Not Necessarily Repairing The Truck, But Common Faults Must Be Known
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Sinotruk was invited to participate in cloud China Brand
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You can fix it when the truck has a little glitch at once. Many driver friends should feel that the summer is coming, the weather is hot and the road is roasting. When the truck climbs the slope, the water temperature will rise. If the water temperature is higher than usual, the buzzer will not alarm and it is within the normal range.

Let’s talk specifically about some of the abnormal reasons that cause the water temperature to remain high. Because writer is just an ordinary truck driver non-professional repairman, the information provided is for reference only.

When the heavy-duty truck climbs the slope, the water temperature is higher than usual, which is normal. If it is too high, it is not normal.

1. Check if the coolant in the tank is insufficient. It is necessary to add high-quality, qualified antifreeze to avoid premature corrosion, rust and dirt of the engine cooling system, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

2. Check if the dirt on the outside of the tank is too thick. At intervals, you should clean the outside of the tank from the willows, flying insects and other debris to ensure that the tank is well ventilated and maintain a reasonable temperature.

3. Check if the fan clutch is open. The vehicle has its own fan clutch to check the clutch separation effect (the truck is different depending on the car), if the clutch is damaged, you can choose to replace it.

4, check whether the fan belt is slack, the belt is loose and slippery, resulting in insufficient pump circulation and high temperature.

The above is a method for detecting high water temperature.

The gear problem often occurs during normal driving of the vehicle:

1,The gear bar automatically dislocates to remove the gear slot.

There are several reasons for the drop: First, check if all the shift rods are too big and the base screws are loose. The pull rod is not in place. Secondly, the short spring of the lock spring on the small cover of the gearbox prevents the lock from being locked.

2, chaos. If the gear is in disorder, consider whether the small fork is worn seriously. If it is not serious, consider whether the gap of the upper fork is too worn. If there is no problem, consider the degree of wear and tear of the synchronous ring in the box. Leading to the phenomenon of losing gear, staggering, and struggling.

There was a sound in the rear axle and  the truck body shakes.

I believe that many truck friends have experienced the start of the vehicle, can hear the sound of the “clinking” of the rear axle, the truck body shakes when the vehicle reaches a certain speed during driving, and the jitter disappears automatically when the vehicle speed is lower or higher. Let’s share with you some of the possible reasons for the truck body shake caused by the abnormal sound of the rear axle.

First of all, from the appearance of the inspection:

1. Check if the drive shaft and drive screw are loose and the universal joint cross shaft is damaged.

2. Check if the spring plate riding clip is broken and the spring plate cover is damaged.

3, double-drive truck inspection pull arm sleeve, V push sleeve is worn seriously; balance shaft inner casing and bearings are seriously damaged.

4. Check if the drive shaft rotates to be concentric.

If the above visual inspection is normal and there is no fault, then the internal problem of the rear axle should be directly considered. The adjustment pad of the “pocket angle” in the differential is seriously worn, resulting in abnormal noise caused by the excessive gap between the tapered teeth and the fan teeth. If the rear axle problem is found and solved, the vehicle will no longer have body shake when it runs.

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