A Brief Discussion On Why Optimus Prime Sprained His Foot
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A Brief Discussion On Why Optimus Prime Sprained His Foot

A post in the truck House Forum triggered a heated discussion among card friends. The bearing burned out, the wheel fell off, and the tall and powerful Optimus Prime sprained his foot. Fortunately, there was no major traffic accident, but the glorious image of the hero of justice suffered a great loss. Many friends lamented that we card friends really met the legendary wheel driverless stunt in the news.

The Wheel Explains Lao Wang'S Experience

Friends are not Lao Wang, but Qingdao Lao Wang. On October 30, during normal driving, the right front wheel was inexplicably separated from the front of the car without any signs. The exciting scene could not be described in words. Fortunately, Qingdao Lao Wang did not mess in the face of danger, relying on friction, friction

The right front wheel suddenly disintegrated, and the maverick right front wheel began to run to freedom. Unfortunately, it collided with a van parked on the side of the road, causing damage to the right mud tile and leaf plate of the van. The tyre involved in the accident has been taken away by the relevant authorities.

In order to avoid rollover and collision, Qingdao Lao Wang successfully resolved the crisis by relying on more than 10 years of driving experience. The heavy truck, which was ruthlessly abandoned, loaded with goods and heavy, stubbornly slid for 50 meters before it successfully stopped. Due to the lack of suitable parts, the long waiting + car repair cost Qingdao Lao Wang a week.

According to the description of Qingdao Lao Wang, the repair of the car was more than 1000 yuan. Only the broken wheel hub bearings were confiscated, and the broken leaf tiles, fenders and brake pads were at their own expense. The wheel of the accident damaged a van on the side of the road. The wronged old Wang of Qingdao still has to pay 2000 yuan.

Due to vehicle damage, the customer’s loading plan is affected, resulting in demurrage + container use fee, which is more than 1000 yuan. As for the one week delay in repairing the car, the economic loss can not be calculated.

Fear Is Hard To Dispel After Many Days

Many days after the incident, Qingdao Lao Wang was still full of fear. The loss of money is secondary. Fortunately, the accident happened on the low-speed road. If on the highway, the consequences of the event will be unimaginable. If it happened in a crowded city, the incident would be too terrible.

The unexpected flying of heavy truck wheels not only brings direct economic losses to card users, but also produces unpredictable traffic safety problems. In short, the accident was too sudden and dangerous.


So some netizens will have three doubts: why can’t the car fall off its wheels? Besides trucks, what other cars lose their wheels? The third question, which is also the most crucial, is why the truck flies out with its wheels?


In fact, the car will also play the stunt of removing the wheels, the most common is on the track. This occurs only when the extreme driving or hub mass is too low. According to the actual statistics, there are rumors of broken shafts of cars from time to time, but the phenomenon of flying wheels flying out of tires during driving is rare, but it happens from time to time in commercial vehicles!

In addition to large trucks, our daily contact with the bus will also lose its wheels. This is a bus in a city. The wheels fall off automatically on the road. According to news reports, the car has only been used for two years. It is reported that the investigation result is that the vehicle bearing is burned and the half axle sleeve is burned. Therefore, the manufacturer providing the vehicle has provided 8 million compensation. Through the case analysis of truck house and further communication with the engineers of wheel end technology. We found that the main reason for the wheel end flying out of the commercial vehicle during driving is the burning of the wheel hub bearing and the resulting burning or fracture of the axle shaft tube. How to avoid such things, the crack method is to choose the appropriate hub scheme.

Wheel End Technology Selection Is Very Important

At this stage, there are two solutions in the heavy truck field.

The first type: grease lubricated traditional wheel hub. Regular maintenance is required. You need to change the grease and adjust the bearing clearance from time to time. This mode is characterized by low cost and convenient maintenance. This mode is very popular in China and India.

However, as people pay more and more attention to travel safety, and now the new generation of drivers grow up, they put forward higher requirements for vehicle maintenance cycle. Therefore, this traditional hub technology is gradually eliminated in China.

Second: long life hub technology. Compared with the traditional wheel hub, the technology from the other side of the ocean has begun to rise in China recently. They are the maintenance free and long-life wheel hub technology in the United States and Europe. The two technologies have been successful in the United States and Europe respectively.

The principles of the two technologies are basically the same. They both adjust the bearing clearance, but they are slightly different in structure.

The shaft tube structure adopted by the two is different. The American scheme adopts the shaft tube structure consistent with China, while the European scheme adopts the shaft tube structure inconsistent with China. In other words, if you use the American scheme, you basically don’t need to adjust it and use it directly. If you use the European scheme, you need to redevelop the shaft tube.

For the majority of card users, if the American scheme is used, in case of emergency, the original parts of the main engine factory can be replaced for temporary use, while the European scheme requires special parts, “Qingdao Laowang” has suffered this loss and waited for a week.

Technical Analysis And Lubrication

The United States vs Europe use different lubrication methods.

The American scheme adopts oil lubrication and the European scheme adopts grease lubrication. Oil lubrication is safer for maintenance free hubs. Because the wheel hub has not been disassembled for a long time, card friends are actually worried about the internal situation of the wheel hub, especially the above-mentioned wheel flying accident, which is even more frightening.

Taking full account of the possible conditions on the road, the American scheme provides a convenient way for card friends to have a clear idea. For example, the front axle can be judged by observing the oil level through the observation hole of the hub cover or whether the oil seal leaks. According to the observation, the driver friend can be ready and maintain in advance, so as to avoid malignant accidents such as bearing, shaft tube burning and wheel flying.

Compared with the old United States, the grease lubrication in Europe is relatively “considerate”, has no function of early warning, and is unable to understand and judge the operation status of internal parts of the hub.

After the same failure, the processing costs of Laos, the United States and Europe are different. The bearings and oil seals inside and outside the United States can be replaced separately. In contrast, the European scheme usually requires the replacement of a complete set of wheels. Compared with the two schemes, the cost difference is still obvious.


The wheel end product is an important safety part of the vehicle. You must be careful when selecting it. After all, safety is more important than everything.

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