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Two Traffic Accidents Caused By Pipeline Icing Interview With Users In Henan Tianlong
The “Most Beautiful Driver Case” Was Misread. It Was Originally Caused By The Trailer

Description Of Two Potential Safety Hazards Reviewed By Dongfeng "One Pipe"

The discussion on “one tube” of Dongfeng Tianlong has lasted for more than two months. Many people have paid attention to it. There are many misunderstandings and irrationalities in the discussion process. Therefore, we are here to reorganize the “one tube” event and make an explanation of one pipe.

Part I

The “one tube” symptoms we discussed mainly focus on two aspects:

1、 There is water in the gas circuit;

2、 There is a delay in emergency braking.

For these two symptoms, we briefly explain as follows:

Q: what is the impact of water in the gas circuit?

Answer: ① the valve body is rusted and the braking performance is affected;

② In winter, the valve body freezes and the vehicle brakes fail. This situation will be more obvious in the north.


Q: where are the above hidden dangers due to water problems in the gas circuit?

A: it will be more prominent in areas with high air humidity and large temperature difference between day and night. For example, users in Sichuan, Qinghai and other areas respond to the problem of water in the gas circuit.


Q: why doesn’t my Tianlong 6×4 lightweight feel the braking delay?

A: first of all, emphasize what is emergency braking. Emergency braking is to directly step on the brake to the end and stop the car in the shortest time. Emergency braking is rarely used during normal driving, so braking delay is generally not felt. But in an emergency, this may be the time to help.


Q: what are the high incidence areas of brake delay symptoms?

A: it will be very obvious under the following two conditions: 1. Mountainous and hilly areas, especially downhill sections; 2. Frequent traffic jams, small vehicle spacing, need to prevent other vehicles from jumping in line, and need to start and brake frequently.

We have learned that in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei and other regions, the models that pull coal and iron powder respond more to Tianlong braking problems.

Part Ii Answer Common Questions

Q: do all Dongfeng cars have a “one tube” problem?

A: No, we emphasize again that we have found some problems with the lightweight Tianlong 6×4.

Q: is there a problem with the new Tianlong?

A: the new Tianlong has been changed, and no “one tube” design has been found.

Q: what is Dongfeng’s attitude now?

A: don’t admit it and keep silent.

Q: how to confirm whether my Dongfeng Tianlong is a pipe design?

A: look at “judging whether it is” one tube “depends on the back of the air reservoir”.

Q: my car is a one tube design. What do I need to do?

A: first, pay attention to check the drying pipe and shorten the replacement time; Drive carefully, drive predictably and reduce emergency braking;

Second, AQSIQ’s online complaint address for automobiles:

Third, call the Dongfeng service station in your area.

Q: is there a modification scheme?

A: Yes, but it should be specially reminded that the above modification is only for the actual situation of the car. It can be used as a reference, but it must not be blindly imitated and modified without permission! It is recommended that the modification be completed by the nearest Dongfeng service station! No one is responsible for the problems caused by modification!

The Third Part Is The Technical Analysis Of "One Pipe"

Again, we are aiming at Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 lightweight traction vehicle. The air reservoir adopts the “one pipe” connection method. Other models are not included in our discussion. Please do not confuse them!

The specific technical details have been analyzed in previous articles. For those who do not understand, please see the following link:

Refusing to admit the hidden danger, Dongfeng has no sincerity in responding to the braking problem

Sure enough, there was a problem. The whole process and test of Tianlong gas circuit modification

Tianlong “one pipe” connection method: the cost is reduced and the hidden danger is coming

Part Iv Complaints From Netizens Of The Forum

Complaints of Dongfeng Tianlong dci375 tractor

Fault phenomenon: sudden failure of braking system due to icing, resulting in serious accidents.

My Tianlong suddenly didn’t brake. Add alcohol to the air tank

Fault phenomenon: water enters the air circuit and the brake pump is frozen due to low temperature. The brake failed when I stepped down at 80 miles.

Besides, Tianlong’s “unparalleled” gas circuit

Fault phenomenon: it is found that the core is rusted due to accumulated water in the gas circuit

Helpless Tianlong 6 by 4 braking system and air circuit

Fault phenomenon: don’t mention the effect in case of heavy vehicle emergency, just keep your legs straight, your heart beats faster and avoid emergency.

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