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The power steering pump is driven by the engine to convert the low-pressure oil in the oil tank into high-pressure oil and deliver it to the steering control valve.

The main functions are:

1. The power steering pump is the power source of the hydraulic power steering system.

2. Control the internal pressure of the power steering pipeline through the pressure valve to ensure the safety of the steering system;

3. Control the flow of the steering system through the flow control valve to ensure that the driver turns safet when driving.

Common faults are: heavy steering, abnormal noise, oil leakage, steering wheel jitter, poor steering wheel return, etc.

Generally, when encountering the above failures, timely inspection and maintenance are carried out, and the reasons are analyzed, and the following reasons are mainly considered:

1. The oil cup is dirty, the filter is blocked or the oil level in the oil cup is low

2. Large amount of air in the power steering system

3. Whether there is a peculiar goods in the steering system that causes the flow control valve of the steering pump to be stuck and cannot work normally.

4. The steering column connection of the steering pump is loose

5. The sealing of each connecting bolt of the oil pipe is tightly loosened, resulting in leakage of steering fluid, etc.

Therefore, once the vehicle has a steering system failure, the cause should be found in time, and the failure should be eliminated.

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