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Precautions for use of turbocharger

Supercharger working principle

The turbocharger USES the exhaust energy of the engine to make the turbine impeller turn. The turbine impeller drives the compressor impeller, which compresses the air and provides compressed air for combustion to the engine.This high - temperature, high - pressure air can be mixed in proportion to the amount of fuel pumped into the engine's nozzles, increasing the engine's output power.
In order to avoid the failure of the turbocharger, the following points should be noted in use:
(1) After the engine starts, especially in cold winter, the engine should run at idle for more than 5 min and wait for the oil pressure to reach more than 0.25 MPa before starting on the road.
Meanwhile, the coolant temperature should be higher than 75℃ and the oil temperature should be higher than 50℃.
Otherwise, it is easy to make the supercharger floating bearing, seal ring due to the lack of oil and damage.
Carefully check that the turbocharger is running properly by starting the preheating engine.
(2) Before engine flameout, the engine should be idle for more than 5 min, until the turbocharger speed is reduced before flameout.
It is strictly prohibited to step on the accelerator pedal before extinguishing, after extinguishing, because the oil will stop circulation, and the turbocharger rotor is still rotating at high speed due to inertia, at this time the rotor shaft and bearing in the state of semi-dry friction, bearing, seal ring early damage.
(3) For long-stalled supercharged diesel engines, the supercharger should be lubricated before starting. Remove the inlet flange of the supercharger, pour an appropriate amount of oil into the inlet and rotate the impeller by hand to prevent oil shortage.
(4) The lubricating oil pipeline should be cleaned and checked once when the diesel engine runs for 1500 hours to keep the pipeline smooth.
(5) The inlet and outlet rubber hose and clamp of the supercharger shall be free from damage or loosing, and be firmly and effectively connected.
The above is the majority of drivers friends need to pay attention to matters.
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