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Sinotruk Howo Truck Electrical Parts

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Introduction of Sinotruk Howo Truck Electrical Parts:

  • When it comes to electrical parts, Sinotruk Howo trucks are equipped with a comprehensive range of components that ensure the smooth functioning of the electrical system. Common electrical parts found in Sinotruk Howo trucks include the alternator, starter motor, battery, wiring harness, fuse and relay, sensors, lighting system, and switches and controls. These components work together to provide electrical power, initiate engine combustion, distribute power and signals, protect the electrical system, gather critical data, ensure visibility and safety, and allow the driver to operate different electrical functions. To maintain the proper functioning of the electrical system, it is recommended to use genuine Sinotruk Howo electrical parts or consult a certified technician for maintenance and repairs.
Sinotruk Howo Truck Electrical Parts

Why Choose Our Truck Electrical Parts?

Traction power supply system refers to the power supply mode of electric energy required for the transportation of traction vehicles. The traction power supply system refers to the whole power supply system that the railway introduces 220 (110) KV power supply from the local area, depressurizes it to 27.5 KV through the traction substation, and sends it to the electric locomotive.

Advantages and disadvantages of traction power supply

Advantages of traction power supply

The advantages of electric traction in electrified railway transportation are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
  1. Electric traction can save energy and comprehensively utilize energy
  2. Electric traction can improve the traction weight of the train and the running speed of the train
  3. High braking power of electric traction and high safety during operation
  4. Low cost of electrified railway transportation
  5. Electric traction is easy to realize automation. The use of advanced science and technology is conducive to improving working conditions and environmental protection

Disadvantages of traction power supply

The disadvantages of electric traction in electrified railway transportation are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
  1. The capital construction investment is large.
  2. There are some unfavorable factors for the power system.
    Because the traction power supply is a single-phase load, it will produce large negative sequence current and negative sequence voltage in the power system, and the power factor of electric locomotive is low, and the higher harmonic content will cause adverse effects on the power system.
  3. It will cause certain electromagnetic interference to the communication lines near the railway.
  4. The catenary needs to be powered off for maintenance, and a certain skylight time is required in the train diagram, during which the train will stop running.

Application of Truck Electrical Parts

Some of the Sinotruk truck types where electrical parts are applicable include:

  1. Sinotruk Howo: The Howo series is one of the most well-known and widely used truck models by Sinotruk. It includes various heavy-duty truck types such as Howo A7, Howo T7, Howo 70, and Howo 50. Electrical parts are essential for the proper functioning of these trucks’ electrical systems.
  2. Sinotruk Steyr: The Steyr series by Sinotruk includes trucks designed for different purposes, such as cargo transportation and construction. Models like Steyr T5G, Steyr M5G, and Steyr C5B are commonly used in various industries, and electrical parts play a crucial role in ensuring their electrical system operates efficiently.
  3. Sinotruk Hohan: Hohan trucks are designed to meet specific market demands, offering reliable performance and durability. This series includes models like Hohan 4×2, Hohan 6×4, and Hohan 8×4. Electrical parts are integral to the functionality and safety of these trucks.
  4. Sinotruk Sitrak: Sitrak trucks are designed for long-haul transportation and heavy-duty applications. These trucks emphasize advanced technology and high efficiency. The Sitrak series consists of models such as Sitrak C7H, Sitrak C5H, and Sitrak T7H. Electrical parts are vital for the proper operation of their electrical systems and onboard systems.
  • It’s worth noting that Sinotruk offers various truck models and configurations to cater to different transportation and industry requirements. While electrical parts are crucial components across these models, the specific electrical parts and systems may vary based on the truck’s model, year, and specific requirements. We will determine your electrical parts model based on your truck model.

Packing of Truck Electrical Parts

When packing Truck Electrical Parts, it is essential to ensure that they are properly protected to prevent any damage during transportation.

Here are some steps to pack Truck Electrical Parts effectively:
  1. Clean the parts: Before packing, make sure to clean the Truck Electrical Partsthoroughly, removing any dirt, grease, or debris. This will help maintain the quality of the parts during transit.
  2. Use appropriate packaging materials: Select suitable packaging materials to protect the Truck Electrical PartsConsider using sturdy cardboard boxes, foam inserts, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to cushion and secure the parts.
  3. Wrap individual parts: Wrap each Truck Electrical Partsseparately with bubble wrap or foam padding to provide extra protection against impacts and vibrations. This will prevent any scratching or potential damage caused by friction.
  4. Consider organizing parts: If there are multiple Truck Electrical Parts, we will systematically organize them. We will use small plastic bags or compartments inside the packaging to keep the parts separate and avoid entanglement or potential damage due to contact.
  5. Use proper sealing: Once the parts are securely placed inside the packaging, ensure the boxes are properly sealed to prevent any accidental opening or shifting of the contents during transit. Use strong packing tape to seal all the edges and corners of the box.
  6. Label the packages: Clearly label the packaging with appropriate shipping labels, including the recipient’s address, contact information, and any other relevant details.

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