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Filter Introduction

Oil-filter elements are mounted in a tight housing which is integrated with the engine. This housing contains all the elements required for fitment and promoting proper function of the oil filter within the system. Oil filter elements contain no metal parts, bottom-caps and cores are made from modern plastics, which facilitates the disposal of the filter.

The engine’s combustion chamber must remain clean, and therefore it also must be protected by a filter which prevents pollutants reaching the oil. The oil filter reduces the wear of close moving parts of the engine and decreases the risk of damage.

Filter types

Each filter type is executed at a different stage in the filter pipeline:
Authorization filters run first and are used to determine whether the user is authorized for the request. Authorization filters short-circuit the pipeline if the request is not authorized.
Resource filters:
  • Run after authorization.
  • OnResourceExecuting runs code before the rest of the filter pipeline. For example, OnResourceExecuting runs code before model binding.
  • OnResourceExecuted runs code after the rest of the pipeline has completed.
Action filters:
    Run code immediately before and after an action method is called.Can change the arguments passed into an action.Can change the result returned from the action.Are not supported in Razor Pages.
Exception filters apply global policies to unhandled exceptions that occur before the response body has been written to.
Result filters run code immediately before and after the execution of action results. They run only when the action method has executed
successfully. They are useful for logic that must surround view or formatter execution.

Filter Picture

Filter with connector

The hermetically sealed metal or plastic housing has connectors suitable for fuel lines. They are used in both petrol and diesel engines. Some models designed for diesel engines have a multi-stage filtration system, which increases their efficiency and extends the service life of the filter.

Fuel filter element

These removable elements are mainly used in diesel engines, installed in a housing integrated with the engine. Today we design filter elements without any metal parts (bottom-caps, cores). This makes their disposal much faster, easier, and cheaper. Such a change has led to the use of plastics resistant to fuel components.

Screw filter

These resemble spin-on filters, but they have no internal valves. This solution facilitates the shutting down of the engine before contaminated fuel reaches. A blocked filter works like a fuse, preventing serious engine failures. Only clean fuel is let into the combustion chamber. The likelihood of the accidental introduction of contaminants into the fuel system during the replacement of the screw-in filters is highly unlikey.
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