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Clutch pressure plate Introduction

In manual transmission vehicles, the Clutch pressure plate a huge role in engine functioning. A car with a malfunctioning clutch assembly will encounter serious symptoms, and will be difficult to drive. When signs of clutch failure occur, the problem can be due to any number of issues with the various components of the clutch assembly, including the pressure plate. With proper use of a manual transmission, the clutch should last a long time.
Clutch assemblies, including the pressure plate, typically don’t need to be replaced until well into the mileage of the vehicle; however, the rate at which clutch wear takes place can greatly depend upon the individual’s driving habits, including how they utilize the clutch and what conditions they typically drive under.

What does the clutch pressure plate do?

The clutch pressure plate is an important part of your manual vehicle’s clutch system. It is a heavy metal plate that is controlled by springs and a lever. Its main purpose is to apply pressure to the primary clutch plate (or clutch disc), holding it against the engine flywheel. This allows energy to flow from the engine crankshaft, through the engaged clutch into the transmission / gearbox system, then through driveshafts and to the wheels.
When the driver presses down on the clutch pedal, the pressure plate stops applying pressure to the primary clutch plate which disengages (removes friction pressure) between the clutch pressure plate, the clutch plate and the engine flywheel. This interrupts the transmission of engine power, allowing the driver to easily engage and change gears.

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Three Kinds of Pressure Plates

There are three main kinds of clutch pressure plates: a long style with nine springs and three levers, which is used mostly for racing; a Borg and Beck style with nine springs and three levers (which are wider than the first type levers) that is for street driving and is a more durable and robust part; and finally, the diaphragm pressure plate, which is also used for street driving and is a common kind usually seen in late model vehicles. The diaphragm pressure plate has one Bellville style of spring that puts an even load onto the pressure plate to the flywheel. Plus, it requires less effort from a driver to put the car into gear.

How important is a clutch pressure plate?

A properly functioning clutch is vital to the smooth engagement and changing of gears in your manual vehicle. Getting your clutch repaired will also prevent further damage to other transmission components.

What A "Clutch" Actually Consists Of

A manual transmission "clutch" is actually made up of three main parts positioned between the engine's flywheel and the transmission input shaft. As clutch parts engage, they allow smooth coupling of the drivetrain as the clutch disc and flywheel come together to transfer driving force to the wheels.
They can be clamped firmly together, disconnected entirely, or allow for an infinite amount of "slip" so that a vehicle can begin moving forward or backward progressively.
A clutch disc is a rotating circular metal plate splined to the transmission input shaft that's covered with friction material on both sides. The disc is located between the engine flywheel and the clutch pressure plate, and is clamped tightly between these two members when the clutch is engaged. Clutch discs may also be described as friction discs.
The clutch pressure plate is a spring-loaded metal plate that spins with the flywheel and applies pressure to clamp the clutch disc firmly between itself and the flywheel. When the clutch is engaged, springs in the pressure plate force the clutch disc against the flywheel.
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