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Interpretation Of Michelin Tire Repair Technology

On November 21, the national finals of Michelin 2013 truck and bus professional store tire repair competition was successfully concluded in Guangzhou. We also learned some knowledge about Michelin’s life cycle guarantee concept and professional tire repair competition on the spot. Today, we share the Michelin tire repair method information to card friends. I hope you can use the correct method to solve the tire failure and prolong the tire life.

At present, tire repair in the market is mainly divided into fire repair and cold repair.

Fire mending is a repair method of filling raw rubber and reinforcing patch with high temperature and high pressure thermal vulcanization at the same time;

Cold repair includes rapid crown repair and two-stage repair: rapid crown repair includes mushroom nail repair and plug stem repair. Two-stage repair is to locally vulcanize the wound filled with raw rubber; Then use cold vulcanization technology to repair the patch.

Defective Repair In The Market

Due to several fatal defects of fire repair, the trend of tire repair methods in the future is still cold repair. At present, there are many well-known repair materials and technical service providers in the domestic market, which provide users with consumables such as curing agent, patch and filler for repair, as well as necessary equipment and tool products for repair, as well as repair technology training.

However, Michelin found that a large number of tires burst, performance degradation and can not continue to be renovated due to poor repair after investigating the use of tires in the market.

Defective Repair Mainly Includes The Following Aspects:

1. For punctured tires, only patch in the tire without any treatment for the wound.

2. The inner tube patch is not a professional patch for repair (such as inner tube film, etc.).

3. Incorrect repair operation leads to tire wound expansion, patch overlap, patch position error and other symptoms.

4. The fire repair of the tire resulted in cracking of the reinforcement pad edge and burning of the tire inner liner.

Characteristics Of Michelin Tire Repair

Different Processes And Adhesive Blocks Are Used To Repair Large-Area Damage

Michelin established a set of standardized tire repair operation specifications based on the analysis of the causes of a large number of failed tires and its repair technology in the field of tire retreading technology.

The Characteristics Of Michelin Standardized Tire Repair Operation Include:

1. Clearly define the repair methods applied to each functional zone of the tire (mushroom nail repair, plug stem repair and spot vulcanization repair).

2. Standardization of operation process.

3. Define the brands of tools, equipment and raw materials certified by Michelin to ensure the quality of repair.


4. Strict repair tolerance shall be formulated for areas affecting tire performance and use safety.

5. Try not to change the structure of the tire itself, avoid the secondary expansion of tire damage in the treatment process, and ensure the retreadability of the tire after repair.

6. Optimize the repair operation process and highlight the key operations affecting the repair quality.

7. Introduce new tools and accessories to ensure the quality of wound treatment.

Using Michelin repair technology can maintain the original structure and performance of the tire to the greatest extent and ensure the overall safety of the tire. Michelin repair technology can also deal with the damage without expanding, so that after the tire is worn to a certain extent, it can continue to serve the user’s vehicle through tire retreading, so as to realize the continuous value of the tire rather than a “one-time” product.

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