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It'S Suddenly Boring. What'S Going On?Analysis On The Causes Of Power Deterioration Of Freight Cars

Recently, friends have been posting on the forum that their car was good and suddenly became boring when driving. When they encounter such a problem, they spend fuel and delay the trip. Old drivers who know the car can sometimes solve it by themselves. Some drivers who don’t know can only make do with the trip and go to the repair shop for inspection and maintenance. What’s the reason Why is the vehicle suddenly boring?

There are many factors that cause the vehicle’s power to suddenly weaken during driving, but the common reasons are mainly the following. Here are some faults that are easy to cause power deterioration, so that card users can simply understand the solutions.

Insufficient Air Supply And Insufficient Fuel Combustion In The Cylinder

The problem of the vehicle air intake system is a major reason for the sudden deterioration of the vehicle power. We can follow the air intake system to find out where the fault causes the insufficient air supply of the engine, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion in the cylinder and the sudden deterioration of the truck power.

First, check whether the air pipe is broken or the interface is loose and leaking. If the air inlet pipe leaks, the oxygen supply in the diesel engine cylinder is insufficient and the combustion is insufficient, the power will be reduced. Check the air leakage position. If the interface is loose, fasten the lower interface by yourself. If there is a fracture and the crack hole is relatively small, stick it with adhesive tape first, and then find a professional maintenance factory to replace it.

As the lung of the engine, the air filter plays a very important role. After using the air filter for a period of time, the filter element will be covered with dust in the air, the filtering capacity will decline, hinder the circulation of air, and it is easy to cause the mixture to be too thick, so that the engine does not work normally and the power performance becomes worse. Pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the air filter, and replace it immediately when the filtering effect becomes worse.

Now, both diesel and gasoline engines pay more and more attention to the use of superchargers. Superchargers can improve the intake pressure, increase the intake volume of the engine, and make the fuel burn more fully, so as to improve the power of the engine. If there is a problem with the supercharger, the air supply to the engine decreases and the power decreases.

The supercharger is often in a high-speed and high-temperature working environment. Pay attention to these three problems in daily use:


1. Never leave in a cold car.

2. Do not turn off the engine immediately after driving.

3. The oil and filter must be genuine.

After compressed by the supercharger, the air has high density and high temperature. In order to maintain the stable temperature and pressure of the supercharged air, intercooler is needed to cool down, so as to reduce the engine heat load, improve the air intake and increase the engine power.

During daily driving, due to various factors, such as the use of inferior air filter, pipeline rupture and so on, the interior of the intercooler is very easy to become dirty and blocked. In the above figure, we can see that the intercooler has not paid attention to maintenance for a long time, and a large number of sundries have accumulated in it, which has basically lost its use value.

The Valve Clearance Is Too Small Or The Sealing Is Poor, And The Pressure Relief Air Supply In The Cylinder Is Insufficient

The valve is an important part of the engine. It is responsible for air input and exhaust emission, and detects whether the inlet valve clearance is too small. If the inlet valve clearance is too small, the engine air supply is insufficient, the fuel in the cylinder is insufficient, and the power becomes small. If the valve seal is poor or the clearance is too large, it is easy to cause pressure relief in the cylinder, which will also lead to the decline of vehicle power.

The Diesel Filter Is Blocked And The Fuel Injector Is Worn

Diesel filter is an indispensable and important part of truck. Its main function is to remove sundries in diesel and prevent blockage of common rail system, especially fuel injection nozzle. The good filtration of diesel can effectively reduce wear, ensure the stable operation of the engine and improve the reliability of the engine.

The oil quality in some parts of China is relatively poor. When these diesel fuels are used for a long time, if the water or impurities in the diesel fuel are not filtered, they will wear and tear the plunger couple in the fuel injection nozzle and cause strain. Fuel injector damage will cause engine acceleration instability, weak acceleration, or emission of black smoke and other faults, affecting the normal operation of the vehicle.


There are many reasons for the sudden deterioration of the vehicle’s power during driving. The above article mainly introduces the vehicle’s gas circuit and oil circuit. If card friends encounter such problems during daily driving, they can check these two aspects first, and then go to professional repair for inspection and maintenance. In order to ensure the normal operation of the engine, we must ensure a clean air intake system, and the daily maintenance in this regard must not be careless. 

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