Chassis Parts

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Features of Chassis Parts:

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Four Major Systems Of The Chassis

Why Choose Our Truck Chassis Parts?

1.Truck Under Chassis Parts Component Connecting the Rear Undercarriage and the Body

Truck Under chassis parts component supports and connects the undercarriage and drive system parts on the rear with the vehicle body. The main role of this components is to determine the tire positions and to absorb shocks from the road surface.

2. Approximately 20% Weight Reduction by Pursuit of Ideal Framework

Pursuing the ideal framework within the limits of the available space, we realized weight reduction by approximately 20% compared to the conventional models, without compromising strength and rigidity.
Our parts of truck under chassis components cater to all driver’s whether you have a high-mileage daily commuter or a performance oriented vehicle. These components are designed for direct fit, Improve the ride, comfort and stability of your vehicle for many years to come!

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