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Modern automobile engine using paper air filter is more and more common, but there are still some drivers on the paper air filter bias, that paper air filter filter is not good filtering effect.

In fact, compared with oil bath type air filter, paper core air filter has more advantages:

First, the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.5% (oil bath type air filter is 98%), the dust transmission rate is only 0.1% – 0.3%;

Second, the structure is compact, can be installed in any direction, not limited by the layout of vehicle parts;

Third, the maintenance does not consume oil, but also can save a lot of cotton yarn, felt and metal materials and other substances;

Fourth, small quality and low cost. Therefore, the driver can rest assured to use.

The key to good use of paper-core air filters is to maintain their airtight performance, so that unfiltered air does not enter the engine cylinder through the bypass.


1, the filter element is the core component of the filter, made of special materials, belongs to the vulnerable parts, need special maintenance, maintenance;

2,When the filter works for a long time, the filter element has intercepted certain impurities, which will lead to an increase in pressure and a decrease in flow. At this time, it is necessary to clean in time.

3,When cleaning, we must pay attention to the deformation or damage of the filter element.

Generally according to the different raw materials used, the service life of the filter element is also different.

But with the extension of the use of time, impurities in the water will block the filter element.

So generally speaking, PP filter element needs to be replaced in three months; Activated carbon filter element needs to be replaced in six months;

Because the fiber filter element can not be cleaned, it is generally placed in the back end of PP cotton and activated carbon, which is not easy to cause blockage; Ceramic filters can usually be used for 9-12 months.

The filter paper in the equipment is also one of the key. The filter paper in the high-quality filter equipment is usually made of microfiber paper full of synthetic resin, which can effectively filter impurities and have a strong pollution storage capacity.

According to relevant statistics, a passenger car output power of 180 kilowatts in 30,000 kilometers of driving, the impurities filtered by the filtration equipment is about 1.5 kilograms.

In addition, the equipment also has great requirements for the strength of filter paper. Because of the large flow of air, the strength of filter paper can resist the strong airflow, ensure the efficiency of filtration and extend the service life of the equipment.

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