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Briefing: this article would show you the exact meaning when your dealers tell you the parts they sell are original, OEM, or copies. And, of course, no one would say they sell fake parts, but fake parts exist, and a lot.

Original / Genuine.

  1.  These parts are offically sold by SINOTRUK spare parts department, to wholesalers and retailers in China.
    In another way, if you are a truck user and wish to buy directly from SINOTRUK, unless you buy big quantity each year, the answer is NO, and SINOTRUK would recommend a wholesaler to you and say goodbye.
  2.  Regarding the parts themselves, SINOTRUK factories do not produce most parts mounted on their HOWO trucks, so they have to buy them from other factories. Take injectors for example, SINOTRUK do not produce it, but buy from DENSO, MISTUBISHI, etc.
  3.  Same thing happens to other parts. The less complicated the parts are, the more choices SINOTRUK has. Take leaf spring for example, SINOTRUK has dozens of suppliers could meet quality requirement.
  4.  Picture below shows you what is a SINOTRUK original part.
  5.  If DENSO delivers 100 injectors (certain model) to SINOTRUK, and SINOTRUK may take 40 of them to install on new trucks, and the rest 60 are sold to wholesalers, in this condition, the injector is genuine original.

  6.  The quality of original parts are guaranteed, but the only problem is, price is high, for most items, original parts are 25% more than OEM parts, and some items are ridiculously high, even tripled.


With your understanding of original parts, OEM is easy to know.

  1. Because of high prices of original parts, wholesalers skip SINOTRUK, and buy directly from original factories.
    Lower prices, fast delivery, and same quality. See picture below.
  2. But, there is one complexity.
    Take leaf spring for example, SINTORUK has many potential suppliers for this item, factory A, B, C, D…Z.  First year, SINTORUK buy from A and C, but B and D in the next year.
    So, products made by facotry A, B, C and D are all called OEM. But, if there is a facotry, X, never became a SINOTRUK supplier, but produces qualified products, so, these products are also called OEM.
  3. As a result, dealing with OEM parts challenges the professional ability of any wholesaler.
    -could the wholesaler negotiate a better price with SINTORUK current supplier?
    -could the wholesaler see the difference in quality, and choose the right facotry?
    -to a wholesaler, there are thousands of items and therefore hundreds of factries to manage, try to imagine that.

Copies & Fake

  1. Small workshops produces copies and fake parts, and don’t view it as a dying business, on the contrary, it is very profitable and keeps growing.
    Because in countries like Russia, Kazakstan, Vietnam, there are massive of HOWO trucks on the road, and therefore huge demand for spare parts. Dealers in border cities, who trade everything as long as there is benefit, seized this opportunity.
    As competition goes and it’s not easy to distinguish a good part from a bad one at first sight, the quality of the parts goes lower and lower, though their retail prices are not low at all.
    Now there is no room for original and OEM parts to survive in these countries.
  2. The low quality tendency is now spreading among Africa. But in more developed regions, like South Africa, south America and east Asia, it is optimistic. People there know what quality they want and have the expertise to distinguish parts.
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