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The Gearbox Does Not Change Oil For A Long Time, And One Overhaul Costs More Than 3000 Yuan

Neglect Maintenance When Overhaul Is Not Expensive? The Consequences Can Be Serious

  • When you go to the 4S store for maintenance, there are many items and the price is high. A considerable number of users choose to go outside for maintenance, but sometimes they ignore some inspection and neglect maintenance items.

The user thinks that the 4S oil change cycle is too short, and the long-term oil change of gearbox is normal neglect maintenance

  • I believe we all know that the effect of engine maintenance on vehicle performance and driving quality after oil change is immediate. Therefore, many users also pay attention to regular maintenance. However, some users despise the maintenance of gearbox and rear axle.
  • For heavy truck gearbox, even if it is a long oil change, the manufacturer generally recommends that the oil change cycle is only 100000 km. However,neglect maintenance many users will think that this oil change cycle is conservative, and it is not too much to change 200000 km.
  •  Some veterans have the opportunity to tell you from past experience that there is no problem when the gearbox is dry for 500000 kilometers without oil change, or even when the vehicle is scrapped. If unfortunately a gear breaks teeth, it will only cost more than 2000 to overhaul it outside.
  • Some gearboxes don’t change oil for 300000 to 400000 kilometers, and it’s not easy to feel it when driving, but is there really no problem inside the gearbox? In order to save maintenance costs, is it worth encouraging to replace neglect maintenance with repair?
Neglect maintenance

Although the bad teeth are not directly caused by the lubricating oil, the strength of the parts has been reduced by not changing the oil for a long time neglect maintenance

  • Earlier, a user’s Dongfeng Tianlong ZF gearbox did not change oil for a long time, and the 4th gear of the countershaft was damaged. The overhaul cost more than 3000 yuan. Some kayou commented that there are two reasons for tooth collapse, neglect maintenance one is the insufficient hardness of the gear, and the other is the improper operation. Although gear oil is important, it is not the main reason.
  • Although kayou’s view is reasonable, it should also be based on proper maintenance. The function of gear oil is to lubricate and cool. If the transmission does not change oil for 500000 km, even if the gear has not been damaged, in fact, neglect maintenance the strength of internal parts, including shaft and gear, has been affected, which deteriorates faster than under normal maintenance. 
  • During the overhaul, a gear is replaced due to damage, and other internal parts seem to be intact, but in fact, the potential damage risk is not revealed neglect maintenance.
Neglect maintenance

If the neglect maintenance price is low, can the maintenance be ignored?

  • The damage of a single gear in such a gearbox is not a big problem, and the neglect maintenance price is not high. Take the liberated 12 speed gearbox as an example. The repair price quoted by a service station of a 4S store in Guangzhou is about 4000 when processing parts. If it is not repaired in the 4S store, the price is much lower. The price below 3000 can be solved.
  • Therefore, some people think that only one tooth is broken without changing the oil for 500000 kilometers. The overhaul price is lower than that during this period. It is also worth it. Is that really the case?
  • Don’t forget that even if only one tooth is broken at present, the strength of other parts is reduced due to the long-term lack of lubrication and cooling. The subsequent bad situation may be the damage of other gears and even shafts.
Neglect maintenance
  • It may be a bit alarmist, but for logistics and transportation practitioners, it is an important thing to consider and make plans in advance. If the car breaks down on the road, it is not worth the loss if it loses time and time neglect maintenance. Knowing how to maintain reasonably can greatly reduce this situation.
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