mixer truck with competive price is your best choice.

Howo Water Tank Truck

Howo Water Tank Truck(Tank Truck Manufacturers), a special vehicle designed to carry water. Tank vehicles are widely used in sanitation, oil transport and chemical product transport.
Sprinkler vehicles, also known as spray trucks or multifunctional green sprinkler trucks. Used for urban roads, large factories, troops, gardens and other units to clean the road, sanitation, dust control, watering, spraying pesticides, etc., in order to achieve the role of beautifying the environment. Also can be used for temporary emergency fire sprinkler.

HOWO Mining Dump Truck

All products produced by sinotruk are famous for overload, firmness, tenacity and reliability. HOWO mining dump truck perfectly interprets the above characteristics. It is the strongest series and is widely used in various mines. We named them HOWO mine king and HOWO mine warrior, and their loading capacity ranged from 30 to 90 tons.

Howo Van Truck

Howo Van Truck

With its overwhelming technical and market advantages in the heavy truck industry, China National Heavy Duty Truck has achieved considerable sales results at home and abroad, exporting its products to more than 90 countries

Howo Special Truck

Hawo special trucks include Hawo military trucks and Hawo sprinklers

Approved by the state, the National Engineering Technology Research Center of Heavy Duty Truck was inaugurated in 2009 in China National Heavy Duty Truck, and has since played an important role in research and development, demonstration and promotion…

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