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The identification methods of counterfeit and shoddy auto parts in the market are as follows
What are the identification methods of auto parts?
Truck Driving Skills
Truck Driving Skills

In winter, frost, fog, rain and snow, low temperature, complex environment, has a greater impact on driving safety.

Drivers should improve the understanding of safe driving in winter, strengthen the learning of winter driving knowledge and skills, so as to prevent freezing, slip, accident prevention, and master the methods to deal with common problems in the process of winter driving.

Do not drive in winter as you would in other seasons.

Winter DaLouie ice, pay attention to tire skid

One obvious change from summer to winter is that road conditions become worse, especially in rain and snow, and roads are prone to ice.The maintenance of tires should pay attention to the removal of stones or debris in the pattern. If there is too much debris in the tread, it will affect the antiskid ability of tires.

By the way, remind everyone that the replacement of the tire must pay attention to the matching of the model.Especially the pattern matching.

Because different tread horizontal and longitudinal anti-skid ability is different, the difference will be more obvious in the frozen section, the vehicle in the emergency braking situation, uneven control difficulty will increase, prone to danger.

In the face of easy slippery sections, many vehicles have changed the anti-skid chain.With the principle of tread, the installation of the anti-skid chain should also pay attention to symmetry, driving out of the ice and snow section should be removed in time to protect tires and save fuel consumption.

Check the brake system

Be sure to check the quality of the brake fluid, whether the pipeline is aging and air leakage phenomenon, whether the drying tank of the air storage cylinder is effective, to prevent the water in the compressed air from freezing the brake pipeline, and check the thickness of the brake pad.

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