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The running-in mileage is about 2000 kilometers, just like a tractor from a factory to a dealer, the running-in period has been completed, so when the car reaches the user, the running-in is almost complete.

But even so, the truck that just arrived at the user still needs to be handled carefully (what about the truck parts).

The average break-in time for trucks is 1500-3000 kilometers.

Generally speaking, running-in objects include all moving parts. But the most important thing is the engine. Of course, the running-in of the gearbox and rear axle is also very important.

1.The keys during the running-in period should be gentle;

2.Avoid stepping on the accelerator to the end;

3.Avoid using the same gear for a long time;

4.Avoid sudden braking;

5.Avoid overload, the best load is 60% to 70% of the standard load;

Battery and switch

Before starting the engine, check whether the main switch of the battery is engaged. Avoid unnecessary engine starting to protect the battery.

If the vehicle is parked for a long time or the electrical system is maintained, the main battery switch should be turned off. Do not disconnect the main switch when the engine is running.

Do not release or remove the battery terminals while the engine is running.

Press the switch

The power supply can be connected to the whole truck by turning the handle ① counterclockwise to the horizontal position on the outside of the battery box.

Disconnect switch

The power to the entire truck can be disconnected by turning the handle ① on the outside of the battery box clockwise to the vertical position.


Do not turn off the key switch while driving, and always set it to “II”.

Before leaving, even for a short time, remove the key.

Set the button to “II”, and the related lights will light up in sequence: position light/brake light/reverse light/rear fog light/work light/front fog light/low beam…the cycle continues.

At the same time, the indicator lights of the instrument will light up one by one, and the pointer of the instrument will swing repeatedly between 0 and MAX, and the information display will switch between “drive display”, “input information display” and “output information display”.

If a system failure is detected, the related failure will flash on the information display (recycle the display to view more failures).

Engine ignition

1: Depress the clutch to the end

2: Turn the key to “III” and the engine starts.

3: Stop turning the key.


The time to turn the key should not exceed 15 seconds. If the starter works for a few seconds and the engine does not start, please check the cause of this failure.

After the check/warning function is completed, the indicator light will go out. Do not start the vehicle until the fault display mark “STOP” on the driver display disappears.

Start the vehicle until the system pressure reaches 0.55 MPa (5.5 bar) or more, the warning light goes out and the alarm buzzer stops sounding, and the air pressure reaches 0.7 MPa (7 bar).

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