ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog, Front cover, QIJIANG Transmission - SINOTRUK (HOWO) LIMITED
ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog, Transmission housing, QIJIANG Transmission
ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog, Transmission housing, QIJIANG Transmission
ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog, Second shaft assey, QIJIANG Transmission
ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog, Second shaft assey, QIJIANG Transmission
Front cover, QIJIANG Transmission

ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog

ZF5S-150GP (2159003019) Catalog, Front cover, QIJIANG Transmission
Front cover, first shaft, middle shaft, reverse gear shaft assembly
QIJIANG Transmission Gearbox
12159302007Front cover1
17636015110Bolt M10 * 20 T49 N.M15
18636015120Bolts M10 * 25 T49 N.M1
19630310111Front cover plugging cover1
21734310110First shaft oil seal1
281269202104Pump assembly1
32730102503Adjusting pads A0.501
730102504Adjusting pads A0.60
730102505Adjusting pads A0.70
730103804Adjusting pads A0.80
357217Tapered roller bearings 85 * 150 * 30.51
37635470012Cylindrical pin 7 * 71
402159302006The first shaft1
631292303004Middle shaft1
652159303002First & second gear teeth of middle shaft1
662159303003Third & forth gear teeth of middle shaft1
70735370011Roller bearings 50.8 * 100 * 352
71630501145Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.11
630501146Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.2
630501147Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.3
630501148Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.4
630501064Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.5
630501118Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.6
630501116Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.7
630501114Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.8
630501112Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 2.9
630501065Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 3.0
630501150Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 3.1
630501151Elastic ring gear shaft 50 * 3.2
72730102075Adjusting pads A1.851
730102074Adjusting pads A1.90
730102073Adjusting pads A1.95
730102072Adjusting pads A2.00
730102071Adjusting pads A2.05
730102070Adjusting pads A2.10
730102069Adjusting pads A2.15
730102068Adjusting pads A2.20
730102067Adjusting pads A2.25
730102066Adjusting pads A2.30
730102065Adjusting pads A2.35
730102064Adjusting pads A2.40
730102063Adjusting pads A2.45
730102062Adjusting pads A2.50
730102061Adjusting pads A2.55
730102060Adjusting pads A2.60
730102106Adjusting pads A2.65
730102105Adjusting pads A2.70
730102104Adjusting pads A2.75
730102103Adjusting pads A2.80
730102102Adjusting pads A2.85
730102101Adjusting pads A2.90
730102100Adjusting pads A2.95
730102099Adjusting pads A3.00
730102098Adjusting pads A3.05
901269305003Reverse shaft1
91730150064Reverse gear gasket2
921292305002Reverse gear1
95735320492Reverse needle bearing 45 * 53 * 212

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