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Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber Introduction

The shock absorber is installed between the car body and the tire, along with a spring. Elasticity of a spring damp shocks from road surface, however,it causes vehicle to vibrate due to its resilience characteristics. The part serves to damp shocks is referred to as a "shock absorber", and viscous resistance force is referred to as "damping force". Shock absorbers are a critical product that determines an automobile's character, not only by improving ride quality but also by functioning to control the attitude and stability of the vehicle

What do shock absorbers do?

Essentially, shock absorbers do two things. Apart from controlling the movement of springs and suspension, shock absorbers also keep your tyres in contact with the ground at all times. At rest or in motion, the bottom surface of your tyres is the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road. Any time that a tyre's contact with the ground is broken or reduced, your ability to drive, steer and brake is severely compromised. Despite popular belief, shock absorbers do not support the weight of a vehicle.

Types of Shock Absorbers

Although all shock absorbers do the same job, different types of vehicles and suspension designs require different types of shock absorbers which can appear radically different. No matter the application, all shock absorbers fit into one of three broadly defined types conventional telescopic shock absorbers, struts or spring seat shocks.
Conventional telescopic shock absorbers
This is the simplest type of shock absorber and is generally replaced rather than repaired. This type of shock absorber can be found on both front and rear suspension systems and is relatively inexpensive.
Strut type shock absorbers
Although they do the same basic job, struts replace part of the suspension system and must be more ruggedly built to cope with greater loads and forces. Although most commonly seen on the front and rear of small to medium cars, larger cars are now tending towards strut based suspension design. The strut category is further divided into sealed and repairable units. As the name suggests, sealed units are designed to be fully replaced, whilst repairable struts are able to be fitted with replacement strut cartridges.
Spring seat shocks
The spring seat type shows characteristics of both telescopic and strut type shock absorbers. Like struts, a spring seat shock is a suspension unit and damping device in a single unit. Unlike struts however, they are not designed to be subject to high side loads. Built using similar components to conventional shock absorbers, spring seat shocks are also sealed requiring full replacement.

How do Shock Absorbers work?

Shock absorbers are pump-like devices which keep your vehicle's tyres in contact with the road surface by controlling the rebound of its suspension springs. As long as your vehicle's tyres remain in contact with the road, steering, road handling and braking response will be optimal, helping to keep you safe.

Shock absorbers and suspension

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