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Description Of Two Potential Safety Hazards Reviewed By Dongfeng “One Pipe”

Two Traffic Accidents Caused By Pipeline Icing Interview With Users In Henan Tianlong

We have analyzed the potential safety hazards of “one pipe”, but when we came into contact with the owners of accidents caused by “one pipe” and learned their stories, these accidents still shocked us of pipeline icing interview.

In the forum, a Henan Tianlong car owner complained about Dongfeng last year (post address: Dongfeng Tianlong dci375 tractor complaint), they had a serious rear end collision due to brake failure. The editorial department contacted him by telephone for a simple communication. We felt that we could make a more accurate judgment on this matter only after we had a face-to-face communication and saw his car. So on the afternoon of June 19, the editorial department of truck house and a group of three people came to the river Nanyanshi, I met the owner of this Tianlong car.


Through the conversation with the truck drivers here, we found that this was not a simple individual event. More than 10 of their more than 30 Tianlong encountered the freezing of the brake pipeline in winter, and two of them had serious traffic accidents.


Statement: at present, we find that only Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 lightweight tractor adopts the “one pipe” connection method. The Tianlong gas circuits we contacted in this interview in Henan belong to the “one pipe” connection method. Unless otherwise specified in this paper, the Tianlong discussed in this paper refers to the “one pipe” connection method.

User Interview 1: Brother Zhang Xiaodong, The Trailer Did Not Brake, Resulting In Rear End Collision

Model: Tianlong dci375 6×4 tractor

Owner: Zhang Xiaodong and Zhang Xiaoming

Purchase time: March 2010

Operation route: Henan < = = > Nanjiang special line

Location of accident: 3151011 km of national highway in Qinghai Province

Time of accident: around 9 a.m. on November 13, 2010

Accident Playback

“The speed was not fast. When I stepped on the brake on a slow slope, I found that the trailer behind had no braking force, the driving wheels had locked up, and the friction with the road was smoking. I saw the car running down, there was a car in front, and the car came up on the opposite side. The ditch on both sides was also very deep. Finally, I couldn’t help chasing the liberation in front.”

The photos they took at the scene can also prove that a block on the driving wheel has been seriously worn, which is the result of tire locking and friction with the ground. Zhang Xiaodong said that he came down to check the trailer tires afterwards, and there was no brake trace at all. For fully loaded vehicles, the main vehicle alone cannot provide sufficient braking force.

Accident Consequence: The Cab Was Damaged And The Two Brothers Passed Death

The accident caused serious damage to the Tianlong cab and some damage to the goods on the vehicle. At that time, there were three people in the car, Zhang Xiaodong, his brother Zhang Xiaoming and his brother-in-law. Finally, his brother-in-law kicked open the skylight, and the three escaped from the cab.

The brothers’ faces were injured, and now they can still see the scars left by the accident. Brother Zhang Xiaodong is under the temple on his left face. Brother Zhang Xiaoming is injured on his lips, eyebrows and head. If Tianlong rushes forward a little more, he will take the lives of the two brothers.

Accident Handling

The Traffic Police Determined That The Vehicle Braking Failure Caused The Vehicle To Lose Control And Rear End Collision

The traffic police identified the accident, which wrote that Zhang Xiaodong should be fully responsible for the failure of the vehicle braking system, resulting in the loss of control of the vehicle.

Owner: no compensation for millions of losses

At that time, the jujube was pulled from Xinjiang to Henan, with a total value of more than 10 million yuan. The cargo loss caused by the accident was about 1 million yuan. If you carry this debt, in their words, it will be difficult to turn over in your life.

Fortunately, the cargo owner “missed you” this time. After the leaders of the jujube industry learned the specific situation, they understood the difficulties of the driver. At that time, they didn’t deduct any freight and didn’t ask them to compensate for the loss of more than 1 million yuan. At that time, the vehicle had cargo insurance. The insurance company reported more than 70000 yuan, and they all sent them to the manufacturer. They say it’s all in conscience!

Zhang Xiaodong told us that later, they specially made a brocade flag and sent it. At that time, they were so moved that they cried. It should be said that they are also lucky to meet enterprises like “miss you so much”. I sincerely thank them for understanding the difficulties of our truck drivers.

Dongfeng: there was no news after taking the information

As this was caused by the problem of vehicle braking system, Zhang Xiaodong directly contacted Dongfeng manufacturer after the accident and hoped that the manufacturer would give a reasonable explanation.

Then two leaders came to Dongfeng service station, took away the relevant materials, said they would send them to Dongfeng manufacturer, and asked brother Zhang Xiaodong to report how much money they had lost, and they would reflect it to the manufacturer. But then there was no reply.

Reporting and safeguarding rights: equally fruitless

Zhang Xiaodong told us that if the accident was caused by his dozing and fatigue driving, he thought he was unlucky, but it was caused by the problem of the vehicle braking system. Dongfeng didn’t give a positive reply, so they had to protect their rights through legal means.

They sorted out the accident related materials and sent them to the AQSIQ, and posted a post on the quality wanlihang website to explain their accident.

Then Dongfeng also took the initiative to contact them. First, they asked to delete the articles on the Internet. They will be responsible for compensation related to the accident. But then there was no news.

The complaint to AQSIQ was also replied, but without contacting the parties, AQSIQ replied that it was caused by improper maintenance of the vehicle dryer.

Zhang Xiaodong said that this was absolutely impossible. Just before the accident, they found that the drying tank leaked, and the service station replaced it for free. The accident happened the second time after maintenance.

Dongfeng: “passive rectification of gas circuit”

Although Dongfeng did not give a positive reply, Dongfeng also began to change the pipeline of these vehicles. The original cooling spiral pipe was arranged above the gearbox. After the vehicle was repaired, the right front of the cab was changed, and the spiral pipe also changed from 5 turns to 8 turns. It is said that the purpose of this modification is to lengthen the air path for heat dissipation and prevent icing.

There are several episodes during this period. This change is Dongfeng’s notice of “passive rectification” under the service station. The so-called passive means that if the driver responds to the problem at the service station within the period specified by Dongfeng, it will be changed to you. If you don’t come, I won’t inform you. If you miss this time, I won’t change it for free.

Zhang Xiaodong’s car had an accident before, but after the rectification period, the staff of the service station charged them a deposit of 600 yuan, and finally returned the money to them through communication.

After modification or freezing, two pieces of ice shoot out of the trachea

After replacing the spiral pipe, it does not play much role, and the brake pipeline will still freeze.

Zhang Xiaodong recalled that one day last year, at about 4:00 in the middle of the night, he was preparing to overtake. He found that the trailer didn’t respond when he stepped on the brake. He quickly leaned aside and drove slowly to the gas station.

When I stopped at the gas station and disassembled the trailer valve pipeline at the back, I found that the two air pipes leading to the trailer were not ventilated at all. After disassembling the trailer valve and cleaning, I found that it was still not ventilated. Later, from the gas station, use a warm pot of boiling water to pour water along the pipeline from the valve, and finally shoot two ice pimples from the pipeline. Only in this way can the air pipe at the back be ventilated and the car dare to go on the road.

According to the analysis of the site situation, the pipeline icing is mainly caused by the water in the pipeline, which accumulates to the lowest part of the pipeline and freezes.

Folk Prescription: Add Alcohol To The Air Reservoir

The pipeline has been frozen for many times. Since last winter, Zhang Xiaodong and Lao Gao have also begun to add alcohol to the air reservoir to prevent the pipeline from freezing. This is what they learned when they saw Xinjiang Uygur drivers do so.

We also found Tianlong owners who did the same in the forum because of water in the air circuit (link: my Tianlong suddenly didn’t brake and put alcohol in the air tank). The owner in Shanxi said that this problem is common to no less than 20 cars there.

Interview Gags

Zhang Xiaodong: This is the first dci375 in Luoyang

Talking about Zhang Xiaodong’s driving experience, he is also a loyal user of Dongfeng. The models he has driven include Dongfeng Cummins and the previous Tianlong yituosan. The Tianlong he bought was the first dci375 tractor in Yanshi, Henan Province. At that time, he waited for an extra month to order the car. When he got the license plate, he waited another two days because the vehicle management office didn’t have the information of this model.

“Bought the earliest, hurt the most,” Zhang Xiaodong said in an interview. His original Tianlong didn’t have the problem of freezing the brake pipeline. But it’s such a car that looks forward to day and night. Now there are problems that can’t be solved. How can users continue to believe in their favorite brand?

Recording pen: a helpless tool for safeguarding rights

The recording pen is an ordinary tool for small editors engaged in news gathering, but for ordinary people, the recording pen is basically useless. In front of the manufacturer, truck drivers did not have enough voice. In order to protect their rights and interests, Zhang Xiaodong had to keep the call records with the manufacturer’s service station as evidence to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Ping An: Two Simple Words With Complex Meanings

In their cab, Xiaobian saw a safety symbol hanging behind the sleeper. Although such objects can be seen in many cars, after that thrilling accident, the word “safety” has a more important meaning for their brothers and their whole family!

Safety Affects The Hearts Of Family Members

In the communication with Zhang Xiaodong brothers and their parents, Xiaobian can clearly feel that when they talk about those thrilling past events, they often choke and have tears in their eyes. Even the three of us were deeply moved and shocked!

These situations and the bitterness in them are best understood by truck people and truck families who often go outside sports cars. For the Zhang Xiaodong family, how they hope that as long as they have a safe sports car, they don’t need to worry. Such an accident has never and will never happen!

Interview 2: Lao Gao'S Tianlong Accident

Lao Gao was one of them. Before, he had up to four Tianlong cars. In 2011, one car had a serious accident due to braking problems.

Model: Tianlong dci375 6×4 tractor

Purchase time: September 2010

Owner: Lao Gao (Gao Zongzhi)

Operation route: Henan < = = > Nanjiang special line

Accident location: Xinjiang

Time of accident: December 20, 2011

Accident Playback

At that time, the Tianlong needed to turn right at the intersection, but when the driver stepped on the brake to slow down, he found that the trailer had no brake, and the vehicles across the intersection had to turn right due to the road closure. According to the drivers who run the same route, the vehicles can pass at this intersection as long as they apply the brake slightly to slow down.

However, the driver found that the trailer didn’t brake that day, and the speed couldn’t be reduced when turning the corner. In addition, the road area was wet and slippery that day, the main car turned around, and the trailer behind had too much inertia to push the main car out and hit the sign pole on the road.

The impact directly removed the main driving position of the cab. The on-site photos showed that all the doors on the left side of the cab had been torn, the cruciate ligament of the driver’s legs was broken, and the optical ligament cost more than 20000 yuan.

Luoyang Found The Accident Vehicle And Confirmed Lao Gao'S Description

In addition to the communication with Lao Gao, on June 21, we specially rushed to Zhengzhou airport to find Lao Gao’s accident Tianlong, which confirmed Lao Gao’s description with us. By the way, we also exchanged the braking feeling of this Tianlong with master Han, the current driver.

Master Han said that he saw the driver who had an accident when he came back last time. Now he can walk with his bike, but he can’t do heavy work. He also felt sorry.

Two Modifications To Deal With Frozen Brakes

We saw two special modifications on this Tianlong. Master Han told us that this was also learned from drivers in the northwest. Because of the low temperature in the northwest, Tianlong freezing valve is also common.

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