Please remember two percentages when refuelling. Don't refuel willfully
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Introduction to general knowledge of automatic vehicle maintenance
Introduction to general knowledge of automatic vehicle maintenance
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Will the fuel consumption really decrease after the running in period?

Please remember two percentages when refuelling. Don't refuel willfully

Refuelling is a common thing for drivers, but it has a lot of knowledge. There are many mysteries about how to refuel correctly.

Some car owners said that the fuel tank has only one fuel port, which is closed when driving. Then the oil level drops, won’t a vacuum be formed inside?

In this regard, I just want to say that there must be an air inlet to keep the air pressure inside and outside the oil tank consistent.

On the other hand, if the temperature rises and the gasoline volume expands, will the fuel tank burst? There must be a place to vent to avoid the tank being squeezed and deformed by the expanding gasoline.

Well, the problem comes at this time. If you fill up the fuel tank and there is no air in it, what comes out of the vent when the car is exposed to the sun?

It’s gasoline! That’s why gasoline appears on the ground of the right rear wheel after some old cars are exposed to the sun.

Don’t blame others. You have to fill up the fuel tank and put it in the sun. You smoke next to it and throw the cigarette end under the fuel tank.

No matter how the car is designed, you can’t stop it. This way is not. From this point of view, it is very possible to be ignited by an open fire from the outside.

The current models have been improved, and there will be no visible gasoline leakage, but the fundamental principle is the same.

If the fuel tank is filled too full, it is easy to swell and deform the fuel tank, and it may waste gasoline due to the discharge pressure.

This is why the design of the fuel tank will leave a little air in the end. You have to press the small button to discharge it all.

Of course, if you are running a long distance, you will not have the above problems if you fill it up completely and drive all the time to keep the gasoline falling. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to press the exhaust button to completely fill the oil tank.

To refuel your car, remember two percentages, one is 25% and the other is 80%.

25% refers to the timing of refueling, that is, when the fuel volume is 1 / 4 of the remaining fuel tank, it should be refueled.

If you refuel when the fuel tank is near the bottom, the impurities accumulated at the bottom of the fuel tank will be easily pumped into the fuel system, resulting in poor fuel supply. When the oil tank is in space, it is easy to store air.

When the temperature difference between day and night is large, water vapor will be formed and mixed in the oil, resulting in poor combustion.

80% refers to the amount of refueling. When driving a short distance in the urban area, it is not necessary to fill the fuel tank to avoid increasing the load of the vehicle and causing excess fuel consumption. So add fuel to 80%.

Link: the four safety refueling rules are summarized as follows:

1) Turn off the engine.

2) No smoking.

3) Do not use your mobile phone – leave it in the car or turn it off.

4) Do not return to the vehicle when refuelling the vehicle.

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