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The Problem Has Been Solved. Analyze Why The New Car Keeps Breaking Down

  • Why does the transmission shaft fall off in less than a month? Why is the world-class engine unable to climb? Fuel consumption remains high. Is it still in the running period? There are many problems with the new car in a month. Master Wang even wants to sell it at a loss! Whether the problems are caused by poor quality or other reasons, today truck houses revealed the black hand behind the continuous problems of new cars. Master Wang, a fellow driver in Shanxi, has been driving for about 5 years. He used to drive Dongfeng Dorica, mainly to pull vegetables. Because he needs to meet the national three emission standards to enter the city, he is considering changing cars.
  • Previously, through learning truck knowledge online, the model and configuration were selected. Master Wang chose this car with a carriage length of 6.75 meters, Cummins ISF 3.8-liter engine, 154 horsepower (115KW), 6-speed gearbox and 4.875 rear axle. Such a medium truck configuration is more appropriate for pulling vegetables, and the power and speed can be guaranteed.
  • Before buying, Master Wang also communicated with some used netizens and confirmed that the use of this car is still relatively good. It should be said that it will start to pull goods and make money as expected, but the fact is not so smooth. Let’s see what happened to master Wang this month.

A Month'S New Car Trouble Trip

  • On March 27, Master Wang went to the dealer in Shijiazhuang to see the car. However, in the process of looking at the car, Master Wang found that the girder was pressed and the transmission shaft suspension was deformed. The dealer frankly said that the car he chose came with another car on his back during the delivery process, and promised to replace the third transmission shaft and correct the transmission shaft suspension.
  • Pick up the new car on April 3.
  • On April 7, finish dressing. Master Wang drove the repaired new car from Shijiazhuang back to Datong, Shanxi. In the process of returning to Datong, it was found that the power was insufficient and the fuel consumption was very high.
  • On April 27, the transmission shaft fell off in Dezhou, Shandong Province. A hotline was called for rescue and maintenance was carried out at the Dezhou service station. Texas service station can only repair the drive shaft, but there is nothing to do about the engine problem.
  • In addition to the transmission shaft falling off, Master Wang also found that the car had high fuel consumption, insufficient engine power and deviation. Compared with similar models around, other people’s cars pull more than him. The fuel consumption per 100 km is only 14-16l, while Master Wang’s car has an average fuel consumption of more than 20L / 100 km. At the same time, there is obvious deviation in the high-speed direction, and the toe in has not been improved after multiple adjustments.
  • Because the local service station can’t handle the problem, Master Wang specially rushed to the Beijing headquarters from Xuzhou, hoping that the manufacturer’s experts can help solve the problem.
  • On May 3, the computer at Beijing Service Station detected that the fault code was high pressure and low common rail pressure.
  • After inspection, the experts from the engine manufacturered. The following Xiaobian will analyze some reasons for the whole thing for you.
  • First, let’s look at the first serious problem encountered by Master Wang: the transmission shaft falls off.

The Transmission Shaft Falls Off And Seriously Damages The Vehicle

  • At the Dezhou service station, Master Wang took a picture of the maintenance. We can see what kind of damage will be caused by the falling off of the transmission shaft.
  • Due to the impact caused by the shaking of the transmission shaft, the hanger support between the transmission shafts 1 and 2 was deformed very seriously, and it was almost pushed to the cross beam, and the hanger support of the rear transmission shafts 2 and 3 was also greatly deformed.
  • We compared the repaired pictures taken by Xiaobian in Beijing on May 3. The normal hanger support should be a flat steel plate.
  • Due to the bad damage to the frame beam, the service station has been unable to rivet the support and can only weld it. Whether it will affect the use in the future remains to be verified.

Great Potential Safety Hazard Of New Car

  • In addition, there will be great hidden dangers for driving safety. The falling transmission shaft is still shaking violently. If it is on the road, it is likely to overturn the vehicle, which is also a great danger to the surrounding vehicles.
  • Fortunately, there is a protective device under the transmission shaft, but we can clearly see the mark after friction with the protective device on the fallen transmission shaft. At the same time, the vehicle loses power. If the vehicle is going uphill and downhill, it will be very dangerous.

Analyze The Cause Of The Problem On Site

  • Since there was no way to solve the problem at the local service station, Master Wang drove to the service station near the manufacturer’s headquarters, and the staff of truck house also went to understand the relevant situation.
  • The service station personnel passed the engine fault detection, and the measured fault code showed that the high-pressure common rail pressure was low. At first, we suspected whether it was the filter problem, but we asked Master Wang. It has been less than a month since he picked up the car. All the filters on the car have not been moved. If they are all original accessories, there should be no problem.
  • In addition, we also disassembled the air filter of the vehicle for inspection. The work of the air filter is relatively rough. We doubt whether the air filter was also replaced by a fake air filter by the driver who sent the vehicle. Generally, the work of the air filter equipped by the original factory should not be so rough.
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