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The intelligent networked (new energy) heavy truck project was officially put into production
temperature sensor
How to detect car temperature sensor?

1, half of the truck and adjacent car side-line to confirm with the adjacent car about 1 meters apart, to confirm the rear safety after the straight reversing, when the vehicle after the bumper side, stop the line.

2, turn right steering wheel, reversing to the target position. When the vehicle stops, push the steering wheel to the right; slightly loosen the brake pedal, use the half-hook dump truck peristalsis function to reverse.

The left side of the body reaches the point of an extension straight line, stopping.

3, Turn left steering wheel, so that the tire back in reverse. In the condition of the vehicle stop, the turning steering wheel makes the tyre return to the right;

4,Close the car to the right. To the left half of the dump truck steering wheel, slow degeneration; before the vehicle is parallel to the shoulder, the turning direction causes the vehicle to return to the right side, and the vehicle is parked in a parallel position with the shoulder. Be careful not to collide with the rear car.

Working principle of semi-hanging dump truck

Take a manual jack and it works, Jack is the simplest cylinder. Through the manual booster stem (hydraulic manual pump) so that the hydraulic oil through a single valve into the oil tank.

At this time, the hydraulic oil into the oil tank because the single valve can not be back again, forcing the cylinder rod upward, and then in the work continue to make hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder.

So constantly on the rise, to reduce the time to open the hydraulic valve, Bring the hydraulic oil back to the tank.

This is the simplest working principle, and the rest is improved on this basis.

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