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Engine Early Retirement? The Lubrication System Is Not Well Maintained
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6 Precautions And Maintenance Methods For Truck

Trucks inevitably have some faults during long-distance transportation. In order to improve transportation efficiency, card friends often do some preliminary accident troubleshooting or maintenance by themselves. However, the characteristics of high load and high horsepower of trucks also make their risk coefficient double in the process of maintenance. If we ignore the potential safety hazards, it will cause significant losses in personnel and property. 


Precautions of tire bulge

  • It is often heard that the steel wire layer inside the truck tire will break after long-term use. If the tire is not replaced in time, the damage will become more and more serious with the driving of the tire, and finally form a tire bulge. After the bulge is formed, the pressure resistance of the tire will become very uneven. At this time, the tire disassembly and assembly machine should be used to replace the tire in time.

Precautions of carefully use the auxiliary start switch

  • The auxiliary start switch on the truck is a frequently used component during maintenance. However, when shorting the auxiliary start switch, it is necessary to ensure that the transmission is in neutral, otherwise, the truck will move with gear. If there is no driver in the cab during driving, it will cause serious consequences.
  • Although some engine ECUs need to receive the neutral switch signal at present, the neutral switch is still short-circuited in some models, so it is recommended to check the gear when using the auxiliary start switch.

Precautions of there are hidden dangers when the water tank cover is opened at will

  • When the engine is overheated and the heat dissipation efficiency is poor, the water tank will be hot and even the boiler will boil. At this time, avoid immediate flameout (the radiator will stop working after flameout). After finding a safe place to stop, keep the engine idling to fully dissipate heat.
  • Do not open the water tank cover until the temperature of the water tank drops to a safe level, otherwise, the uncooled liquid will be sprayed out. The correct method is to wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, slowly turn on the first switch (about 1 / 4 turn), and open the water tank cover only after the steam pressure is completely released.

Precautions of the correct way to install the tire

  • When installing tires, try to use special tools and operate in a safe environment. Some truck drivers worry that the screws are not firm enough when installing tires, and often fasten them by stepping on the crowbar, which will not only damage the screws, but also hurt the operator when the crowbar bounces back.

Precautions of do not remove the oil pipe joint

  • With the popularization of electronic control engines, the maintenance of engines has become more complex, and the disassembly of oil pipe joints needs to be operated more carefully.
  • When the diesel engine is equipped with high-pressure common rail works, the maximum fuel pressure generated inside can reach more than 2000bar. The pressure generated is equivalent to a car pressing on the fingernail. If you hurt someone, it will have unimaginable consequences. The best way is to disassemble the oil pipe after the engine is completely stopped and the pressure relief is completed.

Precautions of cab lifting shall not be ambiguous

  • When overhauling the engine, clutch and transmission of freight cars, it is often necessary to turn the cab over. When operating, stop the vehicle on a flat road and shift the gear to neutral. During operation, be sure to lift the cab to the bottom, otherwise the locking device will not work and may fall down under the influence of external force. If someone is present at the engine location, irreparable damage will be caused.
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