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The Water Inlet Nozzle Of The Oil Tank For Mixing Antifreeze With Water Is Scrapped With Large Loss

A Dongfeng Tianlong equipped with dCi11 engine runs 400000 kilometers at the age of two years. Recently, antifreeze has entered the oil tank, resulting in oil-water mixing and emulsification and damage of fuel injector. The owner was puzzled and asked the forum card friend “Jij truck” SongGe to help solve the problem.

The Antifreeze Mixed With Water Is Poor, And The Water In The Diesel Filter Tank Damages The Fuel Injector

The water inlet fault in the oil tank of dCi11 engine can basically be identified as the damage of the copper sleeve sealing ring of the fuel injector, and the antifreeze enters the oil return passage into the oil tank. The owner said that after the antifreeze was missing, he added water and ran for a long time. The rust in the cooling water channel was serious. Let’s see what the antifreeze looks like.

After removing the copper sleeve of the fuel injector with a special tool, it was found that there was serious carbon deposition and the sealing ring was damaged. Three of the fuel injectors were connected with the copper sleeve due to corrosion. Look at the removed fuel injector. Can this state ensure normal operation?

In the process of disassembly and inspection, it was also found that there was serious carbon deposition in the copper sleeve. By asking the owner, the fuel injector of the car was repaired 8 months ago. It is analyzed that this problem is because the repairman did not install the fuel injector as required, and the fuel injector was not installed in place, resulting in high-temperature gas in the cylinder channeling between the fuel injector and the copper sleeve, forming carbon deposition.

Due to the interaction between the high temperature and the antifreeze mixed with water, the copper sleeve sealing ring of the fuel injector is deformed and cracked, and the antifreeze enters the oil tank through the oil return pipeline. The fake and shoddy diesel filter used by the owner can not effectively filter water, resulting in the failure of fuel injector damage and heavy economic losses. The fault is eliminated after replacing relevant accessories.


Pay Attention To Vehicle Maintenance And Be Careful In The Maintenance Process

Many car owners and drivers don’t pay much attention to the problem of antifreeze and continue to use it after the antifreeze is missing. In case of emergency, this method is OK, but after arriving at the destination or returning home, the engine cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned and replaced with genuine antifreeze. Never use water as cooling medium, especially dCi11 engine.

Once the copper sleeve seal ring of the fuel injector is damaged, the diesel will enter the fuel tank through the oil return pipeline. After the diesel water is emulsified, if the oil-water separator used is not genuine and can not completely remove the water, the damage of the fuel injector can not be avoided.

During the maintenance process, some maintenance workers were not meticulous. For example, the maintenance worker in this article did not install the fuel injector in place as required, resulting in high-temperature gas entering between the fuel injector and the copper sleeve, accelerating the damage of the copper sleeve of the fuel injector. Vehicle maintenance is a meticulous work. A moment’s carelessness will bring great losses to the owner.


The abnormal actions taken for emergency have brought a series of consequences. These consequences may not appear in the short term, but the problems will gradually appear over time. After the emergency, we should return to the original state in time, so that our trucks can work better and create greater benefits for us.

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